Looking Ahead & Nine Success Attitudes

As we look ahead, we shall also look back to the past. As we prepare to enter into the YEAR OF THE BOAR, we will benefit from being mindful that we have this one year to prepare ourselves for a new calendar cycle. The Year of the Boar is the last year of the current cycle, one that has seen an incredible technological leap and has brought about transformations that are changing the way we live and opening broad new horizons for the future.

Who knows what the future holds for us? Yet there is one thing we can be sure of – that the new calendar cycle is most likely to see our realities expanded. Space travel has become a reality, so our world as we know it will surely expand!

Space travel will become part of our way of life, eventually becoming as common place as air and surface travel. It is likely that our world as we know it will leap into the Period of 9 and allow us to experience new extremes of emotions, inspiration, expectations and aspirations.

The new cycle of time will bring change which is good or bad, affecting everyone in different ways, and the usefulness of feng shui will expand.

The power of WIND AND WATER then becomes more important than ever! The quality of good feng shui will continue to bring positive outcomes, just as bad feng shui will bring negative experiences. Feng shui – the way we arrange our living spaces – will continue to affect our well-being. This is knowledge that has helped millions of human lives for thousands of years will continue to impact our quality of life and happiness through the new cycle of time that is almost upon us. It is thus vital to take note of the upcoming calendar change, which brings fresh new energy and powerful new aspirations.

But the fundamental rules of feng shui will never change.

This year of the Double Earth has seen the overwhelming power of wind and water energies, which has brought some enormous disasters. These mark the ending of the calendar cycle. What we are witnessing is the strength of transformational energies impacting our world. Hopefully these energies will settle with the coming Year of the Boar.

To stay safe and to live well, we must continue to capture the good winds, and if needed, to rebuild and rejuvenate. The earth’s energies are changing and we must move with these changing energies, then only can we continue to stay safe and prosper. But we must also rejuvenate. Mankind has expanded its capacity to escalate its road to prosperity, so we must look ahead with optimism.

We need to rejuvenate our “being”, adapt to the new ambience of contemporary realities and do so in a positive way. We need to accept that the world is transforming but we must also revere the old wisdoms. The key is to REJUVENATE the way we live, think and respond to new realities, and this means being strong in the way we lean on the basic fundamentals that make us human, pursuing aspirations that bring us not just success but also spiritual satisfaction.

Here are my NINE GOLDEN ATTITUDES that bring satisfaction to whatever successes you achieve. Think of these as golden rules to truly enjoying your success. May they open your eyes to looking at your own personal struggles and aspirations in a genuinely productive and spiritual way.

1. Recognize impossible dreams for what they are.

Dreams are not reality! Dreams are usually hazy and unfocused in our minds. But conscious “dreams” can inspire us, and this is the way to honour them. Treat them as your inner aspirations. Think through them as personal goals, but also recognize that they can change as you grow from a teenager to a mature adult to a career-oriented individual.

Dreams are very short-term and you must recognize them as simply the visualization of your immediate aspirations. By all means, have a day-dream to visualize your aspiration becoming reality, but also remember that chasing your dreams can make you question yourself, and should they bring mental confusion, recognize that you need to focus more strongly on what you really want!

2. A series of short term goals is better than ONE single goal.

Be project-oriented and highly motivated. Focus on passionate aspirations one by one to achieve one success after another. Pursue a series of manageable goals as this will take you up the ladder of life. Be prepared to change direction if necessary. Accept if the road ahead twists and turns. It is always OK to change direction, but do this consciously and accept what lies ahead with any choice you make.

3. Be inspired by others.

It is truly more effective in your climb to success to always think of making others happy. When this aspiration drives you, you will discover fabulous hidden energy helping you, because this is what causes your inner magic to surface. Work at keeping someone else happy – your spouse, your child, your friend, your boss, colleague, classmate and even someone you are not close to. This way, the magic of wanting another’s happiness will bring you a personal satisfaction that is very powerful.

Start living your life this way and begin to feel a serene sense of satisfaction enter through your body into your spirit. This outward focus to making another happy is what activates the success vibrations you want. Why? Because an invisible goodness rhythm will come to help you. I discovered that when I aspired towards making my family, my friends and my staff happy. I felt a surge of strength course through my body and became inspired and strengthened at the same time. I experience much inner joy watching them smile in happiness.

4. Be aware of your body signals.

Success can be limited when your body falls apart because you did not take care of it. So always listen to what your body is telling you. Exercise, walk, run, swim, play tennis, ride, do yoga or take up martial arts – anything that keeps the blood flowing inside you will keep your brain drenched with oxygen and your mind active. In short, do some kind of exercise that takes you smoothly from youngster into adulthood into old age.


Remember that while the inner mind and spirituality are vital in life’s scheme of things, it is your physical body that holds everything together. Have an exercise routine. Make it a part of your life. True success cannot last long or be properly enjoyed when the body is weak.

5. Be forever grateful when someone has given you help.

Success comes mainly to those who possess a genuine gratitude attitude, so it benefits to be naturally appreciative of every act of kindness that has ever been given to you. This expands your positive aura. It expands everything you do and it generates powerful happiness vibrations. You will discover that almost everyone values being recognized for any smallest thing they do for you, and it is the surest way of enhancing your own positive feelings of satisfaction. But more importantly, having this attitude helps you maintain your glowing aura. It brings love and sensitivity to the way you view your elders and superiors and also your friends. This way, you will always be surrounded by helpful people.

6. Always maintain good perspective.

Be mindful of your attitudes towards others so you never get too absorbed in the “you perspective”. Work at never losing sight of the reality of your life. Understand that your conscious and unconscious attitudes have alternative sides, separate dimensions of reality. This way, you will always soften your attitudes and imbue them with a compassionate sensitivity.

Allow room for alternative viewpoints. Be aware of your biases, prejudices, privileges and the nuances of your life experiences. Be vigorously critical and be hard on yourself. Be your own therapist if necessary, and then realize that no matter what you may be thinking, be open to the possibility that sometimes your conclusions may well be incorrect.

We can lose sight of mistakes in the way we think and analyze, and that is when we can be creating invisible blockages to our happiness equation.

7. Be kind and generous.

Share everything that makes you special as an individual, and in so doing, become even more spectacular. Share your knowledge, your abilities, your skills, your friends, your wealth, your ideas and your good fortune. In this way, you will never lack for receiving the generosity of others, for it is a universal rule of existence that what goes around comes around, and it is as true of things as it is of ideas. This is the way to fill your life with spiritual and psychic wealth!

8. Success need not be hurried.

Take your time. The journey to attainment is as exciting and as invigorating as the actual attainment itself. Learn along the way and develop a maturity that enables you to take the highs with the lows, the successes alongside the failures, the good with the bad. Take pride in all that you do and embrace the ongoing experiences that come your way as you walk uphill and downhill. Each time you stumble, get up again, and soon, falling and rising become the same for you. And when success does come, remember that every new attainment is but a stepping stone to something new around the bend. This way you will never get tired of what you do and you will always be open to new fresh challenges. Let your road to success be a neverending adventure that makes life exciting.

9. Finally remember that it is all LUCK!

You are lucky just to be alive, to have the family you have, the education and experiences that come your way, the people who mentor you. You cannot take credit for all your success, nor blame others when things go wrong. Believing in luck will make you understand how small we all are in the scheme of things.

It is a most humbling thought and when you project such an attitude, any sort of harmful inner arrogance leaves you, thereby helping you lay the groundwork for good fortune and success. Then only can you view the world at large as so big that you will become micro ambitious, taking life one step at a time. This is the secret to success and it is the way to savouring any success, big or small, that comes your way.