Want a Baby? Can’t Conceive?


1Change your sleeping direction – reorientate the marriage bed so that the couple are sleeping with the head pointed to the man’s nien yen direction under the Eight mansions KUA formula method. This is the family luck orientation and when you sleep with this orientation it brings wonderful family luck to husband and wife. Everything is harmonious for them, including their fidelity to each other and the fulfillment of their wish to start a family.

2Place a pair of fertility elephants on the table beside the bed inside the bedroom. They can be any size… if you like them large then place them on the floor flanking the bed. The Chinese believe that the elephant is a precious symbol which brings family luck and the image of one with its trunk down attracts children into the family. In Beijing, the road that leads to the Ming tombs is lined with huge life sized elephant sculptures. Local folklore has it that any mother wishing for a son need only rub the back of any of these elephants.

3An excellent method to attract fertility luck – place the image of a bunch of pomegranates in the bedroom. Pomegranates are excellent symbols of fertility. having the real thing is great but if you cannot find them, then a painting or picture of them will do just as well.


4Place the Medallion of Kuan Yin holding a baby near to your bed. It is believed that when you place an image of Kuan Yin holding on to a baby, she will help you conceive and bring you children with good attitudes and they will be filial. Another image for improving fertility is the Fertility Tara. In this case, you can display the Fertility Tara on your home altar and offer her some flowers and 7 small bowls of Water.

5And finally, here is the method I like the best … hang a picture of one hundred children in the house, on a wall which you cannot fail to see each time you enter the home. This is a famous painting and most Chinese emporiums should carry this. If you cannot find such a painting then look for a painting or photograph of a cute child or baby and then hang it on the wall. Baby chi is most powerful and in Taoist feng shui like attracts like… so if you want children, have children images in the home.