Tough Year Ahead For Donald Trump

Our detailed Paht Chee reading of Donald Trump’s BIRTH CHART reveals that the US President is seriously afflicted by the most unfortunate EARTH PENALTY of DOG, SHEEP and OX found in the Luck Pillars affecting him in the coming year, and unless he can somehow get a GOLDEN DRAGON by his side, he could well succumb to a very serious reversal of fortune that could derail all his intentions. Yes, his luck can run out in the coming year, and his coterie of enemies might well succeed in causing his downfall.

Since winning the United States Presidential election in November 2016, Donald Trump has sunk deeper into the swamp of expanding unpopularity that has left him open to resentment, criticism and attacks from much of the domestic and also the international media. For sure, he is experiencing the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”. Unfortunately, he has only himself to blame for much of the negative rhetoric that has come his way. There has been criticism of his actions and his speech, and even of his intentions.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania arrive for the state dinner with China’s President Xi Jinping and China’s first lady Peng Liyuan at the Great Hall of the People

Trump is strongly resented for his impulsive tweets, he is regularly berated for his most unpresidential behavior, he comes across racist, and he seems to be deeply resentful of his predecessor – to the extent that it appears to be something of an obsession with him to tear away as much of what the previous President has done and put in place.


In November, he embarked on a weeklong tour of Asia that took in flying visits to China, Japan and the Philippines, along the way meeting up as well with ASEAN leaders. But Trump’s deep unpopularity precedes him everywhere he goes.

We take a detailed look at his PAHT CHEE simply because as the sitting US President, he is such a powerful man. His finger is closest to the nuclear button. Everything America does will affect the rest of the world! Whether war breaks out, whether another country gets bombed by the US, depends on what the American President does!

Trump with Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
Trump with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak

In 2018, the WEST is ruled by the illness star 2. This year it was the quarrelsome 3 star, so it looks like the West will be plagued by a deep malaise. But what of Donald Trump’s luck profile? What does it look like?

born 14 June 1946 10:54am

His basket of elements shows he has 0 Metal and 0 Water, 6 Earth, 1 Wood, 5 Fire.

His chart is thus imbalanced. There is an excess of FIRE and EARTH. He is missing METAL and missing WATER. He is born in the season of summer governed by Fire, so his EARTH energy is very strong. His self-element is strong YIN EARTH.

Favourable elements for him are thus WATER, METAL and WOOD. The other elements FIRE and EARTH bring him bad luck and challenges.

His chart possesses the combination of HORSE and SHEEP, and this brings him the luck of secret friends. In a Dog Year, the HORSE and DOG create the lucky pairing of astrological allies.

He is currently in his LUCK Pillar of 68-72 years, which is YIN METAL. Followed by 73-77 years, which is YIN EARTH OX. Note that the Ox has a side clash with the Dog’s Tai Sui in 2018.


He has 2 units of the AGGRESSIVE SWORD STAR (Snake & Sheep). This star makes him extremely quarrelsome. He is incredibly intense in his attitude towards other leaders, towards his enemies and also towards everyone he deals with. This star also brings staying power and charisma, which helps him succeed as a leader; but because his self-element is strong, this star brings unfavourable consequences. He will come across conceited, arrogant and generally hard to work with.

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In 2018, Trump will find it hard to form helpful alliances. His chart indicates the presence of the PROSPECTS STAR (Horse) – indicating very strong determination to succeed. But this star is favourable only when the self-element is weak; when the self-element is strong, this star indicates that ambitions may exceed realistic expectations.

In 2018, Trump will have problems realizing his intentions in spite of his determination. Trump has the TRAVELLING HORSE STAR (Snake) – so there is plenty of travel luck. This is a generally auspicious star unless the WARRIOR STAR is also present, which is the case with Trump, and this is an indication of ultimate misfortune. The presence of the WARRIOR STAR (Snake) indicates a readiness to fight and also great courage, but unfortunately, with the TRAVELING HORSE STAR, there is danger of court cases, litigation troubles and severe misfortune.

For Donald Trump then, impeachment can be a genuine cause for concern.


Trump’s chart has the 6 Difficulties (Horse) star. This is truly an unfortunate combination as it brings 6 kinds of bad luck in marriage, in relationships with children, stagnation in career, obstacles to mentor luck, and difficulty in keeping his wealth intact. Trump needs to be very wary of these problem areas in his life.

Alas Trump also has the MISFORTUNE STAR (Dog). This star indicates misfortune and bad luck. Trouble will find its way into his life, and because his self element is strong, he is likely to encounter severe problems with backstabbing and gossiping, as well as scandals caused by people close to him. There can be problems related to lawsuits. Trump needs to be very careful when speaking publicly. He must avoid angering the wrong people. He needs to be extra careful posting on social media, and refrain from saying too much!


Trump possesses 2 units of POWERFUL MENTORS STARS (Yang Wood / Yang Fire). These are amongst the most auspicious of stars to have, as they bring the “Fairy Godmother” or a “Guardian Angel” effect. Someone will be always watching over him. The presence of this Powerful Mentor Star is sometimes referred to as the “Heavenly Star”. With this star present, someone powerful and unseen is likely to be helping him successfully overcome the real danger of falling down.

