Meeting the La Casa De Papel Gang in Paris


Meeting the
La Casa De Papel gang in Paris

by Jennifer Too

Luka Peros, Pedro Alonso & Itziar Ituño at THUG Conference, Paris, Jan 2022.

I decided to get 2022 off to a flying start as we prepare for the Lunar Year of the Tiger by making a trip to Paris, the City of Love, to meet some of the La Casa De Papel/ Money Heist gang. Those of you have not yet watched the show on Netflix, where have you been, and those that have, if ever you get the chance to meet the actors behind the series, do it, it is magic!

The Paris event organised by Ultimevents ( featured three of my favourite stars from the series, Itziar Ituño (Inspector Raquel Murillo, also Lisboa), Pedro Alonso (Berlin) and Luka Peros (Marsella). Superstars of a different order since La Casa De Papel became the most watched show on Netflix and a social phenomenon defining the age of today, in person they are so incredibly human you couldn’t imagine. The warmth, personality and time each extended to each of their fans was incredible.

The experience? Unforgettable.

Itziar Ituño’s Panel Session at THUG Conference, Paris, Jan 2022.


Lessons from the event? Plenty. An especially good one from Itzi – someone asked at her panel – what advice would you give to someone who has a dream that’s really difficult to achieve, and so is hesitant to go for it, for fear they can’t make it, and how not to get demotivated?

She says, well it’s a cliche to say that if one fights for a dream, you will achieve it. Many times that doesn’t happen. So it’s important to have more than one dream. Have a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C…

Itziar Ituño’s Panel Session at THUG Conference, Paris, Jan 2022.

This applies now more than ever.

In the coming Year of the Tiger, while we always want to predict good news, it must be said that the tiger is a wild animal and Tiger years are always years with a double edge. 2022 in particular, because it is a year of THREE tigers. The year’s Paht Chee or “birth” chart features not one but three tigers, and because you can only have one tiger on the hill, three in this case is certainly a crowd, and there will be jostling for dominance, and for power. It means competition will be fierce and sometimes brutal.

The upside is that the Tiger is a bringer of wealth. There is wealth to be made but it is not necessarily easy wealth, nor will everyone benefit equally. How do you make the energies of the coming year work for you?

As with Itzi’s advice – don’t doggedly stick to one plan. Have a few up your sleeve. Try different things. Don’t get disheartened just because one of your goals doesn’t work out immediately. The coming year, if you look at the chart, is one that is lacking in resources, and in creativity and intelligence. If you can take pause and plan, allocate your resources and time carefully, be flexible in your means and your methods… this is the best way to navigate the coming year.

Of course, you should also use the help of feng shui symbols. There is nothing quite so effective as the power of symbols to actualise good fortune luck, and each year we study the charts to design just what is needed for the coming year.


2022 sees the Five Yellow star back in the Center of the Lo Shu chart, it’s original position. This makes its effect more potent, and because it is an afflictive earth star, the best way to keep it under control and to transform its energies to work for you is to engage powerful heaven energy. For this we bring you the Supremacy of Heaven Plate, which comes with 6 (the power of heaven) celestial creatures bringing you luck from the heavens.

This is a year too when engaging the Sky Animals of the Lunar Mansion becomes more potent than ever… which is why we incorporated some of these into this year’s feng shui enhancers. These Sky Animals are from the celestial realms, and they ensure you get your timing right. We all know that often, timing is everything. A good decision taken at the wrong time can turn out to be a bad one. The sky animals help to ensure you get your timing right.

Each one of them has its own unique attributes and we have picked our favourites to make into beautiful desktop displays and attractive charm bracelets.

Click here for more on the Sky Animals.

Pedro Alonso & Itziar Ituño… closing the conference with “Bella Ciao”.


We also took a look at some of the La Casa De Papel stars and their astrology.

Itziar Ituño ~ Raquel Murillo / Lisboa

Itziar is a Tiger, which means that this is her year. The animal sign of the year always has the strong support of the Tai Sui or God of the Year, which suggests she will have a lot of support and backing from all the right people. She is already a famed name worldwide, but the coming year suggests she is just going to get bigger. The flying star in the Tiger sector is also the Prosperity Star 8, which means many opportunities to augment one’s wealth. A very exciting year ahead for the Tiger, a year to make the most of every opportunity that comes along. If there is a sign that can weather a Tiger year, it is the mighty Tiger itself. What the Tiger needs the most in 2022 is the unwavering backing of the Tai Sui, and for this we recommend carrying and displaying this year’s Tai Sui amulet.

Pedro Alonso ~ Berlin / Andres Fonollosa

This suave gentleman is a Boar, and those born in the year of the Boar have the backing of the Heaven Star 6 in 2022. This means plenty of new opportunities. His character Berlin sacrificed himself for the gang at the end of Part 2 but fans loved him too much for that to mean goodbye, so he appeared in Parts 3, 4 and 5 in plenty of flashbacks and part of a rich and multi-layered back story. We are all so sad to see the end of La Casa De Papelwith the finale that aired in December 2021, but in 2023, Alex Pina, Jesus Colmenar, Vancouver Media and Netflix are bringing back our favourite bank robber in a “spin off” of the show, “BERLIN”.

Luka Peros ~ Marsella

In the show, Luka plays Marsella, the Professor’s bodyguard, the guy who likes animals better than people (many times I can relate! Lol). Luka is a Dragon. Dragons are the only sign in the entire Chinese horoscope that’s a celestial creature. In 2022, the Dragon enjoys so many Auspicious Stars from the 24 mountains it’s almost unfair! What this means is there will be many little breaks and big breaks coming its way. The only blemish for the Dragon’s luck next year are its weak levels of element luck… which means a tendency to give up too early. The advice for Dragons in 2022 is to see things through. Obstacles that crop up are not signs you should give up; on the contrary, Dragons need to use these to strengthen their resolve and fight even harder for their cause. But Dragons need to love what they do, because they are creatures of passion, so they should pursue what they enjoy. Their passion, charisma and zest for life is what will get them through the year with great and notable success.

For those who missed our online Feng Shui Extravaganza, you can still get the video for viewing here.

Gong Xi Fa Cai and we wish you all a very prosperous, abundant, safe, healthy and happy Chinese New Year!

More pics:

A great group of gals from all over the world! THUG Conference, Paris, Jan 2022.
Beth, Jenn, Cel, Eulalia.
Bella Ciao, it’s been an amazing day!
Luka’s Meeting Room, THUG Conference, Paris, Jan 2022.
Franzi, Becky, Celine, Jenn.
The conference begins!