The 24 Mountains Stars of 2022

In addition to the year’s Flying Stars, it is important to also take note of the 24 Mountains Stars landing in the different sectors of your home. Each year brings a different sequence of stars which affect the occupants of the home to varying degrees.

If you want to optimize the energies surrounding you, the first thing to do is to keep track of their annual locations. Then, place suitable enhancers where auspicious stars rule to concentrate and boost your good fortune luck. Remember to also stay protected against the ill effects emanating from inauspicious stars by engaging the help of powerful cures and you should be well on your way to a smoother and luckier 2022!



Begin by considering where the Big and Small Auspicious Stars have landed. These very lucky stars bring abundance, good news, prosperity and success..and the more of them you activate, the more good fortune luck you can actualize for yourself.

Big Auspicious luck often manifests in the form of grand windfalls. From lottery wins to big promotions, the benefits are obvious, at times even life-changing. The effects of Small Auspicious, on the other hand, are more subtle but just as meaningful. Tapping into its fabulous energies invites the kind of victories that prove you are on the right track and motivate you to keep on pushing forward.

In 2022, we are fortunate to enjoy 9 such stars and they are scattered all around the compass wheel in the locations NE2, E1, E3, SE1, SE2, SW1, SW2, W1 and W3.

Seeing as there are so many, it would be a waste to simply let them pass you by. Display the Big Auspicious Mirror or Activating Prosperity Tree in these subsectors to capture their lucky vibrations and enhance your success luck. You should also carry the Big Auspicious Amulet whenever attending important interviews, meetings or negotiations to boost your chances at a favourable outcome.


When you have the heavens looking out for you, there is much you can accomplish and this year, the 24 Mountains ushers in not one, but two Golden Deity Stars. These take position in East 2 and Northwest 1 respectively, showering residents of the home with heavenly protection, enhanced wealth and robust health. Celestial luck also keeps you out of harm’s way and ensures you are never short of helpful mentors and benefactors. Activate with the Kuan Yin Plaque or Amitabha Gau.


Another celestial star sending out great heavenly energies is the Heaven Seal Star. In 2022, it makes itself comfortable in Southeast 3, benefiting the Snake, as well as those living in Southeast facing homes and Southeast bedrooms. If you are looking to boost your mentor and Gui Ren luck, energize this wonderful star with the Teapot Completion Horse.


Northeast 3 plays host to the Tai Sui of the year. Keep him firmly on your side by displaying the Tai Sui 2022 Plaque in this subsector and carrying the Tai Sui Amulet wherever you go to bolster his support. As you must never anger the Tai Sui, check that seating arrangements in the dining and living areas do not face Northeast and avoid undertaking any renovations, knocking or drilling here this year.



The Star brings danger of natural calamities often categorized as “acts of God” like floods, fires and earthquakes. These cause big scale material destruction, physical injuries and emotional distress so it is extremely vital that this star’s vicious energies are properly subdued. In 2022, it flies into North 2. Display the White Umbrella Goddess with her 100 protective parasols in this subsector to remedy.


Northeast 1 plays host to the Yearly Killings, a star bringing strong yin energies which weaken your inner chi and create conflicts in your relationships. To bring the energies back into balance, we recommend displaying the Yang Energy Enhancer here.


The Yin House Star is another star that saps yang energy. It brings about a lack of motivation, puts a spotlight on negative emotions and can cause residents to fall into a state of depression. This lights switched on in these locations to elevate the yang energy. If this is your front door or bedroom, make sure you also have Yang Energy Enhancers placed in these sectors to keep the energy continuously revitalized.


The Three Killings takes position in the North. It threatens three types of misfortune – loss of wealth, loss of a loved one and loss of reputation and cannot be taken lightly. Display the Three Celestial Guardians Protection Shield in the North to keep the 3 Killings under control. If your home faces North or your bedroom is located North, you should also carry the portable version whenever you leave home. Note that you must never have the Three Killings coming at you from behind so make it a point not to sit facing South this year.


The Sui Po star sits directly opposite the Tai Sui on the 24 Mountains compass and in 2022, this location is Southwest 3. To calm the energies and to avoid incurring the wrath of the Tai Sui, place the Tai Sui 2022 Plaque here. You can also display the Dragon Pi Xie, a well known favourite of his and an excellent wealth enhancer, to keep him appeased.


The Yi Duo star is a magnification star, much like the Completion Star #9. Combined with auspicious stars, it brings extremely good fortune but in the presence of unlucky stars, it worsens their afflictions even more. As such, always be mindful of the stars in its vicinity and be extra vigilant during the months in which bad monthly stars fly in.

In 2022, the Yi Duo star makes its way to West 2, which also plays host to the annual #7 Loss Star. While everyone should ensure the afflictive energies of this sector are kept under control, residents of West facing homes, West sector bedrooms and those born in Rooster years are most at risk. Deflect this star’s harmful projections by displaying the Armored Rhino and Elephant and carrying the portable version when out and about.


The Robbery Star lands in Northwest 3, bringing loss of wealth and assets by attracting snatch thieves, robbers and scammers. Those of you with Northwest facing homes and Northwest sector bedrooms must enhance security measures and take extra precautions when going away for holidays or long trips. To keep your money and belongings safe, subdue it with the Anti-Robbery Plaque placed in NW3.