Moving Your Child Out Of Your Bedroom As They Grow Up

by Lim Han Jin

My daughter recently turned 6 and she is getting a bit too big to fit on our bed, so we had to eventually move her out to her own room. However, whenever we mooted the idea, she would always say she did not want to move. When preparing a room for your child, it is best to get them excited about it and work with them to design their own room to make the transition easier. So we taught her a little bit about feng shui, and helped her prepare for it.

Before we began, we first chose a room in our house that will suit her. Here are some tips we used to ensure she will have good feng shui as well.

Firstly, my house is not very big, and we only have three bedrooms in the house. The master bedroom takes up the whole front part of the house, leaving space for two rooms at the back with a toilet in the middle. As my house is facing North, my master bedroom encompasses the Northwest, North and Northeast sectors of the house. We are left with a room in the Southeast and one in the Southwest, as the toilet is located in the South sector of the house.

After checking the Kua numbers of my children, my son is an East group person and the Southeast will be good for him. On the other hand, my daughter is a West group person, therefore the Southwest sector will be better for her.

When choosing the room, take note of the sleeping direction of how the bed is going to be placed. I have positioned both my children to sleep with their head pointing to their good directions, so that they will do well in school and have better luck growing up. Now that we have placed them in the correct rooms in the home, we can now start to decorate the rooms according to feng shui principles.

As my daughter’s room is located in the Southwest, an Earth sector, we felt the white wall in the room would weaken the sector’s luck. So we gave options of either painting it Fire element colours or Earth elements colours. Being the girlie girl that she is, she chose pink with polka dots. This is in balance with the elements of the room. However, the Southwest sector also represents Romance Luck, and the colour pink will surely activate it.


To reduce the effects of the romance star (as she is only 6) we gave her a queen size bed in white, with white sheets. The polka dots are also in white. This should help keep a lid on her romance luck for now. We can change the scheme once she gets to an age where she would like to look for that special boy. The whites also help subdue the over-activated energies of the pink walls in the room.

As for my son’s room, he is placed in the Southeast sector, as it is an auspicious sector for him. So for this room, white walls which represent Metal would clash with the elements. So for this room, we plan to paint it a light tint of blue. This will be in balance with the sector’s intrinsic element of Wood, as Water produces Wood.

Getting my daughter to move in the end was a lot easier, as we prepared her for it. Even while working on her room, she was pressuring me to finish it quickly so she could sleep in the room. So when preparing a room for your child, do get them involved and make sure the feng shui is planned out correctly. Not only will they want to move there on their own, they will have good luck while living in their room.