Paht Chee Forecast for 2022 – Year of the Water Tiger


The Paht Chee chart for 2022 is unbalanced. Firstly, all the elements in the chart are Yang, which indicates a highly energetic year when many industries will open up as everyone grows tired of the pandemic. The basket of elements are also not in good balance, as Metal is completely missing from the chart. Fire is also missing from the main chart but appears as a hidden combination.

The unbalanced chart and the preponderance of Yang indicate a tumultuous year, where many things we have been used to start to transform and we begin adopting new ways of doing business. Some industries will die off, while new ones will spawn. Already happening, 5G communication and working from home are fast becoming the new way of life, and these new routines are likely to continue.

It is thus possible to see a positive angle to this imbalance. It is likely to cause change, and when things are not working, change can be the best thing. Active change suggests new innovation and new opportunities. But because there is no Metal, and Metal in the year’s chart indicates creativity and innovation, it is necessary to replenish the missing Metal in one’s life – wear metal jewellery, make use of the colour white, invite in symbols of inspiration into the home. An excellent activator for this is the New Victory Banner and the Mighty Phoenix New Luck Amulet.

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The all-Yang pillars also indicates a particular impulsiveness to the year, and this can sometimes lead to bad decisions made on the spur of the moment. It is best thus to take pause before making your move. Be thoughtful about your actions. Be proactive rather than reactive. When unsure of something, check your facts before reacting or retaliating. To help you make clever decisions, and to get your timing right on your actions and responses, there is nothing better than harnessing the power of the Lunar Mansions. Place the Lunar Mansions Harmonizing Plaque on your work desk, and carry a Lunar Mansions Harmonizing Amulet.


Fire in 2022 symbolises resource luck, hence it is the element that is needed to get things done. But there is a huge lack of this kind of energy in the coming year, as Fire only appears as a hidden element. We suggest replenishing the Fire energy in your living space by keeping lights turned on more brightly, especially in sectors of your home housing auspicious stars.

Because next year’s resource luck comes in hidden form, all companies venturing in new directions need to ensure sufficient liquidity to see their plans through. Do not get stuck halfway from lack of proper planning. Resources, as well as meaning funding, often refers to helpful people and important contacts. Mentor and benefactor luck is important, as is networking luck. Because resource luck is lacking, everyone really needs to boost this aspect of their luck next year. The best way to activate for this kind of luck is with the Jade Emperor Windchime. Place in the NW, where the year’s heavenly star is located.


The chart indicates plenty of Water and Wood – 3 Water and 4 Wood. Since Water represents money, and Wood represents rank and power, this suggests there will be a tussle for power, and the underlying cause will be money. When money, especially big money, is involved, fights can become ugly. People in vulnerable positions are advised to carry protection amulets, and to carry the Kwan Kung on Horseback Anti-Betrayal Amulet.

The year starts before the Lap Chun, indicating plenty of growth energy. But while there is growth luck, and wealth to be made, it will be the kind that comes from hard work rather than a windfall. Winning the lottery unfortunately will not be so easy this year. Be careful when speculating on the stock market, and don’t pin your hopes on quick returns.


Another aspect of the year we need to be aware of is the presence of 3 Tigers in the earthly branches. Although Tigers are known to have positive qualities, especially when it comes to wealth, they also bring an element of danger. When 2 Tigers combine, it is positive as it indicates a married couple, but when you have 3 Tigers, chaos could erupt as jealousy can result. Three’s a crowd. When the number is odd, there is the element of ganging up. This drives home the point, there will be tussles of power, because you cannot have three kings of the hill. One will reign supreme, and in the process, discord, conflict and chaos could manifest.

It is thus a year when it is very important to keep the 3 Tigers under control and also to watch your back. Disloyalty becomes more commonplace, gossiping and back-stabbing can occur, and office politics can come to an all-time high. The best way to ensure the year’s Tigers bring wealth rather than danger is to display 3 Wealth Gods sitting on their 3 Tigers in the Northeast of your home.


Those born in years where Fire is the heavenly stem must be extra careful of their expenditures, as these signs have very poor wealth potential in 2022. Best to carry the Wealth Lock Coin Amulet at all times, and to display the Wealth Lock Mini Plaque on your work desk.


The year has 2 negative stars which need to be protected against. The first is the Toxic Star. This star affects those born in Rat, Rabbit, Rooster and Horse years. This starcan seriously afflict one’s marital happiness. It can also create big problems in companies when staff are unhappy and playing politics over power and influence. Those who are in positions of power, and those in politics, are especially vulnerable and must call on the protective effects of Kuan Kung as their mentor and guardian. Place the Kwan Kung with Dragon Mini Plaque on your work desk and carry the 9 Dragon Kuan Kung Talisman as a remedy.

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The other star that needs remedying is the Yin Gate Star. The presence of this star indicates an increased use of black magic, and disturbances from other-worldly realms. Those with weak life force and spirit essence (Dog, Dragon, Ox and Sheep) need to carry protective amulets; the Protection Prayer Wheel Pendant and 28 Hums Protection Amulet Keychain are good options.

2022 is also a year when getting your timing right becomes especially important. Getting your timing right, being at the right place at the right time, is the key to big wealth and success. Placing the Lunar Mansion Harmonizing Plaque on your work desk will help you achieve this. You can also carry the the right Lunar Mansions Amulet for your animal sign.

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