It’s Vital To Take Note Of The Grave Danger Of The Double 7 At Your Front Door

It is now six years since the PERIOD OF 8 started. The changeover date was February 4th 2004. That was when the energy pattern of the world changed from being dominated by the number 7 to the number 8, in the process, transforming the flow of luck around the world and directly affecting everyone and everyone’s homes.

This happens once every twenty years. It is transformational energy of cosmic flows at work here, and in feng shui, we use the fey sin or Flying Star method to make sense of these changes; and to use its secrets to ensure that our homes blend with the new patterns of flows. This is what needs to be done to ensure that we continue to enjoy the good fortune we had been enjoying. Blending in with the new Period 8 flows also brings enormously improved good fortune! More importantly, unless homeowners make the effort to transform their homes so that the chi in their homes align with the new energy patterns, there could be some whose homes have the double 7 at their front door and this is a source of real danger to those residing within…

An American student of mine, Mirtala Bazan shares with us the story of her night of terror. Hearing about the need to change her house to Period 8 during an Extravaganza event of mine, she had reasoned with her husband to change the roof, floor and main door of her home to symbolically change the chi pattern of her house from Period 7 to that of Period 8. To no avail. He disagreed, convinced that the good luck of the home would continue. He did not believe in time dimension feng shui, so their house continued being a Period 7 house.

Unfortunately for her, their home had a facing direction that had the double 7 at the front door, a 7 water star and a 7 mountain star. Nothing happened until the month when the monthly 7 also flew to join the double 7. And that was the month when her night of terror occurred. You can read about it in her own words in the next story.

The important thing to focus on here is that with the change of Period, the number 7 which stands for the energy of the West brought great good fortune to houses that had the water or mountain star 7 in the front. Better yet, those that had the double 7 benefited even more, all through the twenty years from February 5th 1984 through to February 4th 2004.  But as soon as Period 8 began, the star number 7 turned ugly, reverting to its true colours. The 7 star is a violent star and in feng shui terms, it brings the broken soldier, covered in blood from injuries inflicted with a metal weapon. The 7 itself is a metal number and in the flying star constellation of stars, it is known as the Red Star. So 7 is the aggressive star associated with violence and burglary. When activated it can turn brutal and become very dangerous, and the deeper we proceed into the Period of 8, the more dangerous the number 7 star becomes.

Hence it is vitally important to renovate homes that were built or last refurbished before February 4th, 2004. The renovation needs to be fairly extensive. In feng shui terms, you need to change the roof, the floor and the main door – this symbolically refreshes the energy of heaven, earth and mankind in the house. This golden rule applies equally to commercial buildings, shopping malls, business head offices, restaurants, cinemas and any place where you work or do business.

The new BSC building which is spearheading the new thrust of the Bangsar neighborhood’s  resurgence. This old favourite of a shopping mall was recently given a massive facelift that brought the building into Period 8. Anyone visiting this revitalized mall can feel the benefits of the brand new energy.

It should not come as a big surprise that businesses housed in buildings built or renovated after 2004 are enjoying much better business than those that have not renovates. Also note that with the diminishing of Period 7, and the rise of 8, this is also reflected in the fortunes of countries. The radiance of the West’s energy and luck as personified by the USA has already started to dim. Many of its big business head offices are badly in need of fresh new energy. They need to be revitalized and this can only happen if they get started on a massive renovation program.

Meanwhile, note that the number 8 is associated with the direction Northeast… and the biggest country representing the Northeast is China, where most of its buildings and homes are very much Period of 8 homes. A great deal of building took place in preparation for the Olympics, and these buildings have become defining landmarks of Beijing. Better yet, the Imperial Forbidden City has also been given a brand new lease of life. This attracts a great deal of new wealth to the country.

Homes likewise will benefit from the new period 8 energy. This will not just bring better luck. It will also bring greater security.


The greatest urgency lies with those of you living in houses that were completed before 2004 and especially if your house faces South 1; Southwest 1, North 2/3; or Northeast 2/3.  These are the Period 7 houses that have the double 7 at their front door location.

This poses serious threat to residents of houses that face these directions.

Those of you living in the Northeast 2/3 house, please note that the 7 monthly star flies to the Northeast in September this year. This means your house could be in grave danger of getting broken in. The same danger flies to those of you living in houses that face South in October this year! That is when the monthly star 7 flies to the South!

If you have already changed your home into a Period of 8 house, this does not apply to your house. But if you have not yet done anything to blend your house energies with that of Period 8 then I strongly recommend you get the cures against the 7 star, which are the Blue Elephant and Rhino.

It is extremely beneficial to introduce some mantra home amulet plaques and place these hanging inside the home and directly facing the front door. It will bring you extremely important protection. Like Mirtala, my student from Texas whose story you can read in this issue, you and your family can avert the big danger.