8 Handwriting Tips to Bring You Success Luck

Everyone knows handwriting analysis tells a lot about someone’s personal style, attitude, responses and personality. When you know how to analyze handwriting, it becomes a profoundly valuable asset to your other living and management skills as it gives you an added dimension when assessing the people you work and interact with.

Your handwriting also offers instant clues to your energy levels, attitudes, trustworthiness and so forth. But do you know that you can also develop auspicious handwriting that brings success luck in everything you do that requires you to write? This includes all aspects of studying, working and living, so developing lucky handwriting is something everyone can benefit from.

How you cross your T’s, dot your I’s, create your loops, start your paragraphs and slant your handwritten sentences can reveal a great deal about you… but more importantly it can also affect your success luck, so it is really worthwhile taking a closer look at your handwriting.

Writing in an auspicious way is knowledge that can help you enhance your life. Few people realize they can use their handwriting to strengthen their personal power and magnetism. Handwriting can be used to unearth hidden talents as well as jumpstart the manifestation of brilliant attainments.

Your inner strengths can be strongly magnified thereby giving you some key tools to handle yourself more effectively and interact more profitably with those you work and do business with. You can develop good habits in handwriting that work on the subconscious chi energy sent out through the fingers of your hands.

It works in the same way master calligraphers develop their writing skills. Good handwriting in Chinese always possesses strength and vigour, infused with chi that brings auspicious luck. This is why those in the know appreciate good calligraphy so much.


We can apply the basic indicators of good chi to writing the modern languages including English. The written word makes up a great deal of everyday working life. So when we consciously work at improving the luck potential of our handwriting, the sky is the limit.

Here are 8 easy ways to work on your handwriting so it brings you greater success, improving your money accumulation luck slowly but steadily.

1) Create Strength & Spirit in Your Handwriting

Do this by holding your pen with conscious feeling and as you write, visualize the essence of your inner spirit flowing from your hands into your fingers, then into your pen/pencil/brush. When you practise doing this consciously, you will find your written word getting clearer and visually sharper. As you write, become aware of the pressure you are exerting. The secret of creating chi in your fingers is to focus concentration on them. Practise exerting just enough pressure on your writing instrument – neither too hard nor too light. Keep your pressure balanced and let your pen flow smoothly. This ensures that what you undertake will not be made difficult by obstacles and hindrances.

2) Use as Good a Pen as You Can Afford

Even in the old days, Ministers at the Court of the Emperor used exquisitely made brushes each time they sat down to compose poetry or write important letters. The art of writing was a serious matter and good writing instruments were highly prized possessions. In those days, these were brushes made of the finest sable hair and tied together with the finest silks. Today, we have a range of branded pens made of gold and platinum and crafted to perfection by master craftsmen.

You do not need to buy one of these limited edition wonders made by the likes of Mont Blanc and Montegrappa, although it would be highly auspicious if you can afford them. But do invest in the best pen you can afford and imbue it with your spirit and essence. The more you use your special pen to write all your important missives and sign all your documents, the more empowered your writing becomes.

3) Make Your Handwriting Straight

Handwriting that is straight indicates living in the present. The worst is to have handwriting that slants backwards, as this suggest a person who is always living in the past, always looking behind instead of looking ahead. It also suggests someone with little self confidence. This creates the chi of failure rather than success, so try to make your writing stand straight. If your writing slants forward, it means you often get ahead of yourself. It does NOT mean looking ahead. Slanting forward can suggest you are frequently unprepared for the job at hand. Straight handwriting suggests confidence and someone who is fair and upright as well as being well in control of situations.

4) Keep Your Spaces Consistent

When your words have even spacing between them, it ensures that what you do will always go according to plan. Your life will benefit from good organization and well-managed staff. At work, you will find it easy to manage people and others find you reliable and responsible. When you make an effort to keep your handwriting evenly spaced with straight margins, it reflects a mind that is well ordered. You will then find it easier to make decisions efficiently and decisively.

Those who write with straight and consistent baselines usually have the valuable ability to plan ahead and exercise self-direction. Such people eventually become very self-motivated, a key ingredient of success.

