In Search of the Perfect Sphere

Crystal or glass spheres represent completion, the realization of all possibilities.

To carve a perfect rock crystal sphere one must cut away a mass of crystal, which can be as much as ten times the finished creation. So a crystal sphere symbolizes all that we need to release, to chip away, in order to attain the realization of our own inner perfection. In the current Period of 8, crystal spheres take on added power Chi, awakening remarkable energies within us all and within the spaces we live in.

Inner Vibrations

You will discover that when you hold a crystal or glass sphere cupped within your hands and you close your eyes for a few minutes and breathe slowly, you will feel the vibrations within the sphere helping you release whatever it is that is distracting or worrying you. If you stay in this meditative posture a while longer, it will take you into a yet deeper state. In the process, you can feel the crystal gently absorbing your negative energies and transforming them into fresh, revitalized energy.

The more perfect and flawless the crystal sphere, the more remarkable are its powers, and of course, the larger it is, the more concentrated will be its inner vibrations. It is for this reason that flawless crystal or other semi-precious gemstone spheres are so highly prized and sought after. Not only are they incredibly decorative, more importantly, they have amazing feng shui attributes and benefits.

Large & Flawless Equals Priceless

The largest, flawless sphere in the world is a museum piece. It is slightly over 12 inches in diameter and is part of the Smithsonian collection in Washington, USA. This Smithsonian sphere was reportedly fashioned by Chinese lapidaries in Shanghai during the early 1920s from a half-ton block of Burmese rock crystal. The sphere is said to be quite priceless.


The second largest flawless crystal sphere is also in the Smithsonian and can currently be viewed at the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History, where it is on loan. It is reported that the third largest flawless sphere was auctioned off by Christies in New York in 1983, and this year in March, Christies offered a fourth flawless crystal sphere for auction. As part of a Chinese family collection, the sphere measures nearly ten inches in diameter and it has a luster brought out by a special hand polishing technique using powdered iron oxide that is rarely achieved by modern gem polishing machinery. Not surprisingly, the reserve price for the sphere was a whopping US$180,000.00!

The Magic of Crystal & Other Spheres

The Chinese have always treasured gemstone carvings, and solid crystal spheres are highly prized simply because the rock crystal itself symbolizes the powerful earth element at its most perfect and most pure. The circular sphere shape represents completeness and an infinity of space. Together, they symbolize the realization of all possibilities. What can be better feng shui than that?

For most of us however, the flawless crystal sphere is quite beyond our means. Happily, there are a whole variety of substitutes, which, while they may not be anywhere as powerful as the flawless rock crystal sphere, are nevertheless unique in the special harmony of vibrations they engender within any given space.

Spheres made of natural quartz crystals, and a variety of other semi-precious crystalline gemstones have also been acknowledged by many old style masters as creating a broad spectrum of good fortune vibrations. Spheres made from semi-precious stones such as quartz, calcites, obsidians, fluorites, amethysts, citrines, ametrines and rose quartz are crystalline in structure. They make perfect centerpieces on a coffee table in the living room, by a sideboard in the dining room or as part of a crystal arrangement on altars.

Perfect Centerpieces

Spheres take on major feng shui significance when a collection of six or more spheres is placed in the center of any frequently used room. This is one of the most powerful energizers during the period of 8. It would have been stunning to place 8 spheres in a variety of calcites and quartz’s in the center of every home starting this year when the period of 8 began. However, because the deadly affliction of the five yellow is located in the center, this can wait until the following year. In the meanwhile, in order to tap into the special vibrations of the NORTHEAST corners of the home, do create crystal displays of spheres in these corners.

Remember that the selection and mix of crystals is entirely a personal decision. It is up to you, but to help you choose, here are the attributes of spheres when they are made from the following gemstones:

CLEAR QUARTZ is generally regarded as the mirror of the soul, manifesting the uniqueness of the individual it connects with. When the Chi of a clear quartz crystal sphere unites with someone, the affinity is instantaneous. So when you feel a bonding with a crystal sphere, you should follow your instincts and invite it home with you.

Flawless spheres that have no markings are the most ideal for meditation success. When placed with other gemstones, it enhances their energies. So you should really have at least ONE clear quartz crystal in any combination of 6 or 8 spheres.

AMETHYST is a semi-precious gemstone that opens intuitive and psychic abilities of the people around it. The amethyst sphere is ideal for gazing into when one is stressed out, overworked, overwhelmed or simply tired and exhausted. They are incredibly powerful for people who suffer sleepless nights or for those with disturbing dreams, and are helpful for curing addictions and nightmares. Amethyst spheres have the power to calm the mind and create a sense of peace that lies beyond the edge of mental activity. Genuine amethyst spheres are expensive, and the deeper its purple and lavender colours, the more highly prized they are.

CITRINE is also an amethyst, except it has been heated. Thus it has the same qualities as amethysts except that the Chinese believe that when a purple stone turns yellow, it has transformed into wealth. It is for this reason that citrines are usually a lot more popular than amethysts.

Citrine spheres signify wealth, prosperity and abundance, and collectively, they have the power to enhance one’s self esteem and confidence.


AMETRINE combines amethyst (the gemstone for tranquility and inner growth) with citrine, which is for prosperity and self-esteem. When they occur together in one sphere, they bring strength to the environment, causing those within its energy field to have their personal power enhanced.

An ametrine sphere creates harmony as it helps those around it to develop their personal attitudes for the greater good. This balances the material with the spiritual dimensions of existence.

SMOKY QUARTZ is an ideal stone for overcoming depression, especially when one feels discouraged or unloved. When changes need to be made and courage is lacking, simply placing a sphere made of smoky quartz in the room lightens the energy of the space. This is because smoky quartz has the power to penetrate through many kinds of psychic blockages.

FLUORITE is a very spiritual gemstone. It helps those around it connect mind and spirit by dissolving unwanted and addictive thought patterns. Fluorite spheres help the home to be at peace mentally and spiritually, so everyone is more tolerant of each other. This sphere combines green and purple fluorite. Purple represents an expression of spirit, while green signifies a release of mental patterns that have crystallized into anxiety. Anyone in need of cheering up is strongly advised to place a fluorite sphere nearby.

CALCITE SPHERES are special because these are stones that enable those around them to integrate new energies and beliefs into their physical reality, so there is greater tolerance and acceptance. This brings peace of mind and special strength to cope with whatever is bothering you.

Calcite spheres also enhance relationships within the household and at work. Green calcite has a soft and healing energy, which can help you overcome your fears. It is one of the most helpful stones for people going through major transitions. Pink calcite helps to release old and hurtful emotional patterns, so the heart is open to receiving and giving unconditional love. It combines the energies of rose quartz and pink tourmaline, nurturing the love of self and others.

AVENTURINE is a green-coloured stone considere d by many to be the best all-purpose healing stone. It is especially good for soothing the heart and emotions.

LAPIS spheres have remarkable healing power. Its deep blue is closely associated with the powerful Medicine Buddha of the Tibetan pantheon.

Not everyone can immediately appreciate the mysterious power of lapis, but if you feel an affinity with this stone, place a small lapis sphere near you to encourage the connection to grow.

BLUE OR GREEN OBSIDIAN are perfect choices if your personal self-esteem needs a boost. Obsidian, also known as a mirror stone reflects your own shortcomings such that you can face them, deal with them, and then let them go. Blue obsidian is particularly effective at fighting stress and depression, while green obsidian helps to promote self-confidence and stimulate analytical capabilities.

All obsidians are known to promote release of grievances and acceptance of the past.