Make the Walls of Your Home Fabulously Auspicious

A quick and easy way to instantly improve the feng shui around you is to identify the few important WALLS in your home and office that could perhaps do with some attention; walls should be thought of as blank canvases which can be used to create auspicious ambience, the kind that lifts up your spirits. The positioning, layout and design of walls stamp themselves onto our consciousness and the more important walls in the home or office can create either excellent feng shui, or they can block good luck from flowing to us. Energy produced by walls can either be very lucky for us or they can be depressing.

In this article, LILLIAN TOO puts the spotlight on the few vitally important walls that have the potential to bring extreme good fortune or misfortune, and thus are deserving of attention. The effect of walls on residents is almost subliminal, and these days, with so many modern ways of improving the feng shui of our surroundings, there is simply no excuse to get careless about our walls.

Start by studying the location of all the walls in your home. The general rule is that every room should have at least one solid wall. This signifies the abode where the spirit of the room resides; it creates the foundation around which energy accumulates, so how the location of this one wall interacts with the rest of the home has a great impact on the mood of the home; whether it is a happy enriching wall or a source of negative depressing vibrations.

To make your walls of your home truly auspicious, constantly inspiring you and lifting your spirits, you need to work at making each important wall a strongly enhancing wall rand protect against it becoming a blocking wall that merely brings obstacles and blocking energy. So the first thing to take note of is the way the walls of the home have been positioned.

When you start looking at your walls this way, your own common sense will immediately tell you which of your walls are enhancing and enriching and which are those that just do not seem right – just asking to be knocked down !


You can have more than one solid wall but rooms should not have solid walls on three sides; otherwise the room will suffer from potentially stagnating energy; where a shortage of fresh cosmic energy soon causes the room to suffer from yin spirit formation. The room then becomes suffocating. Rooms must be airy and they should benefit from daily fresh supplies of cosmic energy . These must flow in from the great outdoors. Rooms devoid of this flow of replenishing energy tend to cause problems for residents. So there must not be too many walls blocking this vital source of energy.

Rooms should ideally have at least one wall with windows; rooms that lie in the center of the home can suffer from a lack of cosmic replenishment so they should not have more than two solid walls. Then only can energy flows not get blocked. Remember that the center of your home should not suggest too much hemmed in energy. It should never become enclosed dead end space. This guideline to good feng shui is especially important in homes which are left empty for much of the day.

The important walls of your home

  • The WALL that directly faces the main door
  • The WALL that directly faces your bed
  • The WALL that directly faces the dining table
  • The WALL in the living area
  • The WALL you look at all day while working
  • The WALL behind you as you work
  • The WALL near the front door leading into the home

These are the major walls you can work on to bring incredibly good feng shui into your living space. Focus on each one in turn and consider the different ways you can enhance their energy so they become a source of contentment, peace and even inspiration. Think of the times when these walls leave a subliminal imprint onto your mind, stamping itself into your deepest subconscious minds. This is why the walls that hit you on a daily basis must indeed induce positive rather than negative thoughts.

You can use any of the feng shui tools – mirrors, wall paper, wall decals, lights, paintings, photographs, murals, inspiring words and even powerful mantras – all these and more can be used to enhance your wall.

Some people even hang beautiful decorative images from their important walls. Or they glue on inspiring words, or carefully decorate their walls with auspicious decals that leave strong and powerful imprints. My walls are decorated in a variety of ways and I use wall decals a lot as these are subtle and unobtrusive yet so powerful in their positive effect.

Enhancement techniques do not need to imply a permanence of decoration. Walls in fact benefit from being redecorated, repainted and totally revamped every two to three years.

I redo my walls regularly either with new decorative decals or with new paintings. And definitely the walls are repainted every other year. There is nothing I love more than clean walls that hint of fresh paint. This gives the whole living area a feeling of freshness that suggests good things are just beginning. I also make sure that my walls, and everything that hangs on it or is used to decorate it, never get dirty or dusty. These get wiped daily.

