Your Luck and Lucky Symbols for the Year of the Metal Rat 2020

The RAT is the ruling animal sign of the year! You enjoy the powerful support of the God of the Year! Carry the Tai Sui Amulet and place the Tai Sui Plaque in the North to make the most of his support. You enjoy good Life Force but weak Spirit Essence, so you need to work on boosting self-confidence. You also have the quarrelsome star in your sector – dispel by carrying the Fire Dragon Anti-Conflict Amulet and placing the 4 Seasons Red Carpet in the North. Good news is there is plenty of wealth luck to be tapped! Boost money luck with the 5 Rats Wealth Attracting Jar. Display the Wealth Tree with Mongoose and 6 Birds to enhance opportunity luck and help uncover hidden gold for you this year!

The OX is blessed with the Victory Star, which helps you beat your rivals in whatever you are pursuing. Boost this “winning” luck with the Windhorse Boosting Victory Flag in the NE. Make the most of your opportunities with the Wealth Rat Windchime in the North. Turn Small Auspicious luck into BIG success by carrying the Mongoose Wealth Amulet and Victory Banner Amulet. Display the 3 Celestial Bells in the South to remedy the Three Killings. For speculative and windfall luck, keep the Wealth Bull near you all year. If love is what you want, have Kurukulle’s Love Banner near you.

The TIGER enjoys wonderful luck with excellent prospects! You have strong Life Force and Spirit Essence, which lets you go after what you want with confidence. Activate the Victory Star with the Red Windhorse in the Northeast. Energise personal success with the Victory Banner Amulet. Display the Wealth Bull in the NE to attract BIG wealth. You have great leadership luck this year; keep Red Tara’s Gau near you to enhance your charisma. Carry the 5 Element Pagoda Amulet to avoid misfortune. Stay protected against rivals by carrying the Dorje Drolo Scorpion Amulet. Female Tigers benefit from wearing the Wealth & Wisdom Ring.

The RABBIT is feeling strong with excellent luck indications! You have the inner drive to succeed in whatever you pursue. But you must watch out for the Five Yellow, which brings obstacles that slow you down. Remedy by placing the “Om Ah Hum” 5 Element Pagoda in the East; also carry the 5 Element Pagoda Amulet. Correct your side clash with the Grand Duke by displaying the Tai Sui Plaque in the North. Carry the Windhorse Life Force Amulet to capture the best opportunities that come your way. For wealth luck, keep the Lucky Money Frog on Waterlily Leaf near you. For love, place the Peach Blossom Rat in the North.

The DRAGON has so many fortunate indications! This is a year to go after whatever you want, because luck is on your side in a BIG way! You have Big Auspicious coming from the direction of the Snake, and you enjoy big doses of Heaven Luck. Place the Frolicking Green Dragon Vase in the SE and carry the Dragon and Phoenix Wish Granting Mirrors. If you keep yourself grounded, you can achieve great success! Place the Blue Mongoose Carpet in the center of the home to attract and protect wealth. Display the Treasure Chest Dharani in the West and carry the Heaven Seal Amulet at all times. Have the Jade Emperor Heaven Amulet near you for mentor luck. For those in business, display the Double Humped Camel. You have good instincts, so follow your heart. Invite in the Kumbum Stupa for blessings and brilliance in everything you do.

The SNAKE enjoys heaven luck, with helpful and powerful people opening doors for you! Big Auspicious comes from the direction of your soul mate the Dragon. Having figurines of the Dragon near you brings you immense good fortune! For success, wear the Windhorse Pendant. Place the Blue Tara Gau near you. Beware the Robbery Star, which brings risk of money loss – have the Blue Rhino & Elephant with Anti Burglary Amulet in the center of your home and carry the Anti Burglary Amulet when out and about. Boost wealth luck with the Wealth Bull in the SE. Protect your income streams by carrying your money in a Mongoose Wealth Wallet. If running your own business, place the Kumbum Stupa in the SE of your living room. To avoid unforeseen obstacles, remedy the 3 Killings with the 3 Celestial Bells in the South.

