Best Practices for Good Bedroom Feng Shui

We spend about one third of our day in our bedrooms, so the energies here are of utmost importance. Positive feng shui features in the bedroom can enhance your wealth, protect your health, improve your relationships and bring happiness and career success, while negative feng shui features do just the opposite. Use the list below to set your sleeping arrangement up in a way most conducive for attracting good fortune.

1. Never float your bed in the middle of the room

Always have your headboard firmly against a wall.This way, you sleep with proper support, which ensures you get better quality sleep through the night. If unable to do this, place the Great Magic Tortoise on the floor beside your bed. However, note that your headboard must not share a wall with the bathroom on the other side.

2. Avoid sleeping under exposed overhead beams

Sleeping beneath an overhead beam signifies carrying an immense load or burden on your shoulders, making life more difficult, and success much harder to achieve.This becomes worse if you live in an apartment with many floors above you, as then you symbolically have the weight of every structural beam from the floors above pressing down on you. The best solution is to move your bed. If you cannot, then at least try to “cover” them up with ceiling boards.

3. Watch out for sharp corners

Sharp corners from vertical columns and support pillars that point towards your bed are “poison arrows” that send out shar or “killing” chi. When pointed towards you as you sleep, this can be extremely dangerous, and can cause illness, mishaps and bad luck to hit you. Wrap these columns up or place a tall piece of furniture to block them,so that the sharp edges are no longer pointed towards you.

4. Never sleep with your feet pointed towards the door

This is known as the death position, as coffins leave homes feet first. When your feet are pointed directly towards the door as you sleep, you are also directly in the line of fire of chi as it enters the room. This can cause illness, and also fertility problems. If you cannot position your bed in another way, install a partition between your bed and the door, to redirect the flow of chi so it does not come directly at you.

5. Sleep with head pointed to a lucky direction

Sleep with your head pointed towards one of your lucky directions. If you are trying to conceive, or if feeling unwell, you should sleep towards your “Tien Yi” direction (the “Heavenly Doctor” direction) and display a Wu Lou on your bedside table. If you are single and looking for love, tap your “Nien Yen” direction and activate for marriage luck with your Peach Blossom Animal. If looking for career success and advancement, sleep with head pointed towards your “Sheng Chi” direction.To find out what your best directions are, use our online Kua Number Calculator.

6. Follow Husband’s Directions

For married couples, it is customary to follow the husband’s lucky directions. However, if the wife is the breadwinner, her lucky direction will work just as well. Husbands should sleep on the right side of the bed while wives should sleep on their husband’s left.

7. Keep plants out of bedroom

Live plants and all forms of water features have no place in the bedroom. Also avoid hanging photos or paintings of lakes, rivers and waterfalls here, as this can bring severe misfortune and bad luck to occupants.

8. Beware Mirrors

Mirrors in the bedroom should never reflect the bed. Doing so introduces“third parties” into the marriage. Either remove, reposition or cover up the mirror when not in use.

9. Breakfast in bed not great

While it can be romantic, having breakfast in bed is actually very bad feng shui. You can try this when on holiday in a hotel but never do this in your own home. Eating in bed creates the kind of negative energies that represent being physically, mentally or emotionally unwell.

10. Avoid setting up altars in the bedroom

Ideally, as a sign of respect to the heavenly deities, prayer altars should never be placed in the bedroom. But if you have no other option, place the altar in a cupboard with proper doors. This way, you can open them up when performing your prayers, and keep them closed at all other times.

11. Declutter regularly

Clutter is a big no-no in any space but especially in the bedroom. As a place for rest and recuperation, you should keep it as neat and tidy as possible. A well-organized bedroom lets you focus on winding down at the end of a long day.

12. Better not to have work desk in bedroom

Best not to place your work desk in your bedroom as well, as this will make it harder for you to mentally disengage from work matters, affecting the quality of your rest and sleep as a result.

13. Separate bath and bedroom

Bathrooms should always be separated from bedrooms by a proper wall. Using glass walls or windows opening to the bathroom can cause marital problems and can bring about 3rd party interferences.

14. Let fresh air in

Open curtains and windows daily to allow fresh air and sunshine into your bedroom. This allows healthy Yang chi to permeate the space and dissolve any negativity.

15. Space clearing

A good way to keep the energies in your bedroom from going stagnant is to perform a space clearing ritual using incense and a singing bowl. Once a month is sufficient to refresh the energies there.