There is a Kung Fu to Growing Trees

Trees should never be allowed to grow ugly with dried and disease-infested branches and dry leaves creating an ugly sight. Trees must be cared for. This brings good health luck.

TREES symbolize the WOOD element, which is the only living element. So it signifies growth. Each time you plant a tree in your garden, it is like growing a metaphorical “baby”, like starting a new project, like diversifying your business…

Each time you trim a tree, prune it and shape it, you are nurturing its spirit, which brings auspicious outcomes. But there is a right way and a wrong way … and when you get it right, it brings exciting growth luck for your business! The right way is to care for your tree! When your trees grow old, you need to rejuvenate them, trim them, even cut them down perhaps, and put new manure to let it sprout anew and make new branches grow. This symbolically revives a tired business that has lost its luster because of old age. Or you can grow a brand NEW tree!

Years ago I think it must have been during the mid Seventies, I used to fly to Singapore for day trips and what always caught my eye were the beautiful, obviously cloned trees that lined the highway all the way from the airport into the city. They mesmerized me because every tree was the same height and had three branches. Their leaves were glossy and their branches looked a healthy shade of brown. I felt they were very much a part of Singapore’s great success story because they must have emitted such a lot of powerful growth chi.


Those same trees have grown old now and they are tall, providing shade, but they look a little tired. So maybe I think they should be retired…

That’s the thing about trees. They rarely last too long. The oldest trees are usually the hardwoods, those that grow very slowly and so are dense and hard and heavy. These trees are strong like TEAK and the English OAK. The Chinese look on trees that have solid hard wood such as their Rosewood and Blackwood trees (as opposed to the brittle fast-growing varieties) with genuine reverence. Thus old furniture made of these woods is highly prized.

To benefit from trees in your garden however, you can select any tree you like. Some like fruit trees because their bearing fruits bring a harvesting significance, something that is often equated with bringing good luck. Likewise trees that have seasonal flowers suggest a flowering of success and recognition. But there is a kung fu to caring for trees if you want them to attract good fortune.

  • TREES should never be allowed to grow ugly with dried and disease-infested branches and dry leaves creating an ugly sight. Trees must be cared for. This brings good health luck.
  • TREES must be trimmed and shaped so they do not grow wild or get taken over by wandering spirits that will shape the tree to look quite fearful. This brings sustainable good fortune.
  • TREES that are ailing – i.e. growing thin, leaves falling and taken over by creepers and other parasites – must be cut back and then fed growth fertilizers so new shoots can spring forth. Usually, fast growing trees are vulnerable because they can lose steam and are less hardy, so their leaves lose luster and their branches come under attack by bugs. When you see this, you must give the tree a severe trim. Then fertilize and let new shoots appear. When the new shoots spring out is when they bring rejuvenating luck.
  • TREES that have grown old and are dying should be allowed a decent end. Cut them back. Dig out the roots and in its place, plant a new tree. This brings new growth luck!

In my garden, I have planted several of the Tower Trees that are so popular these days, but these are fast growing trees that are not as strong as the hardwoods. They also grow very tall. It is important to monitor the health of these trees carefully. When they grow tall and thin out at the top, they MUST be cut down, perhaps halfway, so that new branches can sprout out. Doing this will create truly awesome rejuvenating luck.

Back in Singapore, I notice that the authorities have taken the kung fu of TREES to a new level. Here they have created giant metal trees. In their Gardens by the Bay project, you can see these huge manmade trees lining the Marina Bay.

Give it a couple of years and I am certain they will help Singapore reach a new level of high! Those metal trees remind me of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Wealth which have so much feng shui significance. As a symbol that brings prosperity, they have been incredibly popular, not just because they look good, but also because they do generate such good growth chi, the kind of sheng chi that brings continuous business luck.