The HORSE has many afflictions, so your first priority should be protection. Safeguard your health with the Healing Herbs Wu Lou in the South. Keep White Tara’s Gau near you. Avoid dangerous sports and activities. Carry the Wu Lou & Garuda Health Amulet to keep strong. The Reducing Energy Star requires you to carry Hayagriva’s Mantra Wand. Kuan Kung on Horseback gives you the confidence to go after your aspirations. Apart from afflictions, the Horse enjoys great SUCCESS luck this year! Wealth is promising, love is good, but watch your health. As you are in conflict with the Tai Sui, you must display the Tai Sui Amulet Plaque in the North and carry Tai Sui’s Amulet at all times. For business luck, place the Double Humped Camel on your work desk.

The SHEEP faces an amazing year when you can attain increasingly higher goals as the year unfolds! Your efforts meet with results quickly, which further spurs you on. Unlock Big Auspicious with the Qi Lin Vase in your living room. The Scholastic Star helps the young Sheep; enhance with the Scholar on Dragon Carp on your study desk. Romance potential for single Sheep can be enhanced with the Kurukulle Banner of Love or Red Tara Home Amulet placed in the SW. For bigger profits, have the Luo Han with Crab on your office desk. This can be a satisfying year if you know how to harness your good fortune! Display the Windhorse in the NE. To remedy the Yearly Killings, carry the 15 Hums Protection Wheel Amulet.

The MONKEY is the luckiest of the 12 signs, as you have 3 Auspicious Stars visiting! The ruling sign of the year the Rat is your ally, which makes everyone like you. Display the Wealth Tree with Mongoose and Birds for good opportunities and the Bats Vase in the SW for good investment luck. The #4 star attracts powerful mentors into your life; place the Jade Emperor Heaven Amulet on your desk to enhance. Student Monkeys should have the Scholar on Dragon Carp on their study table. For love luck, carry the 9 Tailed White Fox Mirror or display the Marriage Happiness Ducks by your bedside. Keep Yellow Dzambala’s Mantra Wand in your bag to give your career a boost. Wear the Wealth and Wisdom Mantra Ring to activate promotion opportunities.

Immense good fortune is coming to the ROOSTER this year! You have TWO BIG AUSPICIOUS stars, which get magnified by the Future Prosperity Star! A year to build on a growing fortune that lasts well into the future! Think long-term when making plans. Carry the Sum of Ten Amulet and Ho Tu Enhancer. Display the Yang Energy Amulet Plaque in the West to keep your energy strong. Protect your health with the Bejeweled Blue Tortoise in the North. The Tai Sui is not on good terms with you; display the Tai Sui Plaque in the North and carry the Tai Sui Amulet at all times. When success comes, it comes in a BIG way. Place a pair of Wealth Cabinets in your home sector of West to grow asset wealth. Have the Wealth Bull near you for windfall luck!

The DOG benefits from the Wealth Star and also fabulous indications from the 24 Mountains. Small and Big Auspicious comes from the direction of the Rooster, so having the Rooster image near you brings good fortune. Do not dismiss new opportunities to make money – wealth luck is promising, but only if you pursue it! For strong finances, have the Double Humped Camel and Golden Rat Holding a Coin near you. Carry the Sum of Ten Amulet and Annual Amulet to keep energy levels strong. Display the Yang Energy Amulet Plaque in the NW. Invite in the Kumbum Stupa. For promotion luck, place the 9 Rank Badge on your work desk.

The BOAR enjoys EXCELLENT money luck! The Prosperity Star brings potential for amassing great wealth, while other good stars imbue you with the energy to go after what you want. Place the Mongoose Spouting Jewels in the NW and Rat and Dragon Prosperity 8 in the SE. Carry your cash in the Mongoose Wealth Wallet. If feeling in a rut, jumpstart your good fortune by wearing the “Om Ah Hum” Spinning Mantra Ring. Carry the Windhorse Life Force Amulet for success in all your endeavours. Those pursuing career advancement should wear or carry the 15 Hums Protection Wheel. Attract love with the Kurukulle Banner of Love. Remedy the Three Killings with the 3 Celestial Bells in the South.