Powerful “Eye From The Sky” That Is Mid Valley City

Photo by Lim Han Jin

This aerial view of Mid Valley City shows the symbolism of the “EYE” clearly evident. Those who have come to Kuala Lumpur for any of LILLIAN TOO’s Feng Shui or Paht Chee Courses will remember how vibrant and incredibly auspicious these cluster of buildings that make up the city is. There are hundreds and shops here, all of which are doing very well indeed. In fact, this is generally considered to be the most auspicious mall to have a shop and nosy around at!

The symbolism of the EYE is incredibly powerful.

This is a symbol that dispels all negative energies. The powerful energy of the EYE is continually “activated” and magnified by the never-ending circumambulation round the City caused by moving traffic all going in an anti-clockwise direction. This brings powerful new cosmic energies in a neverending cycle.

Clockwise from left: World of Feng Shui FLAGSHIP store, WOFS Head Office and Gardens Hotel.

We have pinpointed our WOFS Head Office, and also the Gardens Hotel where many participants to our Courses reside when they come for a week, and also the shopping complex where our enormous World of Feng Shui FLAGSHIP store is located.

If you have never visited Malaysia, come and see for yourself what a vibrant place we are. It is summer all year round, and almost everyone speaks English fluently. When you attend one of our COURSES, we will make sure you have a terrific stay with us!