Looking for Troublesome Feng Shui in Unlikely Places

Lillian Too puts the spotlight on developing cosmic awareness to investigating feng shui ills around the house that could be causing problems to surface. The method involves using a special hand mudra used in conjunction with a focused mindset to investigate things that are out of sync inside your home; things that could be causing imbalances that create problems, setbacks and obstacles that block your success.


There is an investigative hand mudra you can learn to use when you wish to uncover and “smell out” negative energy that may be causing you or your family to fall sick, or causing you to experience obstacles in your life.

First, focus on whatever may be troubling you. It can be an illness, an obstacle, perhaps severe quarrelling energy, conflicts with others or within the family; troubles at work, a sudden worsening of a physical ailment, an accident, an attempted burglary or a financial crisis… actually, the problem can be anything at all, but if you “feel” that perhaps something may be not right about the energy of your space, you can find out if indeed something may be out of sync.

The hand mudra recommended here is a powerful mudra found on many sacred statues and images of Buddhas and Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. Taoist masters give it great credence in feng shui work.

  • Bring both hands together.
  • Join the fingers of both hands facing each other, index finger joined to index finger, little finger to little finger and thumb to thumb.
  • Fold the other two remaining fingers under.

Used correctly, it will draw you towards physical imbalances in your space or towards misplacements of objects that could be emitting bad energy in your important corners. These are items you may have overlooked or which have broken but you are not aware of it or it may not be immediately obvious. The mudra is sure to assist you in your feng shui detective work.

With both hands joined thus, walk around the rooms of your home in a relaxed manner, but keeping a keen eye out for the familiar objects in your home, including your furniture, decorative items that are on the walls, the tables and the floors. Be mindful of the energy at all times. Tune into it while allowing your joined hands to point the way.

Your hand mudra is a powerful investigative gesture which also affords you great auric protection. This is the mudra that connects you to the cosmic realms that are parallel to our human realm, and it also engages the assistance of the spirits and local landlords of your space. They will recognize the sacredness of this hand gesture.

When the energy of any portion of the space is negative, your hands will start to tingle or shake. If it does, do stop and look around you more closely. Your hand mudra is helping you to penetrate the chi of that part of the house, and usually, if you look closely enough, it will reveal the cause of any illness or problem area you may be experiencing.

Developing the ability to feel out spaces with negative energy enables you to play feng shui detective in your homes. You can over time systematically develop all seven of your awareness sensors to help you find the cause and then alleviate, for instance, a sudden spate of illness hurting every member of the family, an unexpected lowering of energy causing despondency which seems to sap you of your strength, a series of business setbacks causing your mood to turn negative and just almost any kind of obstacle that may affect your success.

Taoists Masters steeped in the knowledge of cosmic principles know that many negative developments/events/occurrences in any home or office can be caused by some matching affliction in the physical space; and that when what is wrong can be detected, then the cause of negativities can indeed be “traced” and then dealt with. Usually, the feeling that something around you or your home does not feel “quite right” should be pursued.

To help you understand how this works here are three examples.


Once some years ago, one of my maids suddenly developed an ugly red rash across the front part of her body. Nothing we used could get her out of her misery as the rash itched and caused her a great deal of discomfort. And no matter what we did, the rash simply refused to subside.


I decided to play detective and using the hand mudra walked around the inside and outside of her room. I stopped outside her window where I discovered a nest of red ants at the base of the rambutan tree there. The nest of ants was directly facing her room window and the nest itself was quite large.

I immediately appeased the ant nest with incense offering… invoking the local spirit there for assistance. Within a week, the ants appeared to have left to build their nest elsewhere. More importantly, the rash cleared up; the itch disappeared.


This was a Chinese Screen I used to place along one wall of my living room. It was a beautiful antique screen that featured the Queen of the West Hsi Wang Mu. There was a hairline crack across the face of this lady and when I noticed it, I realized it was really quite inauspicious.

I had developed a very severe pain across my face and was reluctant to see the doctor because there seemed no apparent reason for the pain. I used the investigation mudra to get a feel for the energy in my living areas and that was how I discovered the problem. As soon as I saw the crack, I dismantled the screen, folded it and stored it away in the back room. Believe it or not my pain vanished almost instantly.


This was something that happened many years ago but I never forgot because it made me extra careful after that. I had just returned from Hong Kong and was going through a bad time. Despite a great effort on my part, I simply could not shake off a feeling of dread and fear; it was totally illogical and unreasonable, but I kept feeling that I was about to lose some money, that my investments would go bad, that I was over spending… I could not sleep well at all. So I decided to walk round my home in the hope of seeing if perhaps something was not right with the energy.

I used the mudra and stopped in front of my rice urn. My heart skipped a beat because I was starring at a huge crack that ran the length of the urn from the mouth to the bottom. The maid had turned the crack to the back so it was not immediately noticeable.

Once I changed the rice urn, it was like a cloud had lifted. My feelings of dread evaporated and I became more confident. So sometimes when you feel uncertain and unsure of yourself and it is affecting your judgment and your relations with others, use the mudra and see if maybe something in your living space is perhaps causing you to feel the way you do.

It is a good idea to mindful of decorative objects hanging on your walls, plates used daily, art pieces standing on your mantelpiece, paintings in your important rooms, broken glass on the windows, cracked furniture in the bedroom and so forth – these can often cause bigger problems than you realize. The energy of space is sensitive to imbalances and these can manifest in afflictions and ailments that really cause problems.