Feng Shui 2022: Getting the Most Out of the #9 Star



The #9 star, often referred to as the Magnification Star, enhances all the energies around it, whether good or bad. In the presence of the #9, lucky stars become luckier and afflictive ones become even more so. This makes it extremely important to keep a close watch over the South this year, where the #9 star has flown. To avoid de-stabling fluctuations of luck, one should activate this sector in months when auspicious stars fly in and keep things quiet when unlucky stars appear. When the monthly flying stars indicate danger, risk or misfortune, tone things down significantly and make sure to always have the necessary cures in place to prevent malicious energies from reaching you.


This year’s charts show the #9 star sharing the SOUTH sector with the Yin House and Facing Three Killings. Under its influence, these stars can manifest great degrees of misfortune, so they must never be taken lightly. The Yin House drains a space and its inhabitants of vital Yang energy. Those who fall under its influence lose drive and vitality and become more vulnerable to spiritual disturbances. If you already have weak personal chi, you must do what you can to raise the Yang energies with the Yang Energy Enhancer.

The Facing Three Killings meanwhile manifests 3 kinds of bad luck – loss of loved ones, loss of money and loss of one’s good name. It is the result of an indirect affliction originating from the Three Killings in the North. Hence countering it requires a two-pronged approach. Display the Three Killings Protection Shield in the North, and place the Three Celestial Guardians the Chi Lin, Fu Dog and Pi Yao in the South.


Despite its bias to extremes, the #9 star remains one of the luckiest numbers to activate. Also the Star of Future Prosperity, it holds the kind of good fortune that smiles down on one’s long-term plans and manifests greater health, wealth and happiness. It is the original number of the South, so activating it brings fame and fortune, rank and recognition, as well as promotion to high office.

It is also the magical number of Completion. It is the last single digit number, after which everything comes back full circle, and the only one where every multiple adds back to itself. Unlocking its auspicious energies churns up the luck of successful endings, happy outcomes and new opportunities… very useful in a year filled with all kinds of unprecedented challenges.

The #9 is a star that shines ever brighter the closer we get to Period of 9. When 4th Feb 2024 arrives, not so long away now, the #9 will rival #8 for its auspiciousness. This date being less than two years away suggests that harnessing its luck now favors not only a strong foundation for future success, but the speedy culmination of one’s goals and efforts as well.

Being a Fire element star in a Fire sector boosts it further, so imagine how close it is to its full potential!


One of the best ways to bring the #9 Star to life is with Fire energy. Keep the South brightly lit or use RED colour furnishings like carpets, lampshades and soft furnishings. What is even better is to energize the SOUTH sector with the 9 Rainbow Horses. Horse are the soul of the South. They are potent sources of Yang energy and having the image of 9 horses in the South magnifies the great good fortune of the South further. We have designed 9 horses in all shades of colour, each to symbolise something a little different, to activate the great power of the number 9.

Here are the horses, each with matching auspicious rhyming couplet:

Red Horse


for Success and Victory

“Ma To Kung Sing”

This red horse signifies successes and victories that stretch far and wide. Ensures plans progress smoothly and helps in expanding one’s market and extending one’s reach.

Green Grazing Horse


for Wisdom and Ingenuity

“Yuk Tung Kam Ma”

This Horse symbolizes scholastic brilliance, graduating through the Golden Gates and climbing up the ranks of society.

Yellow Horse


for Strength and Vitality

“Lung Ma Ching San”

This horse personifies the vitality of the Dragon Horse, boosting strength and resilience. Boosts energies and improves one’s inner vigour.

Pink Horse


for Continuous Growth

“Man Ma Pen Teng”

Brings the luck of grand momentum, giving one the strength to push past one’s limits, and to reach new heights of success.

White Horse


for Career Promotion

“Chau Ma Seong Yam”

Manifests fast-track promotion and puts the boss, and those who matter, firmly on your side. Immensely lucky if you have ambitions to rise quickly and high up the career ladder.

Purple Horse


for Resource Luck

“Yan Keong Ma Chong”

Brings resource luck, so every good idea you have can be put into motion.

Blue Horse


for Effective Leadership

“Yat Ma Tong Sim”

Brings leadership luck, denoting the ability to build an effective and loyal team. It boosts personal wisdom, charisma and conviction.

Green Sitting Horse


for Completion Luck

“Yat Ma Yat On”

This is a horse enjoying the fruits of its labor, representing celebration, joyfulness, success and contentment.

Black Horse


to prevail over any competition

“Li Ping Suk Ma”

This black horse is a warrior horse, ready for battle. Its lucky vibrations signify victory over rivals, prevailing over competition, and achieving causes close to one’s heart.

Display these nine horses together in the South, for the most effective activation of the powerful number 9 star in the SOUTH.


The Completion Horse is another activator of the #9 star, symbolizing celebrating one’s wins and “skipping to the good part” as it were. You can also get the Teapot with Completion Horse. This is a symbol that dates back the ages and shows the horse offering a toast to the Emperor, representing a time of festivity and salutation.