Prosperity Programming: 22 Ways to Think, Act & Live (Part 2)


Programming for prosperity must incorporate never sweating the small stuff. Acting rich means never being petty, always being big-hearted, having good thoughts about other people, their wonderful life, their happiness and their brand of success. The act of rejoicing is an integral part of prosperity programming. This gets you inspired rather than being motivated by envy or jealousy. Acting rich is subtle, but it is potent in encouraging you to think the next step. It gives meaning to your thoughts, so…

1ACT HIGH-MINDED – Don’t sweat the small stuff. Overlook the petty things that go wrong and let the air around you dissolve them into nothingness. These are small obstacles. The rich never quibble over the small stuff. They reserve their energy for the real challenges.

2ACT UPRIGHT – Don’t cheat your way through life; this is a golden rule. Dishonesty is neither clever nor long-lasting. It brings flash in the pan type of success. Stay honest and ethical in your interactions with people and build credibility and respect. When people trust you, it is worth more than anything in the world. Let integrity be one of your bywords for success. Let your word be your bond.

3ACT MAGNANIMOUS – Don’t quibble over small change. Have a sense of humour. Let others win the small battles and even some big ones. When you quibble over small things, you will build mountains out of molehills. So walk away from inconsequential controversies. Be magnanimous with your money, your responses and your attitude to others. This opens your life for the Universe to reciprocate.

4ACT GENEROUS – Think kindly of others. Rejoice when others succeed. Be warm when you extend congratulations and be happy when sharing the joyousness of others. Generosity of spirit brings good friends; it creates a big heart that enhances your own accomplishments and triumphant moments. Being prosperous is only fun when you have lots of good friends, and you can keep your friends only when you are spontaneously and spiritually generous.

5ACT THE PERFECTIONIST – Get rid of broken stuff. Never drink from a chipped cup or eat from a chipped plate. Repair your cracked floors and put new paint on tired walls. Make it a habit not to accept shoddy workmanship. In search of perfection should be your credo in life. It is one of the secrets of success.


6ACT RELIABLE – Be dependable. When you are unfailing in the way you stick to your principles, and consistent in the stands you take in life, you will exude a comforting energy that allows others to rely on you. People who are steadfast in their thoughts, words and deeds rarely fail in what they set out to achieve. They radiate the dependable glow of reassurance that attracts power and influence, two vital components of the prosperity scenario.

7ACT WORTHY – Don’t make a big deal about wastage. If you feel like leaving food on your plate because you are full, do so without feeling guilty. Shop for all the clothes, bags and shoes you want, if you can afford such indulgence. Spoil yourself. You must always feel worthy about everything you do. Treat yourself like a Goddess or a King and others will too, and the money will keep flowing in! Abundance is as much a state of mind as it is materialized, beautiful things! Feeling worthy is a vital dimension of prosperity programming!

8ACT CLASSY – This is not about being trendy or fashionable. Class emanates from good taste, which shows up in the way you speak, behave and respond to others. There are no hard and fast rules. The lady has class when she inspires respect, arouses love and stirs the imagination of others. Being classy means making the most of what you are and have – your intellect, your looks, your possessions and your wisdom – to bring joy and happiness to others. Being classy is one of the most effective ways of programming oneself for prosperity.

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