Clearing Out the Clutter

So much of feng shui is making the effort to clear old energy to create the vacuum that instantly sucks in the new. Lillian Too says that keeping the energy of homes fresh is an ongoing exercise. Incorporate this aspect of feng shui into your daily life to always feel uplifted and joyous. It’s not about sweeping out spiders and cockroaches from dark corners, it’s about eliminating dark corners entirely from your home so mites and bugs just don’t like living with you.

Conventional habits make us think of spring-cleaning – washing, dusting and sweeping away the past year’s grime and dusty buildup during the end of the year. This is excellent of course, because annual cleansing does ensure that the home does not suffer from excessive clutter and yin spirit formation building up to dangerous levels. But why should cleansing the home be only a once-a-year exercise? We already know that the malaise caused by clutter in the home, in the cupboards and in all the rooms frequently used by us, can really cause powerfully negative blockages that bring bad feng shui. So why not just create a habit to live without clutter, once and for all, and make it a habit to cleanse and de-clutter regularly.

Why not tune into the ambience of your home on a daily basis? Choose a time of day to do this, perhaps each morning or at the end of the day? Once a day, devote a few minutes to checking up on the refrigerator, the cupboards in the home, the state of the curtains and definitely the state of the messiest room in the house. Once a habit is developed, keeping the home “fresh” and cleansed becomes the foundation for the creation of powerfully bracing energy being present at all times. It’s like having a canvas to paint fresh new ideas on! A de-cluttered and clean home is what brings out all the creativity and confidence that lies latent within you.

I make sure the fallen leaves from my beautiful trees in the garden are raked at least once a day. My pipes and drains are never allowed to clog up, and my light bulbs are changed the moment they expire. Over the years, it has become a habit with me.

I have to confess that I am a compulsive de-cluttering addict. I do it all the time! I believe that a cleansed house devoid of stale energy is what keeps the family happy and joyous, filled with optimism and good vibes all the time. I keep my doors and windows open through the day to let in the air; cosmic chi from outside flows through my home all the time, so it is re-energized each time the wind blows, the rain falls and even when lightning and thunder is booming. I am a great believer of harnessing these natural energy forces whenever they occur, as they emit precious and powerful energy that is not always available…

It’s all a lot easier than it sounds. Just develop the habit. If you have a maid, create a schedule with her. People who work for you are really happier when they know exactly what you want done. Tell them what you want, then leave them to get on with the job without nagging them. Do allow some rest time and allow them to work what needs to be done into their schedule of other work. Do voice some appreciation every now and again.

If you do not have a maid, and you are a small unit family with both of you working, then create a schedule that incorporates de-cluttering and cleansing 20 minutes each day. The more regularly you maintain the visual cleanliness of the home, the less likelihood you will have of stale energy building up. So do not keep dirty dishes piled up, leave rotting food in the refrigerator, or the beds unmade every day or the bathrooms dirty and oily… make the effort! This is the way to ensure living with good feng shui.


When you feel something is wrong in the house but cannot quite put your finger on what the problem might be; when you feel that the atmosphere of your house has turned gloomy, when family members get exhausted easily, feeling disoriented, fearful and even suffer from extreme pessimism – that is when the quality of your house energy has been compromised. You need to correct things before things get worse.

Malaise is usually caused by the buildup of clutter in the home. It becomes not a nice place to come back too. You will find yourself spending more time out of the house than in the house. You (and/or your spouse) will start staying back at work later or accepting any kind of excuse not to come home. Be alert to your own warning signs.Those that have not addressed this aspect of their home maintenance and notice their family members manifesting a listlessness, or see that work is not going well or relationships are fragmenting, you might want to start tuning in to the quality of energy within the rooms of your home.

Concentrate on finding areas of blocked energy; these can be caused by stacks of old newspapers, piles of unwashed dirty laundry, grimy curtains, dark corners caused by bulbs that have blown or just the house feeling in desperate need of a clean up! When the blocked up corners are corners that are important to your animal sign, or they are afflicted corners according to the feng shui chart of the year, then you definitely must immediately unblock the hindrance by “clearing the clutter”.

Blockages in the home are what cause setbacks and problems to manifest in everyone’s life. But often, just by having the intention to clean up generates enough positive energy to make a difference and it will somehow get conveyed to the home.

These days, many people already know how effective just having positive intentions can be, so this can be applied to improving the energy of your home. The secret lies in the attitude. Make up your mind to transform your home energy and you will generate the motivation to start the de-cluttering exercise. You do not need a list of How-to’s to get started – a lot of it is common sense. What is important is generating a firm resolution to smarten up your home. Change your mind set and it will extend into your living and work spaces. Do it. Feel the difference!