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Tango Dancing and Flying Windhorse Flags UNDER the STARS with FENG SHUI!!

At least twice a year we meet the most kind, talented and beautiful people who fly in from all parts of the world to learn feng shui from LILLIAN TOO! Our May MPC intake of students hail from 18 countries including the Philippines, Mexico, Singapore, Tunisia, Romania, Mongolia, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Japan, Qatar, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, France, Hong Kong and of course, our very own country Malaysia!

Group Photo of MPC May 2013
have already experienced first-hand the benefits of applying feng shui just by reading Lillian’s feng shui books very early in their lives! In this class, almost all of them made the decision to come here in person to meet their mentor Lillian Too, and to go deeper into feng shui.

“I thought I had read everything from her books already, but what’s covered in this course is so much more comprehensive!” says Vasantha, our Malaysian student who is the Head of the Legal faculty here at Help University. Vasantha and her teammates Carla Chan (Philippines), and Ans Chang (Singapore) did so well that their team took home FIRST PRIZE for the case study competition that is designed as part of the Course for Lillian to gauge the level of understanding grasped by the students. Usually, the discussion process prior to their writing up their recommendations for a live feng shui consultation helps them enormously to crystallise what they have learnt. For the case competition, participants usually work in groups of 3 or 4.

Lillian Too’s MPC class is unlike any other course in the world! Every time a class ends, students ask “when and what is the next course”. They want to come back for more and many usually do!

Sending our wishes to the Sky Dragons
This is because a big part of the focus is given to practical applications on the use of feng shui learnt in the classroom. Participants go to actual sites – to apartments, link houses and bungalows - because we believe that the quickest way to move up the learning curve is to experience first-hand what it is like to hold a Lou Pan, what to look out for when taking directions of a house or building, how to assess which side is the facing direction of different types of buildings, and also to understand the nuances of using the compass formulas!

Practical application can only be taught face-to-face in a classroom environment as well as on-site – and this is what sets the MPC course with Lillian Too in Malaysia apart from many of the online courses available out there.

At the MPC, we teach our students how to demarcate their living spaces using the principles of Big Tai Chi and Small Tai Chi, giving them the flexibility as well as the confidence to tackle almost any living space possible! The reality is that many living spaces in today’s modern environment do not conform to regular clear-cut spaces, and so trying to apply the Grid formula according to the Lo Shu Grid can be quite daunting! That is why the first day of class is dedicated to clarifying the basic fundamentals of feng shui. Once this is well understood, students hold the key to applying the formulas correctly regardless of the type of space they are dealing with, or of the formulas they are using.

Some of the formulas that Lillian Too teaches during the course are unique to the class – they are not taught in any of her books simply because they cannot be effectively translated into instructions in written form! For example, the highly potent 120 Bags of Gold formula can help one fine-tune one’s facing directions to 3 degrees – this is so simple to apply, but finding the exact spot of your Bag of Gold requires the Luo Pan!

“This formula so complex and yet so easy to use when you have the Lo Pan! I can see why you would only teach this in class!” says our very radiant Mexican student Ana Ximena Romero, who joined the class with her mother Maria Rosario! In her younger years, Maria was a very famous actress in Mexico, having once been married to one of Mexico’s most famous movie directors! She was absolutely delightful mixing so freely with the class, they all adored her!

When students are physically here, they benefit from Lillian’s direct instructions and daily coaching from our very seasoned teaching assistants Stanley Ng and Honey Lim, both of whom have learnt feng shui from Lillian for well over 15 years! It is not just Stanley and Honey – but any of our permanent staff here at World of Feng Shui who have worked here for more than three years are skilled in the practice of feng shui - you can ask any of them in our office for assistance and they can give you direct answers to your questions!

“I didn’t realise that there was a difference between location vs direction – it explains why my office feng shui isn’t right and my business hasn’t been the same since we moved into my new office!” says Benjeemen Heng, a well-known interior designer based in Singapore. This is one of the common areas of confusion for our students, but once they learn it here from Lillian directly, everything becomes crystal clear! Another interior designer in our class – Pamela Cardinale - from Indonesia also commented how easy feng shui has now become and she’ll be putting everything she learnt to good use when she returns to Indonesia!

