Determining the Quality of Your Land

If you are buying land on which to build a new property, it is truly important to determine the QUALITY OF THE LAND before investing in the land and definitely before constructing a new building on it. This is not difficult to determine and it is something anyone can do for themselves. Here are some easy ways to make the investigation yourself.

The land on which your house stands, on which your apartment block is located and on which you do your business should have good quality if you are to enjoy good landscape feng shui. The Chinese have always maintained that there is good land and there is bad land.

Good land brings wealth while afflicted land drains away your wealth. Good land attracts harmony while bad land attracts bad people and causes misfortune, grief and heartbreak.


Basically, the quality of the soil in the land is what you need to investigate really thoroughly. More important than the shape of the land is the way the soil itself has lain on the land. There are lineage texts that describe in meticulous detail what good land should not be, how there should not be the remains of tree trunks, left over metal, sharp boulders and pockets of black peat; in fact, anything at all that can be described these days as garbage is taboo!

So in a modern context, it means that land which has plastic bottles, plastic bags, broken plates, bowls and so forth as well as other thrown away paraphernalia buried beneath the surface is regarded as afflicted land!

To investigate the quality of land you need to actually dig beneath the surface and check. There are two very simple yet effective ways to make this investigation yourself. Both methods require you to dig a hole in the land you are about to use for building.


Go to the approximate center of your land. Using a hand tool i.e. a spade, dig a hole there approximately big enough to plant a six feet tall tree. The hole should be at least a meter square and at least a meter deep. When you are done, shovel all the earth you dug up back into the hole you just dug.

  • If all the earth you dug up is insufficient to completely cover the hole, the land is inauspicious. Anyone living or doing business there cannot succeed. You will always be short of money; and frequently get shortchanged.
  • If all the earth you dug up can just cover the hole, the land is of average quality and people living or working there will experience average luck. You will neither lose money nor be very rich. There is always just enough.
  • If all the earth you dug up can not only cover the hole but there is left over earth so that now there is a mound above the hole, then the land is said to very auspicious. Anyone living or doing business here is sure to succeed and expand. This is good quality land.


Use a compass to locate the SOUTHEAST corner of the land. In this corner and within the boundaries of the landed property, dig a hole three times larger i.e. about 9 feet deep and with a diameter as wide. If there is water in the hole you dig, the land is naturally wealthy.


Then, more significantly, use a hose and fill the hole you just dug with water, filling it to the brim. Then walk twenty paces away from the hole and return to the hole. If on your return, the water you put in has seeped quickly back into the soil, it is not a good sign, as this indicates that the land will cause you to lose money.

If the hole you originally dug did not have water and all the water you put in seeps quickly back into the soil, it is an even worse indication.

But if the water you put into the hole stays there with only minimum seepage after your twenty paces walk away, then your land is sure to make you rich. If the hole had water in it after you dug down, and the extra water you put in stayed there, it indicates you will become seriously wealthy from staying or doing business there.

If there was no water in the hole but the water you hosed into the hole stayed there with little seepage, then all the wealth you make there will be through your own efforts. The land is then certain to make you very wealthy indeed.

From these two tests which I have summarized from some old lineage texts on how to determine land quality, it would seem that living on soil that is heavy and well compacted is better than living on soil that is porous… and definitely living in the valley has definitely more prosperity potential that living on hillsides – it is in valleys that we find water under the ground!