Feng Shui For A Small Office

A fulfilling work life filled with happy vibrations that stay with you through the day can be assured when you make an active effort to harness positive Chi around you, no matter how small the personal space allotted to you. Feng shui can be used by the most humble employee and by the most important of CEOs. In this issue, we offer some pointers to those of you who have only a tiny corner or cubicle to work with to improve your feng shui.

Checking For Poison Arrows
The first thing to do is to check for and safeguard yourself from being afflicted by secret poison arrows that are created by sharp, pointed and straight physical objects that might inadvertently be aimed directly at where you are sitting. These can be the edge of a filing cabinet or an overhead beam inadvertently placed directly above you. Or it can be the corner of a wall directly opposite you or someone’s straight divider. Poison arrows can be a colleague’s desk edge, her cactus plant, a pillar directly in front of you, and just about anything that appears to be threatening your peace of mind.

In any office, especially one that is basically too small and seems crammed and untidy, there are bound to be harmful poison arrows near where you sit that bring bad Chi towards you. These are sure to hurt you while you are working, sitting or doing anything at all, your mind on other things, oblivious about what may be silently hurting you. So you need to open your eyes and look hard around you for anything that might potentially be harming you.

Cures For Feng Shui Afflictions At Work
If you feel something might be harming you where you sit, here are some quick cures. Note that these cures are especially suitable for those working in a small office where there might be limitations preventing you from doing anything elaborate to dissolve your poison arrow affliction. It is really necessary to take these feng shui cures and place remedies to block off these problems.

1. Overhead beams
When beams press down on you from above, they must have their edges neutralized. Hang flutes in an A-formation or hang hollow bamboo rods tied with a red string. This will dissolve negative Chi.

2. Sharp edges of corners
The best cure is to hang a curative element in front of the edge and what this needs depends on the direction of the edge that is hurting you.

  • If the edge is facing you in the East and Southeast, hang a curved knife in front of the edge.
  • If the edge is facing you in the West and Northwest, hang a bright light in front of the edge.
  • If the edge is facing you in the South, hang a faceted crystal in front of the edge.
  • If the edge is facing you in the North, place a hanging plant in front of the edge.
  • If the edge is facing you in the Southwest or Northeast, hang a hanging plant or a metal windchime in front of the edge.

3. A window behind you
Use a piece of cardboard to cover up the window, and then hang a picture of a mountain on it. This is the best thing to do if you cannot move and there is not enough space to rearrange the desk.

4. Filing cabinet blocking your view
Create private space by utilizing the cabinet that is blocking your path by using it to “activate” auspicious luck for you. Check the direction it is in (i.e. in relation to your location) and following the element cures dissolve the afflicted energy coming at you.


Thus if the cabinet blocking you is coming from the East and Southeast, place metallic energy such as a brass mirror on your table placed such that it is in between the filing cabinet and you. If it is in the West or Northwest, place a couple of the floating oil lamps on your table between your seat and the cabinet. If the cabinet confronting you is in the South direction, place a ZEN like water feature between you and the cabinet. These are wonderful cures that do much to create improved Chi near you. If the direction is North, place a small table indoor plant, and if it is coming from the South, place a raw quartz crystal or a water feature on your desk.

Cabinets sending harmful vibrations to you from the Southwest and Northeast can be dealt with by placing a metallic brass mirror. The idea is to destroy or exhaust the afflicted Chi coming at you. Which cure you opt for depends on how severe the affliction is.

5. A colleague’s cactus plant or other sharp object pointed at you
The best way to overcome unfriendly objects placed near your desk which you feel might be disturbing you at work is the brass mirror, or a mirror mounted on something metallic. If you prefer, you can also place a curved knife in the corner that represents where the offending object is coming from.

A less severe cure is to place a moving oil lamp with metallic glitter inside. This is also a yang-enhancing feature, so might be a better option.