Nasty Five Yellow

The Five Yellow is also known as Wu Wang in Chinese. In feng shui circles, it is considered a very harmful affliction that can cause extreme damage to a family or company directly hit by it. The Five Yellow is an earth element affliction. It brings severe illness, financial loss, and obstacles to success. It is also known to cause hostility.

The Five Yellow is the number five of the annual and monthly flying star charts. It is easy to locate in any flying star chart be it a period chart, an annual or monthly chart. The Five Yellow occupies 45 degrees of the compass. However, it can also appear in the Flying Star natal chart of the home or building. Here it can appear as either a mountain star 5 or a water star 5.

The annual and monthly Five Yellow change location every year and wherever it resides in any year, you must avoid doing any of the following:

  • Digging the ground. Doing so will cause you to get ill instantly.
  • Cutting down any trees. Doing so would activate the affliction immediately and you will get sick, have an accident, or your business will suffer a sudden setback which could be fatal.
  • Disturbing that part of the land or house in any way, either with excessive noise, bright lights or activity. Do not keep dogs or pets there as this activates it.
  • Renovating that part of the house. This involves banging and digging which is definitely not advisable. If you need to do renovations to parts of the house that involve the sector with the Five Yellow, then make certain you do not start or end the renovation in the place of the Five Yellow.

Wherever the Five Yellow occurs in any home or building, it is important to keep the lights dimmed. This is because Fire chi will strengthen the Five Yellow’s Earth energy. If you have spotlights in the sector of the house where there is the Five Yellow, for instance, this signifies Fire chi strengthening the Five Yellow, thereby making it more deadly.


When the Wu Wang occupies the sector of the house where the main door is, it becomes dangerous, irrespective of which compass sector it is in. This is mainly because each act of opening and closing the door, or any kind of activity in the place of the Wu Wang, will activate its its bad vibrations thereby causing misfortune. If it occupies your bedroom, it is activated by your presence and, if you can, it is a good idea to sleep in another bedroom. Otherwise, you will just have to use the remedy for the Five Yellow.

The best method to counter the Five Yellow during Period Eight is to place a brass or golden metal Five Element Pagoda where the Five Yellow is located. Place two or three to strengthen the cure. The way to use the five-element pagoda is to unscrew its top, fill it with earth taken from your garden or from a potted plant in your apartment building, then screw the top back on again. Symbolically locking up the earth keeps the Five Yellow under control.