How to Apply Feng Shui to Thanatology

Thanatology has two root words. Thanatos which means the Greek God of Death (son of the Night and Hipnos. Hipnos is the Goddess of the inner mind), and logy means study or treatment. The word Thanatos is related to physical death. So, if we put everything together we have that Thanatology is the way to bring harmony with the death process, and how to accept it with out fearing it. This is applicable for a patient and also for family, relatives and friends too. We are talking of ill persons in their last phase before approaching the physical death process. Now is when Feng Shui comes in and can be a big help.

You need to follow 4 fundamental points:

1) First, you will have to neutralize the poison arrows or Shar Chi like: a road hitting the front door (use mirror or crystal) or a water tank that is above the bed (move the bed from this position). Look for square columns (cover them with mirrors or hang some spherical crystals in the angles of the column), exposed beams (cover them with a false ceiling or hang two hollow bamboos over the beam), sharp angles that are pointing to the bed (change direction of objects or make use of quartz), sharing a wall with a bathroom or toilet (change position of the bed), having a toilet above the front door or the bed (use another door or move the position of the bed), the feet pointing to the door (tilt a bit the bed until the feet are not pointing the door anymore), having a fan just above the bed (rather change it for a vertical fan), an aquarium in the bed room (move aquarium out of the bed room), too much furniture in a room (move out some furniture so stagnate energy will circulate and clear the environment), bad ventilation (open windows every day and use aroma therapy or incense), the head pointing to a window (use a folding screen or thick curtains), etc.

2) You have to calculate the Kua Number of the ill person. Kua means sector. You need the date of birth to calculate this formula. Everyone has 4 good and 4 bad locations and directions. So you need to make this calculation so that you could tap the personal health location and direction. There is a special formula from the Eight Mansion System that can help calculating the Kua Number in a very easy way:

For Women: For Men:
Add the last 2 digits Add the last 2 digits
Reduce to a single number Reduce to a single number
Add 5 to last result Subtract 10 from last result
= Kua Number for Women = Kua Number for Men


3) Now having neutralized the poison arrows and calculated the Kua number, we go to the next step that is to orientate the sleeping position and direction to the health position and direction of the patient. Knowing the personal Kua Number you can check in the next table of contents so that you can align the bed to his or her health position and direction or Tien Yi. Tien Yi means the doctor from heaven.

Kua Number
Tien Yi

* Is for Male
** Is for Female


In some cases you can not tap the direction and the location because the configuration of their home is inadequate for this situation. Remember, there is no perfect Feng Shui. Be aware if your kitchen is located in the health sector, because that causes severe health problems. If you do have this configuration please move your kitchen to another sector that is bad for you, so that the bad energy or Shar Chi will be pressed down, having the kitchen disposed here is the best choice, in a bad sector. For this case check out the next table of the compass formula for bad directions and locations:

Ho Hai: This sector or direction is the least harmful.
Wu Kuei: This is the five ghosts sector or direction, and it is the second worst.
Lui Sha: This is the six killings sector or direction, and it is the third worst.
Chueh Ming: This is the worst of the four sectors or directions, it represents the total loss of everything.

If you can not move your kitchen, then place a big urn filled with water in the kitchen so that the fire element of the cooker will be clashed by the water, so that all the possible harm will be decreased.

4) At last, you need to activate the room where the sick person is staying with powerful symbols. For this you can use to methods that are based it two concepts: Big Chi and Small Chi. This means that you can activate only one room (Small Chi), or your entire home (Big Chi), and both are equally effective. The Big Chi can be divided into 9 sectors according to the magnetic compass, you can find out where the cardinal points are (North, South, East and West) and also the secondary points (Northeast, Southwest, Northwest and Southeast), plus the center. So, for this purpose, you need to make a scaled plan of your home, and then divide it into nine equal sectors so that you can define which sector belongs to cardinal or secondary points. With the Small Chi you can do exactly the same, you have a single room, and you can divide it into nine small sectors that are equally sized. Also you can be a little bit creative and use both methods if you like.

Here are some symbols that you can display to activate the health sector of your home:

  1. God of Longevity, also called Sau and is part of the 3 star gods (Fuk – God of wealth, Luk – God of Authority and Sau). Is better to display them all together at the height of the eye view.
  2. The Crane, is related with immortality and longevity.
  3. The Pine Tree has a connection with inner strength and permanence.
  4. The Peach Tree is associated with immortality and love.
  5. The Bamboo has the longevity power to get to an old age.
  6. The Deer helps having a long life and endurance.
  7. The Cicada is an insect that has the quality of long life and eternal youth.
  8. The Tortoise gives longevity and support.
  9. The Gourd Bottle is a Taoist and Buddhist symbol of longevity and immortality.

With this knowledge you can improve vastly the quality of peoples life that are ill or are suffering lots of pain in their way to a higher plane, and in some cases Feng Shui will help them recover, because it is not their time for leaving this physical world.

“I really recommend you to get more involved with Lillian Too´s knowledge, and some day you will create fascinating Feng Shui. I am deeply grateful meeting Lillian in person. She is a very noble and kind woman. She will always have a special place in my heart”.