Getting Ready For Final Exam Time! Activating Your Child’s Education Luck In Preparation For Their Final Exams

It’s that time of the year again when our children are busy with preparations for their final exams. Here in Malaysia, children throughout the country will be crunching text books to prepare for the state high-school SPM exams (UK ‘O’ Levels) so this is the perfect time to energise their education sectors to give them a helping hand.

1. Activate the Sector of Education

Every room has an “education corner” which can be activated to attract greater knowledge and wisdom. This is the NORTHEAST sector of the room; so do make sure this sector of your child’s room is kept free of clutter and junk! Remove stacks of old text books that are no longer used, and throw out boxes of old toys that they have out-grown. Keep the room as tidy and well-lit as possible. Elevate all text books and repair all torn book covers; never let your child stand or sit on top of their school books!

2. Orientate their study desk to face their Sheng Chi or Fu Wei Direction

Work out your child’s Kua number and arrange their study desk to ensure they are revising and studying while facing their good directions. The Sheng Chi direction brings success in school, while the Fu Wei direction brings personal growth and development. If your child is lucky enough to have a choice between the two directions, then choose the Fu Wei direction, as this will develop their intellect and interpersonal skills at the same time.

3. A Crystal Obelisk engraved with Wisdom Mantra improves concentration

Natural quartz crystals help improve concentration and retention memory when they are kept near the aura of the body. You can improve your child’s attention span towards their studies by placing a Crystal Point that has been energized by the Wisdom Mantra of Manjushri. Best is to place it next to your child while they are studying. If it is permitted at school, ask your child to take the crystal to school with them and place it on the desk while in class. Then place the crystal nearby when revising for exams.


4. Activate your child’s personal “Scholastic Brilliance” Star

Every child has a hidden Scholastic Brilliance Star that can be activated to help your child reach his or her highest potential. This depends on their self-element according to their Paht chee. If you know your child’s self-element, check the table below and place the Lohan of Scholastic Brilliance in this sector to activate it:

5. Light Candles every morning

A simple yet potent ritual for increasing one’s wisdom and knowledge is to light candles every morning and offer it to millions of Buddhas. This simple method not only improves the quality of one’s analytical mind, it also helps to remove harmful influences at school. Children who are victims of bullying, or mixing with unsuitable friends can really transform their luck just by lighting candles and offering them to the Buddhas every morning along with this short invocation:

May this vessel become as vast as the entire billionfold universe!
May its wick grow as large as Sumeru, the king of mountains!
May the oil within become as vast as the great ocean at the edge of the world!
And may a billion such lamps appear before each and every buddha!
Their light banishing the darkness of ignorance everywhere,
From the very peak of existence down to the lowest hell, may they reveal all the realms of buddhas and bodhisattvas throughout the ten directions!
This wondrous and amazing light, burning brightly,
I offer to the thousand buddhas of this fortunate age,
The Triple Gems and the Gurus, yidams, dākinīs and dharmapālas
May all beings, in all lives, see the perfect buddha’s realms
And remain inseparable from Amitabha!