Phillip Lim (Lillian’s brother, a.k.a. Uncle Lim) is our resident Paht Chee expert – he is so generous with his time and knowledge that students get a bonus learning the rudiments of Paht Chee just talking to him! And Han Jin, who is Lillian’s nephew, is also an expert in feng shui and students were given the opportunity to observe the many feng shui features of his terrace house first hand when they made a site visit to his home!

Some of the formulas that Lillian Too teaches during the course are unique to the class – they are not taught in any of her books simply because they cannot be effectively translated into instructions in written form! For example, the highly potent 120 Bags of Gold formula can help fine-tune one’s facing directions to 3 degrees – this is so simple to apply, but finding the exact spot of your Bag of Gold requires the Luo Pan!

There is also something to be said about taking teachings on feng shui directly from a Guru, where the nuances of a practice are transmitted to you orally. This is a time-honoured tradition practiced by all Masters of high practice around the world, where the secrets to a powerful practice are always given from Guru to student in a face-to-face environment. The blessings from the Guru when instructions are transmitted in this way are vastly magnified – it opens up the mind in ways you cannot imagine! Something very precious and vital for those aspiring to become successful feng shui consultants!

There is simply no substitute for this if one’s goal is to become really skilled in this art of placement. Many students felt this intangible quality, but were at a loss as to how to exactly describe it.

“I want to thank Lillian so much for all the teachings and guidance she gave us! This was such a memorable time, I’m so glad I came!” says Bolorma Gurjav from Mongolia. “Borgie” as she likes to be called, came together with her friend Khanda Gombosuren – they both work at the World Bank branch in Mongolia. Borgie gave Lillian an amazing gift of the Mongolian interpretation of the Wind Horse and the precious Elephant, which was a big success with Lillian, and hanging proudly in her home right now. Lillian said this was such an auspicious gift and thanked her profusely.

Another big plus to being here in Malaysia is meeting so many wonderful people who click with you instantly! “The spirit of the class and the huge diversity of all disciplines and all walks of life, yet a feeling of understanding of each other that brings a unity to the class. The power of the will to learn” is Hadi Sudtedja’s favourite aspect of his time here. Hadi, an Indonesian dentist who now lives in Denmark, had joined MPC many years ago before, but has come back to refresh his memory on the subject and says “I learnt so much more the second time!” This was also the second visit for our students Winnie Hon (Hong Kong) and Lynne Conder (Australia) who have studied Spiritual Feng Shui with Lillian and decided to come back for her feng shui class!

“It’s quite amazing – we had so many signs that told us how auspicious it was to come here!” says Dr Mark Westaway, a practising MD and Osteopath from Australia, who came here with his mother Wendy Westaway! Just days before the MPC started, he and his mother encountered a monk who gave him a blessing thread and then “vanished”… and when he came to class, he saw images of Lamas wearing the same monk’s robes that gave him the blessing thread just days ago! Mark Westaway and Kirsten Diesler struck up an instant bond, both practitioners in holistic medicine! Kirsten is a practising Acupuncturist, she and her husband Neil Hands (an Osteopath in Damansara KL) now live here in Malaysia!

“Meeting new people from so far away who speak the same language as me is so amazing!” says Awatef Chaabane, our lady from Tunisia, who speaks fluent French and Arabic! She made instant friends with Stephanie (France), Noor Kermeed (Qatar) and Rayyan Abdullah(Saudi Arabia) and they shared with us auspicious practices from own traditions! For example they mentioned the beautiful scriptures in the Quran that are hung above doors for blessings!
The highlight of the course has to be the unforgettable Graduation Party held at the end of six days – when we drink, dance and savour truly delicious Malaysian food! This class had some of the most talented singers and dancers! We were entertained by the vocal prowess of Nenita Ogawa (our Fillipino student who owns a night club in Japan) and our model-like beauty Stephanie Zavattin (originally from France, but her ancestry includes Croatia and Serbia). Beatrice Balteanu our Romanian feng shui expert and her boyfriend put on a steamy hot Tango Dance completely improvised on the spot! The whole week was magical not just for the students but for every one of us at WOFS too. The end of the night was celebrated with releasing wish-fulfilling Windhorse flags into the clear night sky!

Beatrice Balteanu entertaining us with the Tango!

Want to attend MPC?

Lillian Too’s next class will be held on 23-28 September!
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