My Nine Rules To Success

Through a life made colourful by academic and career success, then followed by years of self-discipline learning the esoteric sciences of feng shui and destiny analysis, studying spirituality and shamanism, and each of the past twenty years giving annual talks that I hope are informative and inspirational, I have gained major insights into life that I think can be most beneficial. Hence, I offer them to you in bite-sized chunks.

Here then are my 9 golden attitudes that bring satisfaction and success. Think of them as golden rules to success and also happiness, so they might open your eyes to looking at your own path and personal endeavours in a more productive way.

1 Don’t waste time chasing an impossible dream

Dreams simply take too long to manifest into reality and are often hazy and unfocused in our minds. In any case, our goals and aspirations change as we grow from teenager to mature adult to success aspiring individuals. Dreams are simply too long-term. Chasing your dream can make you question yourself, breeding mental confusion and that is not good!

2 Much better to focus on plenty of short term goals

Be project-oriented and let a highly motivated type of passionate dedication see you achieve one success after another, pursuing a series of manageable goals that take you up the ladder of life. Be prepared to change direction if need be. Accept if the road ahead twists and turns, for who knows where and what lies ahead of your life.

3 Never think in terms of self happiness

Much better to let making others happy be the real aspiration that drives you, because it is this that is the secret to feeling true happiness. Work at keeping someone else happy – your spouse, your child, your friend, your boss, colleague, classmate or perhaps even someone you are not very close to. This way, the joy of wanting another’s happiness will bring a personal satisfaction that is quite magical.

Try living your life this way and start to feel a serene sense of satisfaction seep through your body and your spirit. This outward focus towards making another happy is what brings you the success you want; for then, an invisible goodness vibration comes your way that is happiness-inducing. I discovered that when I aspired towards making my family, my friends and my staff happy. Gosh, I felt such inner joy watching them smile. Happiness is a transient feeling which you need to create all the time, so having this attitude brings it more permanently into your life.

4 Take care of your body

Success can be limited when your body falls apart because you did not take care of it. So exercise, take up a physical hobby, walk, run, swim, play tennis, ride, do yoga or take up martial arts – anything that keeps the blood flowing inside you, your brain drenched with oxygen and your mind active. In short, do some kind of exercise that takes you smoothly from youngster into adulthood into old age. Remember that while inner mind and deeper spirituality are vital in the scheme of things, it is your physical body that holds everything together. So aspire to have a regular exercise routine. Make it a part of your life. True success cannot last long in a weak body.

5 Always acknowledge those who help you

Get into the habit of having a gratitude attitude so you are naturally appreciative of every small act of kindness and support given to you. This transforms your aura and attracts happiness vibrations your way. You will discover that almost everyone values being recognized for whatever small thing they do for you, and it is the surest way of enhancing your network of supporters. But more importantly, having this attitude ensures you never get too big for your boots. It helps you maintain equilibrium in the way you view not just your elders and superiors, but also friends who have given you sound advice and lent a hand when you needed it.


6 Understand your life situations

Be mindful of the opinions you hold dear, so you never get too absorbed in the “you perspective” that you lose sight of how they got stuck inside your head in the first place. Know how your opinions got formulated and in this way, temper your viewpoints with sensitivity. Allow room for alternative viewpoints. Be aware of your biases, your prejudices, your privileges and the nuances of your own life. Be vigourously critical and be hard on yourself. Be your own therapist if necessary, and then realize that no matter what you may be thinking, be open to the possibility that sometimes your conclusions may not be right. We can lose sight of mistakes in the way we think and analyze – thereby creating invisible blockages and obstacles to our success equation.

7 Generate a generous nature

Share everything that makes you in any way special as a person, and in so doing, become even more spectacular. Share your knowledge, your abilities, your skills, your friends, your wealth, your ideas and your good fortune. In this way, you will never lack for receiving the generosity of others, for it is a universal rule of existence that what goes around comes around, and it is as true of things as it is of ideas. This is the way to fill your life with spiritual and psychic wealth!

8 No need to be in a hurry for success

The journey to attainment is as exciting and as invigorating as the attainment itself. Learn along the way and develop a maturity that enables you to take the highs with the lows, the successes alongside the failures, the good with the bad. Take pride in all that you do and embrace the ongoing experiences that come your way as you walk uphill and downhill.

Each time you stumble, get up again until soon, falling and rising become the same for you. And when success does come, remember that every new attainment is but a stepping stone to something new around the bend. This way, you will never get tired of what you do and you will always be open to new fresh challenges. Let your road to success be a neverending adventure that makes life exciting.

9 Finally, remember that it is all LUCK!

You are lucky just to be alive, to have the family you have, the education and experiences that come your way, the people who mentor you. You cannot take credit for all your success, nor blame others when things go wrong. Believing in luck will make you understand how small we all are in the scheme of things. It is a most humbling thought, and when you project such an attitude, any kind of harmful inner arrogance flies out the window, hence laying the groundwork for good fortune and success to come your way. Then only can you view the world at large as so big you will become micro-ambitious, taking life one step at a time. This is the secret to bringing satisfaction to all that you do!