The Nine Wealth Features Of The Face

The Chinese believe in lucky and unlucky faces and a great deal is made of the mountains and rivers of the face, which indicate wealth and fortune. Generally the central axis of the face is deemed to be a crucial indicator of a person’s lot in life, and when this appears to balance both sides of the face, the powerful trinity of luck is said to be properly aligned for prosperity.

The first wealth spot

The first wealth spot, the forehead (which also represents the luck from heaven and is the foremost mountain of the face) is round, high, curved and protruding. Such a forehead indicates power, wealth and great authority. A perfect forehead is rare, but as long as this protrudes and looks prominent and wide, good fortune is indicated. A good forehead augments all the other luck features since this also signifies the place of the heavenly celestial dragon. This is a yang spot in the face and means a great deal in terms of one’s luck potential. Look after your forehead and keep it clear of blemishes, spots and unsightly pimples. Use artificial aids to ensure a smooth forehead. Moles on the forehead are acceptable unless they are placed dead in the centre, in which case they should really be removed. Black moles here are deemed to be most inauspicious.

The second wealth spot

The trinity of luck is expressed in terms of tien, ti and ren – heaven, earth and mankind, with man in the centre, located at the middle space above the nose and between the eyes. This is the man spot also referred to as the ‘life palace’. Here the space should be clear, bright and luminous if it is to represent a life of good fortune. There should be no hair, colourings, spots or moles in this area since these collectively or by themselves signify obstacles to one’s luck. When this space is clear and luminous it symbolises a life of affluence and influence.

The third wealth spot

The third wealth spot of the face is the nose. This is deemed a yin spot and it signifies one of the rivers of the face. In the Chinese classic texts on face reading, the nose signifies the river Jie, which brings wealth. The rounder and fleshier the nose looks, the better is the wealth luck indicated. Nostrils should not be too small nor too large. The nose must look balanced and smooth. Spots – white or black – are seen as obstacles, and moles at the tip of the nose are regarded as a major sign of misfortune. The Chinese always regard a big nose with some indulgence, no matter how out of place they look in the overall face. This is because the nose is the repository of money fortune and it indicates wealth from many different sources.

The fourth wealth spot

Directly below the nose is the tip of the lips and if you are deemed to possess the mighty gift of the gab – tremendous prosperity luck from speaking – you will see here what is termed the phoenix pearl. It looks rounded and is protruding, and usually those who have it will probably have had it from childhood. Like the cleft chin or the dimple, the pearl is deemed also to be a beauty spot. It brings good fortune in both men and women. The pearl is considered the fourth wealth feature on the face.

The fifth wealth spot

Directly below the pearl is the mouth, which is considered the second river on the face. It is known as the river Huai. The mouth is deemed auspicious when it is soft and succulent. Irrespective of its size, the mouth must never appear dry, since this indicates loss of luck. As long as the mouth is always moist, it indicates money luck. The mouth is the fifth wealth spot on the face. Moles around the mouth, as long as they are not black, are deemed to enhance the good luck of the mouth and indicate that the person will never lack for good.

The sixth wealth spot

The sixth wealth spot is the second mountain on the face – the chin. This is also the place of earth in the trinity of tien ti ren and is sometimes viewed as the jawline. To be auspicious, the chin should be protruding and prominent. A receding jawline is one sign of misfortune in old age, or it can even be a sign of premature death. A prominent chin indicates a strong base mountain, and this is also suggestive of longevity.

The seventh wealth spot

The seventh wealth spot on the face is the eyes. The eyes are said to indicate great good fortune when they shine and are slightly moist. It does not matter what shape, size or colouring the eyes are – what is most significant is their vitality. When eyes are bright and are well protected by arched eyebrows, life is healthy and prosperous. Eyebrows should never be overly plucked or shaved. When a face lacks eyebrows the person simply cannot climb up the ladder of success. When one eye is smaller than the other, it is a good idea to use artificial aids like eye-liners to correct the imbalance.


The eighth wealth spot

The eighth wealth spot on the face is the cheekbones. In terms of age luck one enters into the center section of the face, which indicates the mature years, at the age of 21. When the cheekbones stand out prominently and appear bright and shiny, it is one of the surest signs that serious wealth luck is about to manifest. Cheekbones should always have flesh and never look bony since this would indicate excessive yang. For cheekbones to appear balanced they must look good enough to pinch!

The ninth wealth feature

The final indicator is the ears. When your ears are well formed and proportionate, they indicate great good fortune and wisdom. They are said to represent the flow of the Yellow River. Remember that face reading is based also on manifestations of yin and yang and clues can also be gleaned by superimposing Chinese trigrams – shapes that make up the hexagrams of the I Ching – on the face. These trigrams, which are made by combining yin and yang lines, are another way of looking at the kind of luck intrinsic to the different parts of the face.

Of the nine wealth features only one is placed in the youth section of the face and two in the old age section. This suggests that our destiny manifests mostly during the time of life between youth and old age – this is named the age of maturity. Thus while face reading gives you a good idea of luck potential, it is essential to note that the bridge between heaven and earth is mankind. It is mankind luck that has the most impact on our destiny as it unfolds. The face over time can undergo change. Mountains can flatten and rivers can run dry. It is vital to stay ever watchful, as much over our physical bodies as over the luck that we are constantly creating for ourselves.

Extract taken from “Discover Yourself” by Lillian Too, published by Rider, an imprint of Ebury Press Random House, UK.