Who is Red Tara? The Goddess of Enthrallment for Making Friends, Being Liked & Gaining Power

Most all of us are familiar with Green Tara and White Tara, but not many are aware that Tara manifests in many different forms and colours. Tara can also appear in yellow, orange, red, blue and black. All Taras are powerful but each different coloured Tara specializes in helping us develop a different type of siddhi.

Red coloured Taras are often associated with the development of power and control, the ability to persuade with our speech and to exercise authority over others. There are many different Red Taras, but one of the most powerful is known as Rigjema, the Goddess of Enthrallment. In the pantheon of the 21 Taras, Rigjema is the sixth Tara.

Red Tara has a red coloured body. Her left hand holds a red utpala flower that carries a bow and arrow made from pink and red flowers. This is her signature implement; the bow and arrow symbolises her ability to shoot into your heart, not unlike Cupid, thereby enthralling you and leading you towards ultimate happiness.

If you invite her into your home, supplicate her and chant her mantra, she blesses you with the ability to enthrall others.

Her main activity is to bestow the siddhi of enthrallment. If you invite her into your home, supplicate her and chant her mantra, she blesses you with the ability to enthral others. She enhances your power of speech so that whatever you say sounds pleasing and persuasive in the ears of others. She can also transform your auric field, making you popular with those around you.

By chanting her mantra and meditating on her image, you will find your level of attractiveness steadily increasing, and others will gravitate towards you. The practice of Red Tara is so powerful it can even transform your worst enemies into your allies!


There are enormous benefits to chanting and wearing her mantra. This is why we have made beautiful Red Tara scarves decorated with her mantras and implements. By wearing her amulets, she protects you against coming under the spell and control of others.

Red Tara’s mantra is OM TARE TAM SOHA.

Learn to chant this mantra whenever you need help with confidence. Red Tara is also powerful for helping single ladies and men find a life partner!