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Please kindly read the following FAQ before you submit the form

Is there any fee that I need to pay when I register?
You do not have to pay anything, the information provided on this page is all free

I have just registered, why i still can't login?
There are various reason why you can't login
- You haven't activate your account via your email.
- You have entered an invalid email, thus the activation email can't be sent to you.

I have checked my email but the activation email was not in the mailbox
Your service provider might have filtered the activation email as spam, please kindly check the Spam folder.

I have forgotten my username and password
Please kindly use the form below to submit your email address that you have registered and the username if you can remember. Alternatively, you can recover your password here

I am over 18 years old, why do i still need to get permission to access the account?
During the registration process, you may have clicked on the wrong link. Please kindly submit your username or email address by using the form below

I have activated the account via the activation email but i still can't login.
Please kindly submit your username or email address by using the form below

I tried to register but the system keep saying that the email has been taken by someone else, what should i do then?
You might have forgotten that you have registered, Please kindly submit your username or email address by using the form below

Can I have 2 username tied to one email account?
No, you can't. One email is tied to only one username.

How can I subscribe/unsubscribe the newsletter?
You can change the setting from the profile once you have login

I have registered but could not access my account in FSMegamall.
Please take note that and are two separate entities. You need to maintain two accounts in both websites respectively.

I keyed in the details to the calculator and I click submit but nothing happens.
You might have disable the pop-up window feature in your browser, please kindly check the settings.

Should I enter the western calendar date of birth on the calculator?
Yes, you just need to fill in the western date on every calculator that you have seen on the right banner

Where can i ask Aunt Agga questions?
Go to any Aunt Agga articles, the enquiry form is just located on the top of the page.

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