How Mountains Can Improve Your Work and Love Life?

Updated March 2023

In Feng Shui, mountains play an important role in shaping the chi energies that affect our lives and particularly in influencing the quality of our RELATIONSHIP LUCK. If your relationships need improving – for example, relationships with your husband and children at home, or at work, with your colleagues and your superiors, then invite the image of the mountain into your home and office. The placement of the mountain is important, and different kinds of mountains bring different kinds of luck. This is determined by observing the mountain’s shape, element, colour, undulation pattern and number of peaks. Lillian Too has designed her range of Mountain Paintings that take all these attributes into account, making it very easy for you to harness the benefits of displaying a Mountain in your home.

To Counter the #3 Monthly and Annual Star 

In 2023 the Southeast is under attack by the Number 3 Flying Star which saps and destroys its energy and brings quarrels and arguments to the household. Thus Lillian Too has designed this special fire-earth mountain with Three Mountain Peaks to subdue the Number 3 star.

Another benefit of having Three Peaks goes back to lineage fengshui; they reveal that anyone who can see the Three Peaks of a Mountain from their home will raise sons who will become top ranking officials of the land. Hence this mountain painting also brings special luck to help children of the family grow up into honourable high ranking positions.

Gaining Support from Colleagues and Bosses

Those climbing the career ladder will know how valuable it is to have the right kind of support in the workplace. If you are having trouble with colleagues, or difficulty getting your bosses to notice your ideas and support your decisions, then what you need is a solid image of the Mountain behind you. When you have a mountain behind you, it creates the energy of the Celestial Turtle that shields you from politicking and brings special mentors into your life. But not just any mountain will do; it is vital to select a suitable Mountain image depending on the direction you are facing on your work desk.

For example, mountains behind you MUST NOT have the image of water as this represents a “hole” behind you, bringing problems rather than the support you need. Mountains must always be placed behind, not in front of you. Lillian has designed these four Support Mountains images specially for this purpose, and have added real gold onto each painting; so that each mountain brings you support as well as GOLD (prosperity).

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Blue Mountain – Facing South or West

This mountain is suitable placed behind you if you are facing  South or West  direction at work. This mountain brings the element of water and activates the luck of careers. If you are facing South this mountain brings career progression. If you are facing West this Mountain painting improves your stress levels and state of health.

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Red Mountain – Facing North, SW & NE


This mountain is suitable placed behind you if your facing North, Southwest or Northeast at work. This red mountain brings the element of fire, and activates the luck of recognition, scholastic luck and relationships.

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Green Mountain – Facing West or Northwest

This mountain is suitable placed behind you if you are facing West or Northwest  at work. This Green Mountain brings growth and success in business and in careers.

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White Mountain – Facing East or Southeast

This mountain is suitable placed behind you if you are facing East or Southeast  direction at work. This White mountain brings good relationships with colleagues, co-workers and activates MENTOR luck in your life. If you are facing East, placing this mountain behind you brings support from junior colleagues. If you are facing Southeast, placing this behind you brings mentor luck from experienced colleagues.