IN 2018, danger might be averted with the presence of this star!

He has one unit of the FORTUNE NOBLE STAR (Yin Earth / Yin Earth Sheep). Firstly, this star ensures there will never be any problems with lack of money; money comes to you through direct and indirect investments. As Trump has this star, he will never have to worry about anything, as wealth comes easily.

This star is so powerful that it can even change the opinion of one’s enemies, turning rivals into supporters. This star also supersedes and overrides all other readings based on their basket of elements. Thus, even when 10 year luck pillars indicate going through a bad period, this star can negate the bad effects, reducing big problems into small hiccups. This star brings a stress-free life. It is like an insurance policy to having the good life always.

Donald Trump has this powerful star!

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Donald Trump’s Luck in 2018


Note that in 2018, his Bodyguard Star (i.e. the Rooster) is removed!

The Ox in his current luck pillar is getting stronger the closer he gets to age 73, and the Ox represents the following 3 stars, which are getting stronger and stronger. This also explains his behaviour and speech.

The RECLUSIVE STUBBORN star (Ox) according to the ancient text, someone who has this star is known to be stubborn and will get increasingly introverted, guarding their feelings carefully. Such people will come across untruthful and get increasingly secretive, causing complications in their relationships with close advisers and supporters. They become argumentative and dwell on negative thoughts. They suffer depression and begin to lose their self-confidence. There will be weak immunity and plenty of migraines.

The TOXIC star (Ox) indicates someone who is difficult, selfish, arrogant and even irrational and out of control. Just like the Reclusive Star, the Toxic Star is an interactive star where positive effects of other stars can moderate or change the overall final outcome. Someone who has the Toxic Star may end up creating serious problems because of their occasional totally irrational behavior. Such people find it difficult to control their emotions and anger.

The SQUANDERING star (Ox) indicates that Trump will squander the good luck that comes into his life. Thus he will waste opportunities given to him.


In 2018, the Year of the Earth Dog, Donald Trump will be activating and strengthening his MISFORTUNE STAR. Both elements of the year (Yang Earth) are very unlucky for him.


This star, which Trump has in his chart, suggests there will be great misfortune and bad luck coming in 2018. Trouble will find its way into his Presidency, and since his self element is also strong, the misfortune coming will be severe indeed. There will be backstabbing and gossip. Scandals brought on by trusted aides will cause problems related to lawsuits. Donald Trump needs to be very careful when speaking publicly to avoid angering the wrong people.

In 2019, Year of the Boar, his luck is better, although the Boar still brings him the star of the 5 Ghosts, which is not favourable. Fortunately, the Boar and Dog are housemates. However, as the Snake is in his Hour Pillar, which is strongest in this period of his life, the Snake forms a direct clash with the Boar, which aggravates the negative impact of the 5 Ghosts, bringing 5 kinds of bad luck – in business, in accumulating wealth, in poor physical health, in unstable mental health and in general bad luck.

Everything seems to indicate there is strong likelihood of legal problems. Impeachment cannot be ruled out. Trump should not have even won the election – this is why he is suffering now, and in 2018 and 2019, his luck appears to be very bad. Even the strength of his health, his lung ta success luck and his spirit essence are at low levels.

The mighty Dragon creates the EARTH CROSS for Trump. This is a very powerful formation indeed, especially in a year of the Double Earth. With the earth cross, the enemy of the Dog transforms into an ally as he battles the misfortune stars in his chart!

So how did he win the election? And how is he still retaining power? The answer is the Dragon. Somehow, as long as he has the Dragon influence and support (maybe from feng shui practice or from how his enemies are calling him the evil Dragon, the fact is that the Dragon brings him amazing luck during this Luck Pillar of his life chart. The Dragon brings incredible good luck indications to Donald Trump even though his Year Pillar is that of the Dog! Here is the secret to his great good luck!

The most important aspect of Donald Trump’s luck is the mighty Dragon, as this creates the EARTH CROSS for him. This is a very powerful formation indeed, especially in a year of the Double Earth. With the earth cross, the enemy of the Dog transforms into an ally as he battles the misfortune stars in his chart!

It is hard to overestimate the power of the EARTH CROSS. But we are at a loss from where and how Donald Trump gets the help of the Dragon. Firstly, there is PUTIN of course, who is a Dragon, so we think that as long as he is “friends” with Putin, he will benefit! But right now, there is an investigation into Putin and Russia’s role in tampering with the US elections – the US/Russia relationship is at a tenuously precarious level, making the Dragon that is Putin the enemy rather than the friend.

Google Donald Trump and Dragon, you get back 9.5 million hits to pages where Donald Trump is called the Dragon or related to the Dragon, directly or indirectly. Is this how he has managed to gain the influence of the Dragon, thus changing his luck?

Does he have a golden Dragon inside his office? Donald Trump needs the presence of the Dragon if he is to survive the misfortune stars of 2018!