Creating an Auspicious Garden to nourish your inner feng shui

Other than rearranging your interiors and placing feng shui enhancers through one’s house, a common area that is often neglected is the garden. Now, not all of us are fortunate enough to own a bungalow or house with a decent-sized garden. But for those of you that have a good-sized garden, creating lots of income luck through the activation of wealth energies and water flow manipulation will be possible.

Dr Frank Ow Yang a consultant from Pondscapes Sdn Bhd shares with us his experience on this matter. With over 8 years of experience in the field of landscaping and garden architecture, he has seen many houses, clubs, corporate buildings and offices, which have benefited from a Feng Shui Garden Makeover.

“Most of our clients incorporate a water feature in their garden, and as avid followers of Lillian Too, we try as much as possible to apply her garden principles into the design. At the same time of course, we apply landscaping themes and architecture to the garden so that it creates a homely feeling to the residence. ”

“A properly crafted and designed pond will not only create a holiday feel to the home, but also serves to create good energy for the occupants. Maintaining a pond in the home can also be very easy, despite popular belief, when you make use of a specialized water filtering system.”

“The size of the pond should also be just right; neither being too small nor too big, so that we do not overpower the home. There are two types of water features that we create: the yang water feature (moving water) and the yin water feature (still water, such as used in growing lotus or water lilies).
“We are also very fortunate in Malaysia, that we have lots of auspicious plants and trees that can be used in our gardens to bring harmony and at the same time create a pleasing view for the eye. The use of green leafy trees with red flowers such as the red coral tree, Bunga Tanjung and Bamboo can be used to create the celestial animal arrangement for the home. Having tall green trees behind the home creates not only a green mountain support for the house; it also softens the view of the house and enhances privacy.”


“Of course, not all garden themes deal solely with plants and water features, as we also add elements of hardscapes such as decorative walls and elaborate woodwork, including auspicious pathways to add to the luck that the garden brings to the home.”

Certainly, his show garden has all the elements of a holiday resort, along with very auspicious feng shui elements. A small dragon is seen overlooking his koi pond, which is filled with over fifty colourful carp as well as two tortoises. A wonderfully crafted mini waterfall flows in towards the entrance, thus ensuring plenty of business. Stone steps over the water coming into the guest area offers beautiful aesthetics to the garden.

The garden definitely extrudes a restful feel along with the sounds of birds, butterflies as well as a resident monkey and squirrel.

A lot can be said that one’s dwelling can be a holiday at home when one experiences the sounds and scents of a tropical paradise just outside one’s window.