Arrangement and Layout of the Kitchen

The kitchen represents the manifestation of the family’s well-being and wealth.


It is useful for pressing down bad luck caused by bad flying star number or personalized directions of bad fortune. According to the Eight Mansions and Flying Star formulas, certain sectors of the house are deemed to be unlucky. If your kitchen is located in an unlucky sector this is a good thing.

Two Important Elements feature in the kitchen:

  • Fire Element: Stove
  • Water Element: Sink & Refrigerator
Refer to these diagrams for how to and how not to locate these two important elements of any kitchen.

Guidelines on the kitchen and stove

  1. The kitchen should have sufficient lighting.
  2. It should be airy and spacious.
  3. Do not place the stove either next to or directly opposite the sink or refrigerator. This is because of incompatibility of the water and fire elements.
  4. The stove must be at least three feet away from the sink.
  5. The mouth of the stove should face one of the best directions of the father of the family. This energises the stove, making the food cooked in it auspicious for the family.
  6. Do not try to energize the kitchen with feng shui figurines or mirrors.
  7. Kitchens should be nearer to the back door than the front door.
  8. The kitchen should never be located in the middle of the home.
  9. Good feng shui kitchens should take the orientation of the stove, oven and rice cooker into account. When auspiciously oriented, the stove can bring enormous good fortune to a family.
  10. The kitchen stove should not be in the northwest sector. This is called “Fire at Heaven’s Gate” and brings bad luck to the breadwinner, causing the head of the household to lose their job and money.
  11. The stove should not face the main door or any bedroom door.
  12. The stove should not be directly under an exposed overhead beam.
  13. Stoves should not be placed directly under a toilet on the floor above.
  14. The stove should not directly face a toilet door.
  15. The rice cooker’s knob should not face the main entrance or door. It symbolises food flowing out of the house.