The Feng Shui of Your Boundary Wall

Walls around the home are a means to demarcate your property. Your boundary wall helps keep intruders from coming into your space and cosmically establishes the TAI CHI of your residence. Walls bring good feng shui when built according to the basics of feng shui. Balance and proportion play a big role in getting your WALLS right. Here are some important things to remember when creating your boundary wall.


The wall surrounding your residence should be in balance with the levels of your home, and in an average two-storey home, the wall should not be higher than the first level of the home. A good height is for the wall to be a little higher than the height of the tallest person living in the home. It should never be higher than the height of the house itself, as this has the effect of making the wall more important than the house. Overly high walls do NOT keep intruders out; instead, they bring obstacles and blockages to the luck of the home.


Be careful of plants that grow on your wall. They will creep over your entire wall before you know it, and eventually the plant takes over the entire wall. These insidiously creeping plants cause disturbances to the emotional and physical health of residents. The effect is similar to being overtaken by the hostility star of 3, causing residents to be constantly quarrelling over unimportant matters. Verbal confrontations between family members become a constant battle. It is worse when the plants take over just half the wall, as this will cause residents to become embroiled in various kinds of legal disputes. According to some feng shui masters, this can also lead to depression or even suicide.



It is even worse when the boundary surrounding the home gets covered in ugly looking green/black moss caused by damp walls that are exposed to sunlight. This attracts cosmic negativity brought by wandering spirits. Illness of the addiction kind and other bad things can befall the residents, and sons of the family will be at risk when the affected wall is in the East or Southeast of the property. To prevent this happening, it is vital to use good exterior wall paint, the kind that protects against ugly stains caused by moss. This kind of paint may be more expensive BUT will save you from a host of problems that can sap not only your bank account but also your energy levels.


There should be space of at least nine feet (which is about three strides) between the boundary wall and the entrance door of the home. Double this distance creates a larger and more spacious bright hall and hence is more auspicious. Homes that do not have this bright hall in front of the main door have no cosmic space for the good chi to settle; good fortune then flies away and dissipates. Houses that suffer from this feng shui flaw are sure to suffer from cash flow problems.


It is really bad feng shui to place barbed wire above the wall, as this creates the effect of a prison. It is not only ugly and an eyesore; barbed wire also causes truly bad feng shui to materialize. This results in your luck getting hemmed in, and residents will not be able to experience personal growth. Stagnation sets in, as staying in a home with barbed wire fencing all round is sure to lead to severe obstructions to the good fortune and business luck of residents within. There can be no financial stability in such a house, and the family within gets poorer by the day. There are better ways of keeping burglars out.


Never let the surrounding wall be so high and formidable that it looks like a fortress that has swallowed up the house within. This happens when the foundation of the house is lower than that of the surrounding walls. The house should be at least on the same level as the wall. The house and wall should ideally start at the same level. When the wall starts from higher ground, it becomes lethal from a feng shui perspective, as if the house is drowning within its boundary. If you live in a house like this, it will be the cause of your constant failure in anything you undertake. It is important then to either expand the house upwards, or lower the walls around the house.


When the houses in your neighborhood sit on land that is level and the house opposite yours is on the same level as your house, then the wall of your neighbour’s house directly opposite should not be higher than yours. When the walls of two houses face each other, the family with the lower wall will always be at a disadvantage. When the house opposite has a brick wall and your house has only chain-link fencing, you will also be at a disadvantage.

When the opposite house is on land that is higher than your house, it can represent a mountain. This kind of phenomenon can either represent a big obstacle for you OR it can be very auspicious if the mountain star 8 of your house based on Flying Star formula is at the front facing palace. In this case, the house opposite will bring excellent networking relationship luck and exceptional good health to the residents. Note that if the roofline of the opposite house has triangle-shaped eaves pointed directly at your house, these are secret poison arrows pointed at you, in which case you must build a wall higher than the neighbor’s house to symbolically shield your house against the poison arrows.



When your frontage is wide, by building a wall to put focus on it is extremely beneficial. And if the width is the same width as the back i.e. the shape of the property is a rectangle, the fortunes of the residents are very well balanced. When your frontage is wider at the front and narrower at the back, it means that there is plenty of good fortune coming in, so much that it overflows. When your frontage is narrower than the back of the house, it means the house residents tend to be stingy and unwilling to spend money. Some feng shui masters reveal that when the wall in front is narrow and the back wall is wider, the residents of the home are wealthier than they appear to others.


The two sides of the main gate attached to the walls around the house should be the same level and must look symmetrical. One side should not be higher than the other side. When the gate and its two sides are not level, the owner of the residence gets afflicted by a shortened lifespan hence could suffer a premature death. There is therefore likelihood of sorrow in the house. This situation also causes problems in the relationship between husband and wife. It is thus very important that the two sides of the main gate must be the same size. When the left side is larger, it can cause the husband to leave the wife for another woman. When the right side is larger, the owner will have his life shortened.


Too many people place several windows on their boundary walls, and in feng shui, this practice can lead to loss of goodwill between oneself and one’s neighbours. Lots of windows, however small, will cause many disputes, often leading to legal proceedings. Windows on your walls are extremely inauspicious. Since the main purpose of surrounding walls is to provide protection and privacy, putting windows on them defeats its purpose and will simply encourage potential burglars to break into your home. The only exception to this feng shui taboo is when there is a road coming directly at your wall. In this situation, placing a window to “face” the oncoming road is excellent as it will dissipate and transform the bad chi into good energy for the home. You can also create Pa Kua shaped grills to confront the oncoming road.


If your house is a square-shaped building, surrounding walls that are rounded are extremely auspicious as this maintains a sense of balance and resonates with the symbolism of a circle surrounding the square – heaven protecting the earth – reflecting auspicious feng shui philosophy. This kind of physical shape has the power to counteract whatever evil may be aimed at your residence.


It is extremely important to place a pair of guardians on each side of the gate, with the female sitting on the left side and the male sitting on the right side with both guardians looking out. These celestial guardians can be Fu Dogs which should be sitting on the ground; they can be Pi Yaos and these can be placed above the gate posts; or they can be Chi Lins, which are also ideally placed on the ground flanking the gate. The idea is to place a pair of guardians from the animal realm of the celestial universe, and they can also be a pair of Elephants with the trunk up, a pair of Camels or even Tigers. My gates are all guarded by colourful Pi Yaos and I like them because these are not fierce creatures. I also love the look of them. But the entrance into my home is guarded by a spiritually empowered pair of golden phoenixes and they are large. Beside them I also place a pair of Fu Dogs. Inside my house, I have a pair of benign elephants carved out of solid nephrite jade. All my guardians were gifts given to me by my friends and students!

When your home is guarded by celestial creatures, you can sleep soundly and there is then no need to worry.