Mitigating Illness Chi in 2024

Moving into Period 9, we have the Illness Star 2 and Wealth Star 8 taking on some of each other’s attributes. Both now bring wealth luck, but also illness chi. The Chinese believe that there is no wealth without health, and when one’s physical and mental disposition is strong, one can achieve anything and enjoy everything that life has to offer. To ensure the well-being of all at home, and to be able to manifest true wealth in Period 9, both these stars will need cures whenever they appear.

The best remedy against illness afflictions is the Wu Lou, which is why we design new Wu Lous year after year, and in so many iterations and sizes. In Chinese legends, the Wu Lou, known as the “Gourd of Immortality”, is always carried by Sau, the God of Longevity, as an elixir to good health. It is fast-acting and potent, trapping illness chi and keeping you safe against harm. It is also great for revitalizing stale, stagnant or sickness vibrations that may be present. Every home should have a Wu Lou, or in the case of tackling illness chi in Period 9, two at least!

In 2024, the 2 and 8 Stars reside in the SE and in the North respectively, directly affecting residents of homes facing these two directions, and also those born in years of the Dragon, Snake and Rat, but everyone should place Wu Lous here.

Our new wulou for 2024 is the Abundance Wu Lou, decorated with the magical implements of the 8 immortals to symbolize 8 kinds of goodness entering your life. Having this potent feng shui remedy in your home brings longevity and good health, but also a complete life blessed with an abundance of happiness and good fortune. Its bright red color and motifs do more than protect against sickness; they also energize the wealth-attracting qualities of the 2 and 8 stars.

For big homes, we recommend the Mega Wu Lou. This extra large Wu Lou features 8 cranes to signify joy, happiness and eternal youth, and to symbolize staying physically and mentally youthful despite the passing of time.

If you are feeling tired, unwell, stressed, or burnt out, it could be that the monthly 2 or 8 Stars have flown into the location of your bedroom or main door. They may have also flown into main areas of the home such as the living room or dining room, negatively affecting everyone in the home. In such cases we recommend placing the Wu Lou & Peach Bucket of Good Fortune, or you can hang Wu Lou artwork in these sectors. A Pair of Garuda Wu Lous by your bedside will bring balance back into your life and promote a swift recovery. You can also carry the Abundance Wu Lou Amulet or wear any of our good health accessories to attract auspicious healing energies.

Other auspicious symbols of good health and longevity include tortoises, cranes and peaches. The tortoise is known to live to a hundred years, cranes have a strong connection to immortality and peaches symbolize peace and happiness in one’s old age. Place them on your work desk or anywhere in your living space to further enhance health vibrations.

Those with elderly residents in the home can call on Medicine Buddha for his divine protection. Display the Medicine Buddha Plaque in their bedroom where they can see it clearly, and keep the Prayer Wheel Pendant for Health or Health Talisman Holder close by.Better still if they chant Medicine Buddha’s mantra daily. His mantra is:


The year is young and full of potential; don’t let health obstacles take you by surprise! Get the Fortune & Feng Shui 2024 Book in your animal sign for more insights.