Keeping Pets Brings Excellent Yang Chi Into the Home

One of the most important guidelines in feng shui is to prevent chi from stagnating in your home. As we spend most of our day at work, sometimes the energies of the home can become stale. One basic cure for this affliction is to open all the windows once in a while to let fresh energies into the house. But this may not be practical if you work all day, and don’t have a lot of time at home. Keeping any kind of pet in the house can help prevent the chi of your home from stagnating.

Here are some pets you can have in your home to prevent the yin energy from building up in your home.


As Water is the element that symbolizes wealth, having an aquarium with fish in it can help provide the vital yang energies needed for any home. Aquariums or ponds can also be great for activating specific sectors of the home, for example the North sector to activate career and wealth luck. In addition to activating the feng shui of certain sectors, there are also known therapeutic benefits from watching fish and caring for them.

Having birds is also auspicious, as birds symbolize opportunities coming to you, and they are best placed near the entrance of the house. However, when keeping birds, you will have to leave them in cages, not only to keep them from flying away but to protect them from other predators as well. But this only helps create good energies depending on the sector they are placed in.

Having pets from the rodent family is also quite common nowadays. These animals are of the Water element and are best located in the North part of the home. Pets from the rodent family will suit people born in the years of the Dragon, Monkey and Ox. However, having pets which you need to keep in cages is not so good, as they only breathe life into the sectors in which they are located.

Pets that do not need to be caged up however can create yang energy throughout the home. Dogs are great for this, as they move around the house a lot. Dogs make great companions as well and the astrological signs that benefit most from having dogs as pets are people born in the years of the Tiger, Horse and Rabbit. If you are missing a dog from your trinity, you can always get a real dog to activate the energies of the animal sign that you require.

Cats can also be left to roam the house and help create yang energy in the home. They are known to protect their owners and they bring good fortune when they walk into your home on their own accord. Cats make excellent companions, and although they sleep most of the time, they do create super energy when they are up and about. The astrological signs that benefit most from keeping cats are the Dog, Horse and Boar.


As a Horse-born person, I am in one of the animal signs that can keep most pets except those from the rodent family. I have fishes, a dog and three cats. I like to think that I have good feng shui as I also get lots of birds around my house, and even squirrels that come to share some of my dog’s food.

Before the cats came into my home, my mother-in-law born in the year of the Tiger used to live with us, completing my family triangle of astrological signs in my home. However, just as she decided to move out from my house to her own place, a cat decided to show up and live in my house, thus completing the missing sign from my trinity of astrological signs. Since he arrived, my luck seems to be more balanced again. Things are going great at work, and things seem to be much more harmonious at home as well.


When keeping pets however, there are some taboos you should take note of. If you have dogs and cats, make sure you clean up their droppings regularly and do not let them accumulate. In my case, I have a dog that likes to dig holes in the ground, and she seems to dig the ground in the sector where the afflictions are located for the year. This is not good as this activates the affliction in question, and amplifies the bad luck while suppressing good luck. What I do is to use potted plants in the afflicted areas to prevent my dog from digging in that sector for the year.

If your pets are kept indoors, make sure they are toilet trained to pee or poo in a specific area, so that it is easy to clean. Having a bad smelling home can lead to bad energies forming in the home. Always be sure to keep your pet cages clean. If you have a fish tank or pond, make sure the water is always kept clean.

I must stress that while pets are wonderful additions to the family, and they can add much to the good feng shui of your home, if you do keep pets, you must keep them clean and healthy… otherwise instead of improving your feng shui, it can end up destroying your feng shui, not to mention karma catching up with you! Enjoy your pets but always love them and treat them well!