Using Mental Imaging to Transform Your Luck

LILLIAN TOO on how you can access your inner spirituality for success…

Anyone can tap into the power of thought imagery to ensure success. To have the idea, to create the image, to focus on what you want; to transform your reality and to manifest the life you desire. This is mental imaging with a purpose and the ability to do it is what differentiates human beings from all other life forms.

This is what we mean when we talk about managing our own destiny. Whatever will make us happy at any moment in time CAN be achieved – whether it is beauty or wealth we want, or to be recognized, admired and respected. We may be looking for a mate, a partner, or yearning for a child, a friend or a soulmate. We may be seeking knowledge, striving for a scholarship, aiming for a promotion or simply wanting to win at some immediate contest… and what we want may change from time to time. Whatever your desires may be, joyously imagining them already achieved can be used as a daily series of stepping stones… from lesser to greater, each step a foundation for the next.

There is more to success than simply climbing the steps or mapping out a plan. The luck factor must be generated to give your goals that magical “electrical charge” which gets the universe buzzing. This is the special emotional push that jumpstarts the actualization process.

You have to seriously desire what you want because it is this desire that imbues your images with a powerful inner energy. This resembles the electrical charge that creates the magnetic field… and you must do this with so much confidence that you totally annihilate all thoughts of fear!


President Roosevelt once said, “the only thing to fear is fear itself”. And this was repeated by President Jack Kennedy and to a more recent generation by President Obama. These are great leaders and they have fearlessly acknowledged that FEAR is a negative emotion so powerful, it will create exactly the kind of result we fear will happen.

If you want SUCCESS, you should never fear failure; you must never fear that you are not good enough, that something will happen to block your success. Thinking fearful thoughts generates an electrical charge of its own. The fear of falling for instance is a universal fear, and it is SO common within us that the recurrent dream of falling is something we have all experienced at some time or other.

And if you mistakenly interpret such a dream as negative, it becomes negative. However, for those who know about the psychic reversals of dreams, such dreams are in fact an indication of a transformational opportunity. Push the fear aside and get up, and you instantly transform the negative into positive.

This was a powerful TRUTH which Roosevelt, Kennedy and Obama totally embraced – and it led to their amazing successes not only in getting elected to the Presidency of the United States – and this is never an easy race, but also to lead in the face of continuing threats and complex scenarios.

We can follow the magnitude of their successes (or failures) by realizing they are men of visions so great, they encompassed a nation, a people, in fact the whole world! They must have been afraid many times, but again and again, they pushed aside their fears and got on with the job, never letting go of their vision. We can learn from them!

The idea then is to overcome the fears that assault us, generate our vision of the life we want; think through the self image we wish for, and formulate images of the victories we crave for.

The common factor in what we need to master then is the practice of mental imaging. This is not anything new. The techniques of visualization transcend almost all spiritual and psychic practices associated with the creation of magic; and if you go deep into the study of Taoism and Buddhism, especially Tibetan Buddhism, you will discover that the source of their powerful magic, their incredible feats of endurance, their ability to levitate, to fly and even to invoke fabulous images in the skies that others can see – in fact, EVERYTHING that is part of their legendary prowess at creating magic – comes from the powerful use of mental imagery.

So much so that even the attainment of Enlightenment requires the practice of visualization, except that by then, the practitioner would have spent so many years training and becoming so adept at mental imagery that they are able to conjure within their minds the most detailed and intricate images of Deities, wearing special robes, carrying different implements and living in ornately designed palaces!

There have been legendary tales of Tibetan high lamas whose minds have transcended so powerfully they can even conjure up an entire magnificent display of Deities that filled an entire sky that were visible to the disciples who were fortunate enough to be there with the entire “show” lasting from morning till dusk. For those of you wanting to know about such feats read Lama Govinda’s book The Way of the White Clouds which draws on his daily journal that recorded his travels through Tibet in the 1930s.

This is how powerful the techniques of mental imaging are and the more you work at perfecting it, the more effective you can be.

Start by simply faking it!

