The Reclusive Stubborn Star

Human beings are very unique. We are creatures who defy all attempts at characterization and understanding. Our behaviour changes over time and our experiences of life make us what we each are today. The things we see, observe, encounter and experience all affect the kind of person we become.

Paht Chee provides us some insight on why we are who we are and why our feelings and behaviour change with time. We know that when our self element is strong, there is a high chance that our interpersonal relationships can be affected in an adverse way while if we have a weak self element we are more readily accepted by society. Of course, other stars found in our chart such as the Aggressive Sword Star and the Prospects Star can also play a role in how others relate to us. The Popularity Star and the Star of Charisma likewise easily influence the way we interact with others socially.

I came across a little known star known as The Reclusive Stubborn Star. This refers to the kind of person you are. Refer to the table here to find out if you have this star in your chart; look for your self-element, and then in the earthly branches of your chart look for the animal sign that designates the Reclusive Stubborn Star. For example, if your self-element is either Yin Wood, Yang Fire or Yang Earth and you have the DOG in one of your Earthly Branches, you have this star in your chart.

What does this having this star mean?

According to ancient texts, someone with this star is stubborn yet introverted, hiding their feelings closely. They prefer to be secretive and will rarely tell the truth when pressed. They are argumentative, having a tendency to dwell on negative thoughts. They suffer from depression and they lack self confidence. If you have this star, you could suffer from weak immunity, getting sick easily and getting migraines.

Does this mean that if you have this star in your chart that you have all these negative traits, will get ill easily and will only tell lies? Of course not!! This is because this star is highly interactive and other “stars” and other signs indicated in your chart can transform the characteristics of this star.

For example, if your self element is weak, and you also have the Star Of Popularity or Star of Charisma or the Peach Blossom Star, then even if you may have the Reclusive Stubborn Star, you will not necessarily be viewed as a recluse. And if your chart has ample resource element, your constitution is strong and health luck will then be good.

What is important to take a note of is whether the animal sign that indicates the Reclusive Stubborn Star in the table clashes with other animal signs in your earthly branches; or does it create a fortunate combination, such as forming an allies or secret friend combination? When there is this sort of fortunate combination, then excellent results are indicated and good luck will occur. If there are clashes, then some areas of your life will be affected negatively.


This is an example of a client of mine who in the last 5 years has become very successful in his career and in his relationship luck. As you can see in his chart, there is missing Metal and Fire, which means that his self element of Yang Earth is deemed weak. Therefore, favourable elements are Earth, Metal and Fire.

His Reclusive Stubborn Star is indicated by the Dog in his Year Pillar. As you can see, the Rabbit which is in his Hour Pillar is his secret friend, and this brings him excellent windfall luck. Next, the Tiger in the Day Pillar is his ally and so the negative effects of the Reclusive Stubborn Star do not affect his career and relationship much. This, despite his chart having two units of the External Flower of Romance Star, which are indicated by the Rabbit, which is simultaneously secret friends with the Dog in the Year Pillar.

Now, when we look at his luck pillars, his current age in 2017 is 35, which means that he just entered a new luck pillar which has Yang Fire and Yang Earth Dragon, both of which are very favourable for him. The missing Fire element now brings him extreme good fortune.


When we look at his luck pillar 25, we see that it is Yin Wood and Yin Wood Rabbit. While both Wood elements are not favourable, we know that the Rabbit is extremely favourable as it is his secret friend. So in his case, we know that the effects of the Reclusive Star does not show someone who introverted or argumentative, or who tends to worry about his life. Instead, the chart suggests someone who has the confidence and charm to be successful in his work and love life.


This is another client of mine who has the Reclusive Stubborn Star. In his case, his chart is also missing Fire, but his self element is strong Yin Metal. Therefore we know that Fire, Wood and Water are his favorable elements. The Reclusive Star in his chart is indicated by the Dragon, which is in the Hour Pillar. Remember that when the self element is strong, the Reclusive Star aggravates the stubbornness and introvertedness of the person.

One positive thing in his chart is the complete set of allies – Rat, Monkey, Dragon, which being the group of Competitors, generates the luck to overcome competition and problems. The downside of his chart is the clash between the Rabbit in the Day and Rat in the Year, creating two penalties and seriously afflicting his relationship luck.

The year of 2018 marks his entry into the next luck pillar of 34, which is Yang Fire, Yang Water Rat. We know that Luck Pillar is extremely fortunate for him, as both elements are favourable. However, the Rat in that luck pillar means that it is not recommended that he puts his trust in relationships during that 10 year period, as this will lead to unhappiness as the clash worsens. For his case, the Reclusive Star is quite negative and shows clearly in his life.

A suitable remedy for him would be to introduce the Ox, as the secret friend of the Rat will bring him some smoothness and harmony. This is the best way to overcome problems. He will also need to carry the Tai Sui Amulet every single year of his life due to the Rabbit-Rat clash.