Receiving the Mandate Seal of Heaven and Earth

Updated Feb 2018

Imperial Courts throughout the ages have always used Seals of Authority to empower their officials and magistrates with sufficient mandate to carry out the Monarch’s commands and wishes. Those who were privileged enough to receive such high-ranking Seals yielded tremendous power and influence in Court as well in all affairs of the law! Thus the Seal has become a strong symbol of power, influence and good fortune and throughout history many Seals have been created in the name of Kings, Queens, and Generals. In the Chinese tradition, Seals have also been created in the name of powerful sages and deities. In Taoist feng shui the use of Seals brings a unique cosmic dimension in empowering one with the influence and mandate to accomplish activities and avert harm in one’s life.

Under the cosmic tradition, each year the God of HEAVEN and the God of EARTH bestow two highly prized Seals to two very lucky animal signs for a whole year. The GOD of Heaven offers the Seal of HEAVEN, authorising the lucky animal who possesses his seal to receive favours from divine cosmic astrological world systems – for example – the alignments of planets, the moon and the sun. It means that when one needs to avert financial or physical misfortune brought by inauspicious planetary and sun/moon locations throughout the year, help from the cosmos is dispatched immediately especially if the call for help comes the form of prayer. In 2018 the lucky animal who possesses this seal is the SNAKE… but anyone can harness its power if one owns such a seal. Having the SEAL of HEAVEN is like getting the “WildCard”! Whenever you need help in anything, someone or something will come to your rescue. So for example, if you are involved in projects at work that have suddenly gone pear shaped or you find yourself clashing with a colleague or someone who works for you, you can yield the power of the HEAVEN SEAL to help ease these obstacles!


The GOD of EARTH bestows the EARTH SEAL, and one who possesses this Seal is said to have influence over the cosmic forces that govern the land, especially in matters related to the eight compass directions and the FIVE elements. Hence problems that arise due ill winds coming from the eight directions, or due to disharmony of the five elements can be overcome by invoking the seal. In 2018, the lucky animal sign who is given the seal of the EARTH is the TIGER! However those who are not blessed with the star of the Earth Seal, you can equally benefit from the power it brings by carrying the Earth Seal in your pocket, and displaying it in your office.

Hence having the EARTH and HEAVEN seal are vital for those who wish to yield more influence over the conditions of the workplace. If you are in a supervisory role, your success is always dependant on being able to accomplish activities through others. Invite both the HEAVEN SEAL and the EARTH SEAL into your work life to bring the powers of the cosmic HEAVEN and EARTH forces on your side. Place them on your desk and carry the Heaven and Earth talisman with you always. For the home you may place the Earth Seal in the palace of the MONKEY in the Northeast, and the Heaven Seal in the palace of the Snake in the Southeast.