Instant Vaastu In 8 Easy Steps

 “Our Vaastu consultant Surendran summarises some Vaastu Essentials”


A building is considered auspicious if its length is longer than its width. The house should be well proportioned and neither be too long nor too wide, as the “Prana” (energy) needs to permeate into the building and spread across. Avoid properties at the intersection of four roads, T-junctions  or at a U-turn. These are considered inauspicious and such properties are afflicted due to the ill effect of “Veedhi Shoola” (Poison Arrow).


The Northeast direction referred to as “Ishanya” (God’s corner) is regarded as highly charged with positive spiritual energies, hence heavy construction or large structures in the Northeast portion of the plot or home is a taboo. Placing the family altar, meditation rooms and rooms for spiritual pursuits here enhances the life force energy in this corner. Keeping the North and East sectors lighter in terms of furniture is beneficial, as this allows for more ventilation and the open space enhances the luck of the area.


The Southwest (Niruthya) corner of the property is the converging point of the bio-cosmic forces, hence keeping the level of the Southwest slightly higher than the rest of the house is good. Positioning heavy structures such as stairs, stone artifacts, pillars and earth-related decor in the Southwest corners is good and enhances the convergence of the
bio-cosmic forces.


The stairs should move in a clockwise direction, with the number of steps Odd (as opposed to even), as this signifies continuity and positive spiral energy. Paint the staircase in light colours and avoid the colours red and black.  Ensure the stairs are well maintained. You must repair broken stairs immediately as this signifies possible bad luck coming. Do not have prayer areas and altars beneath the staircase.


The main door to the building represents the mouth, the windows and ventilators represent the eyes , ears and nose. Just as the face has two eyes, a nose and a mouth, the main entrance of a house is supposed to have windows on either side, or a sill or threshold below the doorway. The threshold protects the household from perils and disease, and paves the way for prosperity. The windows and doors have to be in a proportionate ratio, preferably in even numbers, but avoid the numbers ending with Zero like 10,20,30… and ensure the doors open inwards.



The Sun represents the right side of a building and the Moon represents the left side. In Jyothish (Indian Astrology) Moon stands for women and mother of all. When the left side window of a home is in order, allowing light and air to enter with unhindered energy flow, the ladies in the home will enjoy success, comfort and prosperity. Avoid dustbins, mop sticks and clutter towards the left side window, as this will delay marriage prospects for females and also be a home filled with worries.


The Foyer is the first area visible in the home, hence keeping it clean and brightly lit is good. Enhancing the positive forces of the foyer with wall paintings of elephants, which symbolize protection, is auspicious; the elephant also symbolizes the Indian elephant-faced God Ganesh who is said to clear Obstacles. Placing flowering plants in the foyer, especially yellow flowers, is also said to bring good luck.


The Northern sector of a home is governed by Mercury (intelligence), Jupiter (wealth) and the Moon (thoughts and fine feelings). This space should thus be utilized for pursuit of career growth. A good use for this sector thus is for a library or a reading corner. Colours like sky blue, white and yellow-green are good in this sector and placing a yellow-green plant here activates and supports the planets ruling
the sector.

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