Prosperity Programming: 22 Ways to Think, Act & Live (Part 1)


Yes you know it! Everything starts with the mind. Think rich to get started on the road to success and prosperity. It is part of the mental programming that many successful and wealthy people do spontaneously. It is a way of subconsciously programming the mind by training oneself to think positive thoughts that get the adrenaline inside you flowing. It energizes you into taking action so that you never have time to have doubts about yourself, worry unnecessarily or become fearful. Here are eight easy ways to think in ways that get you taking the path that leads to growth and abundance.

1THINK POSITIVE – This means being serious about what you do, and generating the kind of enthusiasm that strengthens your actions with determination. It means never getting discouraged. Fear dissipates in the face of a positive mindset. This lets you stay resolute when faced with challenges. And when things go out of sync, you direct the mind to find a solution. You change direction or take a new approach, or shut down and start all over again. But whatever negative feelings arise should be instantly countered. The mind develops the habit of rejecting negativity of any kind.

2THINK AMBITIOUS – Generate a curiosity and be persistent in your quest for success. This brings new skills and knowledge your way. Be curious. Shake off feelings of apathy. This counters prosperity programming. Disinterest and lack of enthusiasm can spell the beginning of decline. The guy who gets ahead is engaged, enthusiastic in his climb up the ladder of success. The woman who makes it to the top is almost always pushy, charmingly so, but leaning in all the way like Sheryl Sandberg, the current queen of the Facebook social networking empire. She has written a whole book on this. Read it. It’s called Lean In!

3THINK DECISIVE – Train yourself to stay focused. Think things through and meditate strongly on what you want, how you wish to spend your life, what you want to do with it and what kinds of attainments you want. Bear in mind that circumstances change and you may make new decisions as time transforms your scenarios with fresh opportunities. But do make commitments and be single-minded in the pursuit of your goal. Let there be room in your mind for new ideas and changes of direction, but be clear about your ultimate goals.

4THINK COOL – Do not let apprehensions and a nervous state of mind floor you or cloud your judgement. Without a cool head, it is hard to concentrate. Your thinking will waver. When the monkey mind takes over, you cannot stay directed in your thinking. Take deep breaths to physically relax. Think happy thoughts. Be gentle with yourself. Use whatever aids to generate the feeling of calm. When you are cool, prosperity programming takes on great potency.

5THINK BIG – Allow yourself to view every new event in your life within a wider perspective. My Harvard Professor told us to take the helicopter approach to think through issues. Indeed, seeing things from several feet above helps the mind to think within larger perceptions; your outlook becomes larger. Never let minor obstacles make you lose sight of the big picture.


6THINK OPTIONS – Generate alternatives in your head. This is strategic thinking. Make it a habit to automatically think solutions, think “what to do and how to get past this problem” each time some crisis develops. This is an action-oriented way of thinking. It is more effective than the run-of-the-mill kind of thinking, which focuses on whom to blame and what went wrong each time you encounter a problem. It generates a cool far superior to anger each time something goes wrong. This is prosperity programming at its best!

7THINK RESULTS – Never lose sight of your ultimate goal! Being results-oriented should become an automatic way of thinking. See the beginning and end of everything you do! When you can visualize the ultimate scenario, you will not get easily distracted. This fuels your actions with a sense of purpose. It gets your adrenaline flowing and is quite awesome!

8THINK JOYOUS – The sheer magic of thinking joyous thoughts gives potency to everything you do. Rejoicing is the best way to congratulate yourself prematurely, and rejoicing at the success of others lets you participate in their high. It can be an epic experience entering into other people’s mandala simply by rejoicing with them when their lives bring them cause to celebrate. Prosperity comes to those who know how to appreciate its manifestation for others.

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