If you are skeptical and unbelieving, just pretend the opposite, i.e. that you believe, and from there, flow into and feel the power of your own mental thoughts. Suspend your doubts and your fears, and begin with modest goals, seeking to achieve the simplest of things. Remember to believe, to be relaxed and to be as colourful as possible when creating the images of what you want inside your mind. Try placing the images somewhere between your brows in the middle of your forehead where your inner eye would be if you could see it. This is your cosmic eye!

The use of mental imaging is not a religious practice. It is a method that mobilizes the inner cosmic resources we all possess. Every high lama and expert at mental imaging started life the same way we did, by being born a human, just like us!


The difference in success levels is like going to school or college. They went to a different kind of school and a different kind of College, and they believed in what they were taught and what they learnt to perfect. The more you believe in yourself and the more you practise, the better you will eventually become. The day will come when you can do what they do…


Mental imaging channels the inner spirituality within every human being. Here, what is meant by Spirituality is the ability of every human being to access into other dimensions. We actually live in a Universe of Many Dimensions. It is from these other cosmic realms that we can attract opportunities for success and hasten up the flow of abundance into our material lives. Anything that can make our lives more comfortable will flow easily our way once the cosmic highway opens. We do this by unlocking the gates through activating our spiritual nature.

Mental imaging is thus a spiritual practice that opens up other dimensions to channel material wealth and abundance from the Universe. The Universe works to free us from the chores that would otherwise engage our minds. It is only when we are filled with abundance, when our lives are so satisfied according to all that we need and want on the material plane, that we will become satiated. Only then can the full force of our spirituality rise to the surface.

By then we should have so much abundance, we would seek out other things that go beyond material comfort and success. This is why we seek different things when we are young and when we are old. We need to satisfy our lower chakras before we can move to our upper chakras. Our lower chakras located below the navel and at the navel cause us to look for sexual satisfaction and for food, wealth and material things. The heart chakra opens our minds to loving and nurturing our families. By the time we grow into our sixties, we would be thinking increasingly of the spiritual dimensions of our existence. This is when we find solace in God, in the Higher Beings and in our religious practice.

Think of mental imaging this way and you will realize how logical our human existence is and why simply being alive as a human being is so precious. If you can take deep breaths and relax, shrug off your worries and then sit quietly and start to formulate thought images in your mind, you will find that within you lies the power to create miracles.

Mental imaging is a natural power we all possess. Used consistently and with a gentle heart, it generates an awareness of your own intrinsic power. This realization will transform your life!

We create images in our minds all the time, but it is all done unconsciously, so it comprises good and bad images. Negative visualization brings about the manifestation of all our fears, while our innermost desires simultaneously create good results for us. What manifests is both good and bad luck. As a result, all the creative mind power within us gets wasted, cancelling each other out. And if you happen to be the fearful type, always worrying, always expecting things to go wrong, always thinking the worst, always saving up for a rainy day – your life will be filled with exactly all your fears manifesting. It is like the multiplier effect bringing greater and greater misfortunes into your life.

How much easier and better then to simply think good thoughts, to expect good things to happen, to open your arms to windfalls and good fortune, to success and victories; to triumphant moments and happiness!

You have the power to do all this and to liberate the intrinsic ability in you to fulfill all your desires. What you need to do is bring ALL your senses and faculties together into a unifying field force and once and for all eliminate all your internal obstacles that block the opening of your spiritual channels. Think of how powerful your mind is. Appeal to your emotions and strengthen all the positive feel-good ones. Let your instincts guide you and start daydreaming. Remember that even if at first you are only pretending to make pictures, these will very soon transform into the real thing!

One final thing…

No need to dissipate all the good energy you are amassing by talking about this to anyone. When you succeed, indulge in feeling satisfied and happy and then keep going. Never stop because you will be surprised at how much the Universe has in store for you. Once the channels to other dimensions open and you stay brave and unafraid, wonderful new avenues of knowledge and experiences will surely flow towards you!

This is the great promise of the spirituality within you – continuously creating magic that astounds you.