Auspicious symbols to enhance your earning power!

With the practice of Feng Shui gaining popularity in society these days, one wonders what is the prime drive behind it all? Perhaps the need to enhance one’s income luck or the need to better our selves is the prime motivator behind this interest in Feng Shui. So what is Feng Shui and what are the auspicious symbols that one needs to use to enhance one’s income luck?

In our modern homes, among designer furnishings and up market furniture, it can be difficult to discover auspicious symbols and feng shui practices that can co-exist with or even enhance the look of our homes. Let me share with you, 3 powerful symbols I use to enhance the look of my home as well as my income luck to great success!

An excellent method of enhancing one’s income luck is thru the use of merchant ships, filled to the brim with cargo, bringing with it excellent opportunities for new sources of income. My personal favorite is a golden ship, sailing into my home. Place this ship near to your front door, to pull in plenty of fresh new ideas and excellent wealth bringing chi. Now, make sure that the ship points inwards and not outwards so that money keeps coming in.

Birds are also known to be bearers of good news, and bringers of glad tidings. For example, the dove is known as a symbol of peace, and the magpie as bringers of new love. Small birds such as the oriole and the common robin are known as messengers of good news.

I hang three such birds near my balcony to bring me new opportunities in love as well as good news. As such, I wrote my wish to find a significant other half on a piece of red paper, rolled it up and put it into the beak of the magpie and hung it such that it flies out into the cosmos to find me my true love. The oriole and the robin, I rolled up a fresh new ten-dollar bill and hung them such that they fly into my home with lots of moneymaking luck.

Perhaps the most popular symbol of income luck is the 3-legged toad. Have 9 of these small toads bearing a Chinese coin in their mouth all over your living room. 9 toads, brings money from all directions of the compass and your front door.


I place my toads under the sofa, in the corner, under the coffee table and even near my main door. Make sure that you place a dollar bill under each of these toads to infuse the toads with the promise of real money rather then empty promises. Ensure that each toad faces a different direction of the compass in the living room and one near your front door hopping inwards.

There you are, 3 simple and easy to use feng shui tips to enhance your income luck. For further information on other kinds of auspicious symbols to enhance for all kinds of good luck, I refer to Lillian Too’s Feng Shui symbols of good fortune.