How You Sleep Can Reveal Your Innermost Desires!!

How you sleep says more about you than you realize – your dreams, your hopes, and most of all your yearning for loving and touching. How you sleep reveals what you are really looking for in a soul mate. Remember that often what we feel and what we think we want may be quite the opposite of what our inner consciousness wants.

Here we highlight the six most common sleeping postures – check these out and see what your sleeping position is telling you about what you really want in a guy… or a gal.


This is the foetus position, when one sleeps curled up like a baby in the womb. The hands can be held together at the neck or between the legs. This is reportedly the most common sleep position and is also indicative of the most normal type personality. Such men and women are generally secure and well-balanced individuals.

FOR HER Women who sleep like a baby in the womb are described as being incredibly loving and sweet. They are very tough ladies who run their homes with firm hands, but they are also warm and sensitive individuals. Women who sleep like babies tend to be shy and do not trust others easily. They like men who are sensitive and caring of others. Not for them the arrogant, know-it-all type of guy. They value humility, decency and honesty. If you are the flamboyant, show-off type, you can forget about this lady. She has little time for the dramatic and grand flourish.


FOR HIM Men who sleep like a baby just love being mothered. In a sense, they have never grown up, so they like “big mama”. If you tend to be on the plump side, you will appeal to his need for the warmth of the womb. He likes women who can take charge of situations and he will seldom allow himself to be unfaithful. To him, the family unit offers an irresistible sense of well-being. So such men usually make faithful husbands


These people sleep on their stomachs with their hands in the surrender position flat on the bed. Their heads can be turned to the left or right. They rest easy and are pretty well balanced. Their sleep posture suggests they are in dreamland, visualizing the scenes that make their hearts sing and their eyes smile with joyousness.

FOR HER Women who sleep this way are incurable romantics. They dream always of the knight in shining armour and are seldom disappointed, even when their knight turns out to be less than expected. This is because they are eternal optimists – always ready for the next guy that will come into their life and sweep them off their feet. They can be practical and down-to-earth, but they know they want a romantic to share their life. Married women who sleep this way are usually very much in love with their spouses. This is a happy sleep posture.

FOR HIM Men who sleep on their stomachs will usually make excellent husband material. They are romantic, but also down-to-earth and practical. They usually fall for women who are sweet and non-intimidating – preferring the ladylike types to the flirtatious or forward sirens. In love, they like to take their time and it is a bad idea to hurry them into marriage.


This is the freedom personified sleep posture, with both legs and hands flung out in wild abandonment. It is an indication of their free spirit. Here is a person who does not feel shackled either by society’s norms or their own cultural or family restrictions. Such people are usually adventurous and courageous. But they can also be brash and thin-skinned. They do not take kindly to criticism.

FOR HER Women who sleep with abandonment tend to be very adventurous and they are willing to give everything a chance. They make good friends and are often generous with their time and money. Many men will find them irresistible and respond easily to their love of life and their non-judgmental outlook. They are free spirits not bound by convention.

FOR HIM Men who sleep this way have a secret yearning to run away and do their own thing. Many often do – sail around the world, climb Mount Everest or swim the English Channel. They respond to women who share their appreciation of the environment, and their love of adventure and travel. Men who sleep this way make wonderful friends and in their more mature years are incredibly reassuring to have around.


Lying by one’s side with both arms by the side, like a log. This is a posture of inner constraint and invisible chains binding you to a set of principles. You do not feel free and your psyche is ruled by powerful subconscious rules, which may be cultural, religious or traditional. Such people are generally quiet and reserved and they often set the moral high ground for others.

FOR HER This is a sleep position that is suggestive of someone very decorous and correct in the way they interact with others. Women who sleep this way are usually afraid to take risks in love and are reluctant to be adventurous. They need a man who is strong enough to reassure their hidden fears. Usually they respond to a father figure – someone used to authority and leadership. Women who sleep this way tend to trust people easily and may be naïve to the point of being gullible. When in love, they can be very “needy”, often clinging to their loved one. So the men in their lives could find them too possessive. Learn to relax and let go of the tension. You will be more successful in your love life then.


FOR HIM The guy who sleeps this way has probably been through some kind of regimental discipline – so he could be from the army or from a strict private school. His life is well ordered and he finds comfort in tradition and the norms of behavior. Men who sleep this way are usually easy to please, as long as you follow the traditional way of doing things and responding to people. You know what to expect from them. They are drawn to sweet young things who come from sheltered homes. Fussy and aggressive women usually turn them off.


These people sleep on their side with both arms flung out in front of them, resting on a pillow. Their legs are stretched out straight and their faces are seldom buried in the pillow – instead the face is often averted upwards. This is the seductive sleep posture.

FOR HER Women who sleep this way are the seductress sirens of the sleep spectrum. They are unconscious flirts, often sending out unexpected “come on” gestures, yet seldom making it easy for the man. Such women tend to be enticing and sexy. What they love most is the chase. They do not like men who give up too easily and they love being seduced. Flirt with her if your lady sleeps this way. Pamper her also and play hard to get – all at the same time. If you do not, she could well get bored with you and look for someone more exciting. This lady loves to be surprised and she has a very open mind about a lot of things. But never take her for granted, because then she will simply run away.

FOR HIM Men who sleep this way tend to be rather effeminate and could prefer the company of their own gender. If they do not, then it is likely they are drawn to women who are bossy, and who take a leading role in their love life. Seductress type men are not necessarily the romantic or flirtatious type, but they are very touchy, feely types. They like the foreplay better than the real thing, but they prefer women who initiate the big moves.


These people sleep on their sides with both arms resting lightly by their side, and their heads resting gently on the pillow. All through the night, they will maintain this position of sleep, and in the mornings, they awaken with hair pretty much in place. This is often the sleep position of the narcissistic person.

FOR HER She is easy-going and very sociable. Women who sleep this way get along with most people and are usually very popular. Such women however tend to be too trusting so they often fall for the wrong kind of guy and allow themselves to be taken advantage of. They prefer good-looking men. Appearances are important to them

FOR HIM This can be described as the gregarious male – flamboyant, charming and sociable. They love glamorous women and can often be depended upon to be at all the fun parties. They move easily with the in-crowd. Men who sleep with on their sides with arms pressed close to their bodies also tend to be egotistical and have a rather inflated view of themselves. They will usually go for the woman who is a suitable trophy for their social climbing ambitions.

COUPLES WHO SLEEP FACING EACH OTHER are said to reflect their mutual respect for each other. These are two independent individuals, probably with their own careers. This is the sleep of the power couple. If they are covered by a single duvet cover or blanket, it shows a greater closeness between them. If they sleep each with their own blankets, it indicates distinct and separate lives..

WHEN COUPLES SLEEP CLOSE TOGETHER on their stomachs, it suggests a depth of relationship between the two. When the woman sleeps this way facing her spouse it suggests a subconscious dependence on him. If he sleeps with his arm over her back, he is manifesting possessiveness.