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The Feng Shui Almanac, or the Tung Shu, is a table days. These calculations are based on the heavenly branches and earthly stems of the day. These results in a simple to understand table that tells us the most auspicious times to engage in various activities that are outlined below.

Knowing your animal sign also gives you familiarity with the Chinese lunar calendar. You can click here to investigate your animal sign or check any of Lillian Too's feng shui books to consult the 100 year calendar.
  1. Sign a big contract
  2. Meet with someone important
  3. Attend a job interview
  4. Start a new venture
  5. Give a keynote address
  6. Make a presentation
  7. Stand for election
  8. Arrange a reconciliation with someone
  9. Start on a journey
  10. Get married
  11. Plan a big party
The date given is based on your local time, minus daylight saving if any. It is important that you do not engage in any of the above activities if it is a bad day for the animal sign you were born under. A simple method used to find a most excellent day for you would be either 6 days before or after the day that is most unlucky for you.

Click here for list to check what animal sign you were born under.

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