Prosperity Programming: 22 Ways to Think, Act & Live (Part 3)


Buy as big a house as you can afford, in the best location and surrounded with beautiful things! Abundance is as much about physical things as it is about your state of mind. Do not deride the goodies of our physical world or the trimmings of wealth, or look on them as mutually exclusive to the spiritual wellbeing and inner happiness that we also want. Have both! Accept these two dimensions of your existence. It is easier to be spiritual when you live in a state of abundance. There is much to be said about the 5 star road to enlightenment! Do not believe those who tell you that money is the root of all evil. It is what you do to make that money, or what you do with money once you have it, that has the potential to be evil. Money is neutral. YOU decide how you want to make your money and how you want to use your money! Here are some thoughts on living rich…

1LIVE WELL – No matter how small your home space, make an effort to design it to embrace you, so you live as well as you can. Let your space comfort you, inspire you, rouse you to make it in whatever field of work you are engaged in. As you grow richer, trade up. Let your lifestyle keep improving.

2LIVE STYLISH – Be as flamboyant as you wish. Prosperity programming means liberating yourself from the shackles of other people’s ideas of what stylish means. Borrow the creativity of today’s mega designers and recreate their looks. There is no need to please anyone but yourself, and in the matter of being stylish, the rule is that whatever makes you feel good is good for you.

Style is a personal thing. It is a statement of what and who you are. Develop your own sense of style. But make it feel as abundant as you can. Part of having wealth is the freedom it gives you to be yourself!

3THINK DECISIVE – It is so easy to be overwhelmed by the way the rich indulge themselves. In addition to the mansions, the country estates, the New York apartment blocks, the Ferraris and Porsches, private planes and super yachts they also have private zoos, gyms, supermarkets, movie theatres and now I hear the latest in thing is to have their own private towns where all who work for them live amidst the hidden mountains or in private islands in the middle of nowhere! Funny thing about the supreme aspirations of us humans; we either love the sea very much or love the mountains! Me I am definitely a mountain person. My dream is to live in a Shangrila-like villa hidden deep in the Himalayas!

What I am advocating however, is a lot more down-to-earth. We too can live indulgently without making all these grand gestures. So yes, give in to your private urges. Indulge in living your dreams. Build your dream space, drive your dream car and dine your dream meals. Do whatever makes you happy. Indulge your passion and watch your wealth grow! It is indulgence, the drive behind the manifestation of all your dreams, that is such excellent prosperity programming. In other words, indulge all your most innermost desires. This is what brings forth the passion that will fuel all your success!


4LIVE WITH ABUNDANCE – No need to be stingy with yourself or others. It is excellent to have an abundant spread of food on your table, more than you can eat! Order more than enough when you dine out or when you celebrate. When you take a picture to place on your favourite social networking site, show a well stacked table! Living with abundance means always having more than enough. Buy more than you need of food, bags, shoes, books and magical feng shui enhancers in your life! Make sure your refrigerator is always stocked with goodies and your rice pot always full. Create an air of abundance around yourself.

5LIVE WITH GOOD FENG SHUI – This ensures that your prosperity will continue. When you ensure that your space and time feng shui are addressed each new year, you will survive recessions and natural disasters, changes of government or transitions in your personal life. You will actually thrive as the years progress. Let all the symbolic cures placed inside your home each new year subdue the cosmic afflictions that bring reversals of fortune. Getting your feng shui right is powerful stuff; it is a necessary dimension of prosperity programming.

6LIVE HARMONIOUSLY – Share your space with the local spirit beings who reside alongside you in different realms. These are beings trapped in the in-between world from lifetime to lifetime. They cause mischief when they are unhappy, bringing illness and bad luck, so they must be appeased. Offer them aromatic incense. Hungry ghosts cannot partake of food the way we can, but they can smell, hence offering incense usually keeps them happy. The next time you get cheated, or have your house burgled, or have your peaceful life threatened, try offering incense to your local spirit protectors.

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