Looking for Success in the Palm of Your Hand

This article we look for SUCCESS indications that show up on the palm. On your hands, the SUCCESS line supports the FATE line.

It can be two separate lines, or it can be one line that breaks into two lines, with both going vertically up the palm. When there is only a single line, it is deemed to be the SUCCESS line and this suggests the person can easily acquire wealth without much effort.

The ideal SUCCESS line is straight, prominent and thin. It should stretch from the base of the palm and go right up to the base of the third finger (next to the little finger). This is the Star of Sun on your hand.

When the line is unbroken and well formed, it indicates success from a young age and someone who will not have financial worries.

A long SUCCESS line which stretches from the VENUS star (also known as the Golden Star located inside the arc formed by the LIFE line) to the SUN star is a reliable indication of great success, wealth and a brilliant marriage.

Here are some more clues as to what your SUCCESS line is telling you.

Type 1

If the success line curves
Meaning: This indicates a tendency towards indecisiveness, pessimism and ultimate failure in whatever you undertake. This is not a good indication.

Type 2

If the success line is straight, long and deep
Meaning: This suggests you enjoy excellent success luck. No matter what your profession or business, you can reach the very top.

Type 3

If the success line is messy with breaks
Meaning: This indicates a stubborn nature which stands in the way of success. It also indicates an impulsive personality who is not a good planner or organizer, making those who work with them feel uncomfortable. Other find it difficult to trust such a person.

Type 4

If there is a straight line cutting the success line
Meaning: You love to dream but you are an impractical person. There are obstacles to your own personal success. You do better as a follower than a leader and should not go into business on your own. Your luck lies in following someone whose luck is better than yours.

Type 5

When success line starts from the base of the palm and goes straight to the top
Meaning: This is an excellent indication. You will achieve success from a very young age and will never have to encounter financial worries. Things always turn out right for you.

Type 6

Success line starts from Mount of Venus, then extends to the top
Meaning: This line benefits artists or entertainers as it indicates great fame and popularity. It suggests a good reputation and someone who is well-respected and liked by many.

Type 7

Success line starts from the Mount of Moon, then extends to the top
Meaning: You will find success in the fields of writing, literature and communication. Indeed you will also attain great wealth and have a good reputation. An excellent kind of success line to have.

Type 8

Success line starts from the life line, then extends to the top
Meaning: This indicates a hardworking person who enjoys excellent mentor luck. This is a favourable line for anyone who has ambitions to make it to the top and particularly favours creative people such as artists or writers.


Type 9

Success line starts from the fate line, then extends to the top
Meaning: This suggests that success is sure to follow hard work. This sort of line indicates an outstanding professional who attains recognition and one who can rise to the very top of his/her profession.

Type 10

Success line starts from the head line, then extends to the top
Meaning: This indicates someone incredibly smart who has good social skills. It is also a sign that outstanding success can be attained quite easily.

Type 11

Success line starts from the heart line, then extends to the top
Meaning: This indicates, someone very straightforward, in other words a basically honest person. Success may be elusive in early years, but in middle age a high position can be attained. This line is favourable for those in business or in the engineering profession.

Type 12

Success line starts from the lower Mars, then extends to the top
Meaning: This indicates a person with a very strong personality who finds it easy to work hard. He or she will attain success in his/her career and prospects are very bright.

Type 13

When there are three lines present, one extending to the middle finger and one extending to the small finger
Meaning: This is an excellent and rare indication as it resembles the auspicious trident. This kind of success line indicates a smart person who will have great power and influence in society. This person can enjoy success in politics and business, and is sure to enjoy great wealth luck, fame and recognition.

Type 14

Disorderly line at the beginning of the success line
Meaning: This suggests a very indecisive person who cannot master any skill. One with such a line will find it difficult to achieve anything great in life. It is better for such a person to latch their luck onto someone else with better luck.

Type 15

Islands and breaks on the success line
Meaning: You are likely to be inadequate when it comes to social skills. You tend to be impatient and find it hard to achieve success, unless you can succesfully temper your impatience.

Type 16

The success line stops at the heart line
Meaning: This indicates an emotional person who tends to miss opportunities. This person will also have enemies, or friends who are insincere. Better control of our emotions will bring you better luck.

Type 17

The success line combines with a few lines and extends to the top
Meaning: When the success line has many lines coming out of it, it suggests a person who is reckless and careless. You cannot find people who are loyal to you and your success luck is poor.

Type 18

A broken success line
Meaning: Contrary to what you may think, a broken success line is a very good sign as it indicates you will leap ahead of the competition. Your success luck moves constantly upwards, and even though there may be obstacles, as long as the line starts again and keeps moving upwards, you are sure to have success. If there is another line that joins the broken line, it indicates your success, luck gets re-energized and you leap to another level of success which may or may not be in the same field you started in. Such a person can excel in more than one field in life