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How I Got My Lazy Boyfriend To Find Some Motivation In His Life!

The Frying Pan Concept
My boyfriend is my secret friend. He’s a Snake, and I’m a Monkey. He’s intellectual, and I’m very creative and crafty. We both are very lazy. Honestly. When people ask me if I love him, I really don’t know what to say. Of course I should be saying yes! But I don’t see it like this.

So it triggered my mind for some time (a long time): do I love him? Do I not? He’s really my secret friend, and I could “eventually” consider getting seriously (officially) committed to him, and so on and so forth… (I tend to over-analyze things - says my shrink). I even thought of getting a daisy and let fate decide. Then I understood. Do you ever ask the frying pan if she likes her cover? Of course not! The frying pan KNOWS that this cover is made for her specifically; therefore the frying pan does not even question it! The frying pan just KNOWS that this cover is the perfect ONE for her.

So I figured out that it was a good argument. No questions. If they call this love, then be it. I call it the frying pan concept. One should KNOW. During my analyzing process, I had made a list in my mind about what could be improved about the cover. That’s because the frying pan had the opportunity to get involved! Yes, my frying pan is a creative feng shui practitioner, and she could improve anything she wanted!

What you need to know about my boyfriend
Before I get to the “pour and contre”, I need to share some major details. Again during my analyzing phase, I did my feng shui homework of course. So I logged in to check his astrological weight at birth. And guess what it said? It said that he will have a nice life but that he will spend all his inheritance without achieving anything. I freaked out because that was so true! That was exactly what he was doing. And that finding made me want to motivate him to move on.

I also checked his self-element of course! Strong Wood. Which means he needs fire and earth… but he lacks entirely of water and metal… so I got confused… anyway… I haven’t had the luck of attending Lillian’s course on Paht Chee yet, but I sure will next September InchAllah, as we say in Arabic (it means if God will grant us the chance).

So I put down the lists, to get further analysis.

 His Negatives:
  • He’s very lazy, but used to be a tennis professional and champion.
  • He’s a “rentier”, in French it means when someone is living from his existing wealth and lands left by his ancestors (exactly like the forecast made by
  • He has lived more than 20 years of war, so he’s a bit disturbed by political issues…
  • He never read a book since high-school probably… it acts like a sedative for him.
  • He will not invest money in a war-zone country, as things could flip overnight. In his opinion, it’s a waste of money.
  • He doesn’t have a hobby or anything to keep him going in life. In my opinion, even if the hobby does not bring in money, it is healthy for the mind.
  • He quit his tennis hobby and got very fat (exactly like an 8-months pregnant woman!)
His Positives:
  • He’s very funny and witty
  • He’s very patient (in the way he handles me… and you don’t know me. A very “high-maintenance” person)
  • He’s got lots of respect for values and dignity, and he’s very generous.
  • He’s a man of the world (like an encyclopedia)
But let’s get to the point here. Because I was intending to turn his negatives into positives with what Lillian said!

What Lillian said

When I attended the FS Extravaganza in Amsterdam in February 2009, Lillian was introducing the peach blossom formula, and humourously but very seriously, she insisted on choosing a nice, good looking figurine or picture of your peach blossom animal. She even said that you could decorate it, make it rich, and anything you want! Finally, she said that if you don’t like the person, change your peach blossom animal! Many times if you want!

When I got home, I immediately remembered that I had placed a rooster (my peach blossom animal) in the West of my home a couple of years ago! So I went back to that direction, and found a rooster full of dust, surrounded by a million things, and looking very tired. I immediately made the link.

The Remedy

I took the rooster figurine at once, he’s the symbol of my cover (of the frying pan!) I washed it so well (with a toothbrush), upside down, inside out, as if I was washing my boyfriend’s head from all the past negative vibrations. Then I contemplated very well: he’s proud and grand (a little chubby but that’s ok) and there was nothing more I could do really. I thought about changing it or replacing it, but no. I liked him. I like my cover.

So I thought I’d make him rich, with diamonds in his eyes (faux diamonds of course). It also meant that he will always have a glow in his eyes, a sparkle… I liked that! But that turned out to be much more difficult to achieve… you wouldn’t think, I swear! The cut of the diamonds made them difficult to fit in the small crafted rooster’s eyes, and no glue would make them stable. I spent hours trying, but obviously it wasn’t the right time yet. The heavy shower was enough for that day. A couple of days later, I bought ultra-super-extra-multi-purpose glue, with the intention of trying again. What I did to that rooster took a lot of time. Almost 1 month. I had to figure out things… plan for things. And the only way to explain everything I did, and all the thinking it involved, was to plan it like an art director (which was my previous activity).

I was very proud with what I did. I believed in it. But it was not enough… that will not improve him in the way I felt it! What else could I do? So again, a soul search in order to “do things the proper way”, otherwise, there’s no point. And by the way, nobody said it was easy to get what you want. The poor Rooster, he has so much to do now! Now I feel that I’m satisfied with my wish. Let’s see how things evolve. I should’ve had a sports book in the set-up… but I have no such thing around… I am as lazy as him!

Bottom line
I did the best I can to make the “frying pan” concept a feasible one, and my peach blossom more blossoming. I dedicate this article to Lillian, who spends a lot of time explaining “INNER FENG SHUI” to all her readers and students. I believe this is a great example of inner Feng Shui, and I am SURE that my boyfriend will start a new journey soon. I’ll keep you posted!

PS: I decided to give him a couple of months. Depending on his evolution, I will play with the Rooster. And if I don’t like it, I will just change him entirely and get a new rooster, “like Lillian said”.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (May/June 2009)". To subscribe, please click here.