The Seven Auspicious Mountains on Your Hand

Mounts Reveal Strong or Weak Leadership Potential

According to the Tung Shu, the Chinese Almanac, there are seven mountains on the inner palm of the hand which reveal the inner attributes and determination levels of each person. The contours of these mountains tell us much about a person’s character and personality and they are named after the seven planets that correspond to the planets of the Great Bear. Whether the mountains bring luck or not depends on how “fleshy” and prominent they are on the palm. When they are full and obvious to the eye, they always indicate good fortune. When all seven mountains are full and prominent, this indicates a fleshy hand which is always indicative of a good and long life.

The Mountain of Jupiter

This occurs as a slight raising of the flesh at the base of the index finger. If this area is full and fleshy and is matched with a long index finger, it shows that this person is very ambitious, has strong leadership abilities and has a tendency to be bossy. He/she has the fate to be the boss in any situation and is able to manage and control others. This is an honest and optimistic person, but also someone who enjoys power. If this part of the hand is flat however, such a person lacks confidence and could suffer from occasional personality disorders. If it is overdeveloped, this person can be overly arrogant, proud and egoistic. Too high a mountain suggests someone hungry for power who could be ruthless in the pursuit of such power.

The Mountain of Apollo

This is a raising of the flesh at the base of the ring finger. A well-developed Mountain of Apollo suggests someone warm, optimistic and radiating great enthusiasm. When this part of the hand is flat, the person can be cold and cynical, lacking appreciation of the finer things of life. When the Mountain of Apollo is overdeveloped, such a person tends to be brash, insensitive and boastful.

The Mountain of Saturn

This is located at the base of the middle finger. When this mountain appears full and well developed, this person possesses a good sense of responsibility and is concerned with seeking wisdom in the management of others. He/she will thus be a compassionate kind of leader. An overdeveloped Mountain of Saturn indicates someone strong and silent, who can come across as cold and unfeeling, often to the point of appearing unfeeling and haughty. This kind of person can be very difficult to understand. When this mountain is flat, the person is rarely serious and frivolous most of the time.

The Mountain of Moon

This is located at the base of the palm where it joins the wrist. A person with an overdeveloped Moon Mountain tends to be unpredictable and often changes his/her mind frequently. When well developed, this person is caring and compassionate as well as creative and imaginative. When it is flat, the person will always allow emotional matters and problems to be obstacles. This is a person who cannot sustain long term trust or relationships. There is little stability in his/her friendships.

The Mountain of Mercury

This is located at the base of the small finger. A full and fleshy Mountain here along with a long small finger exceeding the first joint of the ring finger indicates a person who is responsive, flexible, intelligent, quick thinking with admirable social skills. Such persons are likely to become very successful as business leaders with good strategic minds. They make great and successful entrepreneurs. Physically, most of them are short in body height. When Mount Mercury is overdeveloped, this person is a consummate liar who is charming but cunning, and likely to cheat in love. Need to be careful of this person and when the Mountain is flat, the person tends to be very shy and diffident.


The Mountain of Venus

This is located at the base of the thumb. A person with a thick and fleshly Venus mountain will be noted for their great luck in romance. People find them warm, generous and very attractive. They also bring great vibrations to any of their relationships as they have much to offer in terms of companionship, social life and sexuality. When the mount is overdeveloped, it shows a greedy, intense person who is overly indulgent in sex, food and relationships. They are very attached to worldly pleasures and crave stimulation all the time. When it is flat, it shows a lack of vitality and passion so there are streaks of cool selfishness in this person who is also usually incapable of giving.

The Mountain of Mars (Upper Mars Hill)

This is located above the end of the head line. A well developed mountain at this place indicates resilience to setbacks, great courage ability to survive under any conditions.

The Mountain of Mars (Lower Mars Hill)

This is located below the beginning of the head line. A full and fleshly Lower Mars Mountain indicates someone very ambitious, courageous and brave. These are natural fighters who make breathtakingly bold moves in both the corporate world and at war. So they make good CEOs and Generals; but they sometimes act impulsively with terrible consequences.