Clutter and dirt are the principle enemies of good feng shui. This is why I am so compulsive about keeping all my spaces clean, free of clutter and never blocked. My walls always look pristine. Where I have installed a wall mirror such as for instance in my dining area to directly reflect the dining table and thus double our daily food on the table; or the one in my living area to double the yang chi of activity created here; these mirrors are wiped daily with a dry piece of newspaper ( this is an excellent way to enhance the mirror and keep it really sharp and clear). I also make sure my mirrors never gets smudged with dirty hands.

The WALL that directly faces your main door should not have a mirror. A reflective surface here can cause all good luck to bounce right out again; it also brings illness to the master of the house. This wall should instead have either an auspicious image or it should be left blank. You can use a matte color to create a feature wall. For instance bright red wall that faces the direction South or an understated darker green directly facing East would be lucky. Choose colours according to the element of the facing direction of the door. Thus earth or yellow colour for doors facing SW or NE; Blue for doors facing North and metallic for doors facing NW or West.


Colours can also be used to suppress some afflictive star number causing problems for your door in any given year. For instance this year, doors that face SE are afflicted by the 5 yellow, so a metallic colour wall directly facing the main door would be an excellent idea.

Any wall that faces your front door, whether it is a complete or a partial wall, should always seem welcoming; it is auspicious when it makes you think positive or inspiring thoughts related to an important ambition or aspiration of yours or it should simply bring a smile to your face. I do not have a wall directly facing my main door but I do have a two feet wide upper wall on which I hang a large plaque with nine golden dragons. This welcomes in beneficial chi and seeing it every time I come home makes me feel very welcome indeed.

Walls that are in the living room area or the dining room can also be used to hang happy family pictures. In fact it is a great idea to select an especially happy picture of the whole family together, and hang this on a prominent wall in the house. This is powerful feng shui. It creates the feng shui of safety and togetherness for the whole family.

Then on the wall leading into my home I have used golden decals to create a flock of happy birds flying into my house. these are very tastefully designed and artfully placed by the designer who makes these decals – my niece in law actually, Audrey who is married to my nephew Han Jin. She has a great artistic gift which she is cleverly channeling into making beautiful artistic wall decals that really personalizes space in the most effective way.

One of her best selling designs are exactly these birds that bring good luck and wonderful opportunities into any home. She tried them out for her own home first and since putting up these birds on the wall leading into her home, she has progressed in her career really satisfactorily. Her little online business is also growing very fast. More importantly, she has never felt happier or more fulfilled. Birds do have that kind of positive effect! Each time someone wants to sell a house for instance, creating the image of a bird on the wall here but now flying out with the price being asked for in its mouth is one way of attracting a serious buyer!

Any wall that directly faces your bed should have a soothing ambience although some people have placed inspiring words or powerful affirmations here with great success. Doing this is like practicing 3D feng shui – as subliminal thoughts get implanted onto the sub conscious mind without you even realizing it. Each night the last thing you see before closing your eyes and each morning the first thing you see before becoming completely awake should be images or thoughts that make you feel galvanized, confident and very secure. Good feng shui always follows positive thoughts. And you can use your bedroom wall to plant these thoughts into your mind. This also leads to good pleasant dreams that is so good for your subliminal feng shui.

Do avoid placing images of depressing or socially aware pictures such as starving children, depressive scenes or other nightmare inducing images in your bedroom.

The wall that directly face you at work can also be a source of affirmative words – although powerful words impacting on a busy mind cannot have the same effect as it does on a relaxed mind. If you work from home it is an excellent idea to face a water feature or a beautiful garden and if this is not possible, then simulating the presence of such would be most beneficial. Thus having a wall facing you decorated with a wall mural can be a great way of simulating the presence of flowing water or a harvesting scene … anything taken from nature that suggests something abundant or lucky will always work well. At all costs avoid anything that can represent or signify an obstacle or which appears threatening. certain types of modern artistic renditions can be harmful so be watchful of the stuff you hang in front of you.

The wall that faces me as I write in my home office is my prize Chinese painting of the 8 Immortals, each holding an auspicious object and having a wide smile on a happy face.

Finally the wall that is behind you as you work is even more important as this wall represents support for you. Whether you are at home or in the office a wall behind you is always beneficial. An image of a strong mountain placed here suggests support for you. Do not hang a picture of a hole or at your back. It is also not good having anything hostile here. Refrain from hanging pictures of sharp edged buildings or wild animals behind you.