5) Good Idea to Introduce an Upstroke

Handwriting experts will tell you that when there are no upstrokes in the beginning of your words, it is a sign that you are direct, frank and efficient. You say what you feel with no beating about the bush. To some, this is a plus point. To be a success however calls for tact and diplomacy, and perhaps even a little dance before the main course. When you start your words with an upstroke, it also means that everything you do will have a good positive beginning, so it is a good idea to develop some upstrokes in your handwriting.

An example of upper loops; the letter ‘f’ and letter ‘h’ in this phrase of “feng shui” that are written in cursive typeface have formed upper loops in their upper zone.

6) Create Upper Loops

To be successful, you need to have a vision for success. If you want the inner visionary in you to manifest, create upper loops in your handwriting. This engages the divine dreamer within you, and in many ways also enhances your creativity. You should not overdo this however. Choose certain key alphabets to write with an upper loop. Letters that allow for this are f’s, t’s, h’s and so forth. When the upper loops are completely missing, it means you lack vision. This may however not be such a bad thing, as sometimes dreamers tend to be too idealistic.

7) Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s

Attention to detail is a great asset and can usually be the difference between success and failure. It also helps you develop memory power. When handwriting is left with i’s undotted and t’s uncrossed, it suggests jobs left half finished. This means projects get started but seldom come to successful conclusions. So when you write carelessly, how can it bring success? Attainments come to those who are both careful and thorough, so learn to be meticulous about crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s.


8) The Five Elements of Handwriting

Finally, if you know which of the five elements are favourable for you based on your Paht Chee, you can develop handwriting that directly enhances your fortunes. Success comes to those who know their favourable element and are able to create the subtle energies of this element in their personal habits. In terms of handwriting, note that element is determined by the overall shapes suggested by your writing.

Fire Element

Fire handwriting looks rather scratchy and short spaced, like flames rising. At a glance, the letters are rather tall and narrow and you can see many sharp angles in any sample piece of writing. Fire handwriting tends to bring recognition and a good name. Many high-powered CEO’s and government leaders tend to have fire element writing. If you want to lead a rather public kind of life, where you are either a celebrity or a very important and famous person, this kind of handwriting would suit you very well.

The sample of FIRE handwriting shown is a very auspicious sample – it belongs to President Bill Clinton and you can see that it is not just fire, the sample also indicates handwriting that is clear, and with efficient follow-through. It is balanced with just enough firmness and pressure. All the g’s and y’s are well formed. The strokes are dark, straight and firm, suggesting someone with high energy levels and a great capacity for hard work.

Earth Element

Earth handwriting tends to be low and angular. This kind of handwriting suggests someone who benefits from being pragmatic and down-to-earth. It creates the luck of good relationships. This handwriting suggests someone that most people find personable, especially when the loops are well closed with no “holes” that cause leaks in wealth as well as leaks in information. This is a person who is intelligent who also has the wisdom to see beyond the short term. This is the best kind of handwriting for taking exams. When you write with this kind of earth element handwriting, your examination luck will soar.

Metal Element

Metal handwriting is rounded and fat looking. This kind of handwriting attracts influential people into your life. You will enjoy the luck of patronage and the protection of powerful people. You will also not be short of mentor luck. The Chinese believe that this is the best kind of luck to have if you want success so develop this element handwriting if you are looking for a mentor. You can also develop Metal element handwriting if what you want is power and influence luck.

Wood Element

Wood handwriting tends to be tall and angular with more loops above than below. People with this kind of handwriting tend to enjoy growth luck, as wood chi brings growth and expansion. If the wood element is also favourable for you, then developing wood element writing will bring you wealth and prosperity. It also brings good health and clear mindedness.

Water Element

Water handwriting tends to be wavy with something of a flourish in the way the sentences are written. There tend to be wider spaces between words and not all the letters are well written. Most of the loops of water element writing have openings, so circles are rarely if ever completely closed up. Always there are leaks in the rounded letters. Those with water element handwriting either become very wealthy or they exercise great control over wealth. You can develop auspicious water handwriting if you want to attract better income luck.