Lucky Colors for the Different Sectors of Your Home

Color is a big factor when it comes to interior decorating, more so with feng shui in mind. Not only can it evoke particular moods, it can also tie different parts of the home together and create visual illusions that modify the size of a space and its brightness, and positively (or negatively) affect your luck as well.

The use of color in feng shui is closely linked to many formulas involving the five elements, namely Fire, Wood, Water, Metal and Earth. Each element is represented by a color, and according to the Eight Aspirations formula, certain colors have a dominant influence over particular sectors of the home, bringing specific types of luck you can leverage to create a well-rounded, happy and prosperous life for yourself and those you live with.

The NORTH is a Water sector that governs career matters, and activating this sector brings upward mobility and income luck. Colors that represent Water are black and all shades of blue. Since the North hosts the Victory Star in 2022, a number that is also fueled by the Water element, decorating this sector with “Water” colors boosts competitive luck and success as well. But be careful not to overwhelm this sector with too much black and blue, as too much water signifies “drowning”. Accents are much better, through the use of scatter cushions, curtains, carpets and rugs. If you want to use blue wallpaper or paint a whole wall blue, best to pick a light shade of blue reminiscent of the sky.


You can also use the Blue Mongoose carpet or Bejeweled Blue Dragon here as effective activators.

The NORTHEAST & SOUTHWEST are both Earth sectors bringing different kinds of luck. Lucky colors for these sectors are yellow, light brown, beige and cream. The NE influences education and study luck, and activating this sector helps ensure academic excellence. This is a good sector to enhance if you have school-going children living with you. It is also where the Prosperity Star resides in 2022 so you can expect wealth luck to follow suit.

The SW meanwhile influences the luck of the Matriarch. It is also the sector that governs all matters to do with love, romance and marriage. You can decorate this sector with Earth element colors to safeguard the luck of the matriarch and to attract loving energies into your relationships. It is important, however, to note that the SW also powers up the Earthly chi of the Illness Star in 2022, so while you energize for good fortune here, you must also place strong cures to counter this affliction. We suggest displaying the White Wu Lou with Joyous Cranes here.

The EAST & SOUTHEAST of the home are influenced by the Wood element, whose colors are all shades of green. Plants are also a wonderful source of Wood chi. Just make sure they are thriving, as there is nothing worse than wilted or unhealthy plants, which would end up having the opposite effect. The East and SE are excellent for energizing health and money luck, respectively. You can also display the Green Wealth Cabinet in the SE and fill it with money given to you by someone wealthy to attract wealth luck for yourself, and the Green Wu Lou with Joyous Cranes in the East to boost health.


Note that the East plays host to the Quarrelsome Star in 2022, so make sure its hostile energies are not equally enhanced by any activating you do in this sector. You can suppress the argumentative energies here with the Magical Cosmic Apple.

The SOUTH brings fame and recognition and is represented by the element of Fire. Keep this sector brightly lit and tastefully decorated with maroons, reds and oranges. An excellent placement enhancer is the Rising Phoenix. Since the South is ruled by the Star of Future Prosperity in 2022, activating this sector also boosts completion luck and improves your long-term prospects.

The NORTHWEST & WEST are of the Metal element and they the luck of mentors and descendants respectively. Boost the energies here with the colors white, silver and gold. Any kind of metal furnishings make fabulous enhancers as well. Display the Jade Emperor Windchime or Heavenly Star Windchime in the NW to attract wise mentors and benefactors, and the Happy Marriage Comb in the West to attract the luck of filial children, as well as a harmonious and successful marriage.

Because the West is afflicted by the Loss Star in 2022, activating this sector can increase risk of robbery and betrayals. Subdue this affliction by placing the Armored Elephant and Rhinoceros here.

When using colors to activate a sector, remember, there is no need to paint every wall or have all the furnishings in the same color. That would be both garish AND unlucky! Play with different shades, pair them with complementary colors, or spread them out in the little details to fill your home with auspicious energies. Remember. Balance is the key in feng shui!