The Health Pa Kua – Effective Ways to Safeguard Your Health

Chinese tradition has always been a big advocate of the belief that “Health is Wealth”. You cannot enjoy your wealth unless you have good health. They are also big believers of  “Prevention being better than Cure”.

Enter the Health Pa Kua 

The Later Heaven Pa Kua consists of I-Ching trigrams that are arranged in a specifically special way that provides a guideline to living. There are eight trigrams in all, and each occupies a specific direction – North, South, East and West, and Northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest. Each trigram is rich with meaning, laden with layers upon layers of subtle but pertinent connotations. One of these layers involves health concerns.

Why do healthy people suddenly get sick? Why do some people recover very quickly, while others succumb to illness and get worse and worse? It all comes down to the Pa Kua and to the timing.

Each direction of the eight-sided Pa Kua represents a particular body part, or a group of body parts.

When a particular sector of your home is hit by a misfortune star, you face increased risk of injury or sickness related to that particular body part governed by that sector, especially if that sector is over-activated or energized. This risk increases if the hot zones in your home happen to be located in that sector. For example, if your front door is located in the South of your home, and the illness star 2 flies into the sector that year, then residents of your home face increased risk to the eyes, blood, heart and veins. How often have you wondered why everyone in the household is suffering from a particular ailment that has no connection otherwise?

Earlier this year, when the number 2 star flew into the South of our home, each member of our home in turn suffered from various eye ailments. My husband had a sty in the eye, then a week later I got a kick in the eye from my baby sleeping next to me, then my son got an eye infection, before my husband then suffered another sty in his other eye. After checking on the Pa Kua for 2009 and investigating the South sector of our home  (which governs the eye), it came as no surprise to find that the monthly #2 illness star had flown into the South.

The remedy was simple – Metal energy. We immediately moved a large metal Wu Lou, the traditional feng shui cure for illness to the South. Metal does not harm the energy of the South, while exhausting the Earth energy of the #2. Another cure is the 6-rod metal windchime. The number 6 represents Big Metal, while the hollow rods allow the affected chi to move within the rods, in the process getting cleansed and neutralized. Once we did that all our eye ailments were pacified and we instantly got better. Innovative coincidence or what?

Beware These Afflictions

When the illness star #2, misfortune star #5 or violent star #7 moves into space within the home where you spend a lot of your time – such as the main door, your bedroom, or the living or dining area, you become very susceptible to injuries and ailments related to the relevant body part.

Enter animal astrology, and another layer of the Pa Kua. Each sector also governs a particular animal sign, or pair of animal signs. The 4 primary directions rule the 4 cardinal animal signs of Rat, Rooster, Rabbit and Horse.

The secondary directions rule the remaining 8 animal signs. Back to our South example. If your main door is located in the South, and you are born under the animal sign of Horse (ruled by the South), then your susceptibility to a malicious flying star arriving in your home location of the South gets greatly increased. And which area? Your heart, blood, veins and eyes – the grouping of body parts governed by the South.

The illness star #2 always brings illness, and depending on which direction it occupies, it causes illness in specific areas of the body. When it occupies the East and Southeast, it tends to bring aches and pains relating to the tongue, liver, joints and limbs. If the affliction is more severe, then something could cause damage to your bones and limbs. If the violent star #7 flies in for example, you could suffer damage to your limbs from a robbery or an accident. When a bad star enters the Southwest or Northeast, the illness has to do with the stomach or the womb. This is when it can be particularly dangerous for expecting mothers. When the North is afflicted, illness usually comes in a form related to the kidneys. When in the West or Northwest, then the lungs, nose or skin is affected.


Of course you cannot prepare for every eventuality because flying stars change location on a yearly, monthly, daily and even hourly basis. But if you can get some of it right, at least preparing for the yearly and monthly stars, you can go some way to protecting yourself. Carry health amulets or wear good health talismans during months when you expect to be more prone to falling victim to malevolent stars.

Usually when someone gets hit by a serious ailment that causes hospitalization, or one that may be chronic or even incurable, if you check back to the Flying Stars, you might just find a chilling alignment of misfortune stars. Often, feng shui experts lay claim to predicting spectacular events and disasters based on just this principle. One even professed to have predicted the 911 collapse of the twin towers of the World Trade Center this way. Sure it is easy in hindsight to explain, but far better to forecast and prevent. As your own DIY feng shui practitioner, you yourself can quite easily lay down an easy framework to go some way in protecting yourself from falling victim to menacing stars.

You may not be able to stop news breaking disasters, but you ARE in control of the feng shui of your own home. Remember, there are 4 major units of time, and two of these you can be in relative control over. Look at the yearly and monthly flight destinations of the flying stars. This you can get from the WOFS published Feng Shui Almanac, and the Lillian Too Feng Shui Diary. All the charts you need are there. The daily and hourly stars are less easy to track, because feng shui need not be all-consuming. As long as you take care of 2 out of 4, you are halfway there.

Note also that illness can come not just from the unrelenting path of the flying stars.

Illness can also arise from yin spirit formation, when a house is overly cluttered or untidy. That is why it is so important to clear out the clutter frequently. Do a regular spring clean of your home and throw out things no longer need. Blocked drains must be cleared. Appliances broken down must be repaired. When toilets or bathrooms become clogged, the problem should be attended to immediately. This last is vital to the health of the residents.

It is also good practice to carry out space clearing with a singing bowl or make incense offerings rituals on a regular basis. Space clearing purifies stagnant and negative chi built up over time. It rebalances the energies in the home. You should try to open the doors and windows of your home at least once a week, to let in a big gush of fresh air and to clear the home of stale air.

Lastly, don’t forget to also check for any offensive features or structures within the home that may inadvertently be sending out secret poison arrows of bad chi towards you when you are sleeping, dining, working or simply relaxing in the home. These are usually the culprits of headaches, migraines and other niggling forms of illness. When they are severe and big, these secret poison arrows can even cause cancer and other more serious health ailments.