Ringing in the Year of the Dragon at WOFS!

For the Chinese, the first 15 days of the Lunar New Year is when all businesses and families set the tone for the coming year. It is a time when happiness and prosperity rituals create great good fortune luck for the next twelve months, and since this year also marks the start of Period 9, we made sure to go all out!


We picked an auspicious date to start work in the new year and on the 13th day, we brought in the lions, rolled in the oranges, or “kum” which in Chinese sounds like “gold”, together with golden ingots and coins, and all the good fortune rituals to attract plenty of prosperity. Because 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, we had a magnificent Dragon as well!


Our WOFS HQ at Northpoint and our flagship store on the top floor of Center Court, Mid Valley, welcomed 5 Happiness Lions bringing ingots, “gold” and lots of prosperity chi. They were accompanied by the God of Wealth (Choy San) and God of Happiness (Hei San), who entertained and hyped everyone up to the beat of loud drums and clashing cymbals, all the while spreading blessings of big wealth and good cheer. A very “laujuak” affair, or great fun in Hokkien, to set the tone for the year ahead!

The lions visited every corner of the premises, refreshing the energies and injecting heavenly chi into each altar. Lion Dances MUST feature lions that are energetic; they must be full of life and manifest happiness vibrations to signify plenty of healthy energy, which is why choosing your lion dance troupe is vital to ensuring you attract great good fortune.


The lions also performed the “Rolling in of Gold” ritual where oranges, ingots and gold coins were picked up by the lions and tossed in through the main door of our office and store. These potent symbols of wealth were rolled in as far as possible to ensure deep and lasting wealth.


An equally lively Dragon chasing a pearl, as well as a baby Dragon, joined the lions at our store for a spectacular dance, bringing growth and a big dose of pure yang energy to ensure the business will have plenty of creative ideas and opportunities moving forward. Friends and customers came to share our joy and happiness, and partake in the animated drumming and dancing, as well as take home with them the abundant “Kum” (oranges), and golden ingots and coins that were rolled in. All this is part of Chinese New Year tradition – the sharing of good fortune is a must for new prosperity luck to manifest!



To complete the dances, we were treated to the “Heng Ong Huat” ritual at our HQ and the “Golden Dragon” Ritual at our flagship store.

The “Heng Ong Huat” Ritual brings good luck, wealth and prosperity. This features the Chinese character “Heng” made of 88 gold coins and ingots meaning “to prosper”, a pineapple to symbolize welcoming wealth, a “fattkou” to symbolize ever growing prosperity, and 12 mandarin oranges (“Kum” or gold) to represent the 12 Zodiac animals.

At our flagship store, the “Golden Dragon” Ritual was performed to welcome in the heavenly Dragon. 36 mandarin oranges (“Kum”) made up the Dragon’s body, the number representing heaven (Thian), while its feet and tail were depicted using lettuce or “Pak Choy” to represent 100 blessings of good fortune.


A major highlight of the event was when everyone was invited to pass through the Dragon Gate, a powerful symbol of achieving personal growth and success, as well as “triple the wealth” so you can bet we passed through as many times as we could!

We go to great lengths to observe all the traditions and rituals to ensure we continue to enjoy good fortune vibrations so our customers and clients can benefit from all the symbols of good fortune we bring their way. Here’s wishing all our friends and followers a wonderful year with much success, wealth, health and happiness!


  1. Do NOT face North and do not have your back to the South. This makes you vulnerable to the Three Killingsvery dangerous.
  2. Keep the SE quiet this year, or you risk offending the Tai Sui.
  3. Suppress the Five Yellow in the West with the White Umbrella Goddess Pagoda – SO important to do this!
  4. Remedy the Quarrelsome Star in the Center of your home and office with the 3 Harmony Animals to prevent infighting.
  5. Remember that this year, REDS, BLUES AND BLACKS ATTRACT WEALTH. So when you feel you need a little windfall, wear these colors!